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Poorly Drawn Productions

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whats your PDP face?
Me, Myself, and I
----Poorly Drawn productions official band page-----

If your a fan of The Womble Files or Sex ed, heres the people who made them. There shall be updates and wat not in our changes box and yea... So become a groupie if you want (which you will) and leave us comments. Preferably saying TREAT!! and giving your "love".

We make videos, games and songs and stuff and would love to hear your comments so keep them comin. Were gna get our own site soon so we wnt have to use "bebo".

REMEMBER TO CHECK THE "GUEST BOOK" FOR OUR "CLASSIC" VIDEOS. (basically classic is our way of saying random videos but it sounds cooler:D )

Also if you know anyone who would liek our vids and stuff such as a freind or relative or wat not then please send on the link :) thanks!

check back for news and what not and if you like our vids become a groupie so that you can get updates on our vids and stuff through ur home page:D

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    Sam Cook by Sam Cook
    Heya people, err this site is pretty inactive becuase we havent made any videos or anything recently:P but ive made a game that shortly i'll be putting on the net called dave adventures! You know that green bear with that red nose...you know like our logo? well hes actualy got his own game! Ive been making it for 2 years now whenever ive just been bored on the comp and its become a massive game! so big infact that it needs its own site!, shortly i'll be putting the Dave Adventures site online so woot:D

    Dave Adventures is a long and fun platform game combining high speeds with challenging platforming! please check out the site when its put up. thanks:)

    check bak for more info...
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  • Videos

    Sam Cook by Sam Cook
    Heya people! feel free to talk about videos here and what u want to see!!
    0 Replies 314 weeks

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    Were making music. Enough said. It includes tracks like the DJ WHEELY REMIX that iv'e made. its actually quite groovy:P along with many remixes of the creamix such as a reaggae version by Jamie allen, a "jack johnson child freindly christian rock version" by Alex Laver, a possible "harcore death metal version" by an actual band:P a beat box version and a ballad version. Also ul get the old classic songs , the rach song, a remix of the sex and that theme song and others.

    Also we have a new website which il give the link out to soon.

    1 Comment 287 weeks

  • the halloween special

    Well people basicly this is more of a challinge....u need to have a go at guessing the story to the up comming halloween special...we will know if you know wot the story actully is...this is for the people out there who don't...you may get a prize.....wooooooooo. you may also get a prize for the most inventive story....so get posting you won't win if you don't post!

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    Also apart from our "good freinds/freind as its only one person" BDP (gay) being on the loose, i have decided that i shud actually make a place for our songs since we arnt a band page ne more. so below i am proud to announce CREAMIX downloadable version!

    - CREAMIX:

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Horny Boy - The Hunt

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