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One voice to push for change
Me, Myself, and I
Be Cause helps you to discover and connect with networks of organisations and people who wish to engage in discussions, raise awareness and campaign about a number of issues, including:

- climate change, deforestation, carbon footprints
- political issues
- the promotion of human rights
- fighting injustices
- reducing poverty through promoting fair trade

Bebo is YOUR place, tell everyone what is important to you, share your views and opinions.

Be Cause creates an opportunity to share views, to be heard by many and to have one voice to push for change.

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  • NCCRI - Combat racism in Ireland

    NCCRI stands for The National Consultative Committee on Racism and Interculturalism. We were set up in 1998, just after the European Year Against Racism and have been working for the past ten y...

  • Taking it Global

    TakingITGlobal (www.takingitglobal.org) is an international non-profit organization led by young people for young people. Its mission is to inspire young people, on a variety of levels, to create...


    CAFOD has been fighting poverty for 45 years. We work alongside people living in poverty, whatever their race or religion, in more than 60 countries. Our aim is to promote justice and equality, an...

  • Shelter

    Shelter believes everyone should have a home. We help 170,000 people a year fight for their rights, get back on their feet, and find and keep a home. We also tackle the root causes of bad housi...

  • ActionAid

    We’re ActionAid. We’re people who are dedicated to ending the extreme poverty that kills 28 children every minute of every day. We’re a charity and much more. We’re a partnership between peopl...

  • Amnesty International

    You’ve heard of Amnesty International, right? We believe people should be treated like people. It's amazing how often they aren't. Women are raped as a weapon of war. People are victimised by ...

  • Concern Worldwide

    Concern Worldwide is an international organisation working with the world's poorest people to tackle hunger and transform lives. Alas, we don't have time to spend on Bebo right now, but you ca...

  • Friends of the Earth International

    Friends of the Earth International is the world's largest grassroots federation, uniting 77 organisations around the world. We work closely with communities and people on the ground to develop ou...

  • Save the Children

    Remind our world leaders to get a move on with their promises. Way back when in 2000, 189 world leaders made a promise to improve the lives of the world's poorest people called the Millennium Goa...

  • Age Concern

    Age Concern is the UK's largest organisation working with and for older people to enable them to make more of life. Every day we provide provide vital services to the older people across ...

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Flashmob: Pregnant women breakdancing in London

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  • Oxfam - Breakdancing mums headspin for decent healthcare

    Carrying on from the hand-in of our giant, knitted petition, expectant mums have been gathering in five different countries for short flashmobs to raise awareness of the scandal that millions of women in poor countries and around the world aren't getting the healthcare they need for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

    Along London's Southbank passers by were met with the unusual sight of 'pregnant' mums back-flipping their bumps.

    The dancers in the video weren't really pregnant; they were professionals wearing pregnancy suits. But the idea was to say to people: "Dancing like this when you're pregnant is dangerous. But for mums in poor countries - who often give birth without access to midwives, hospitals, or medicines - pregnancy is an even bigger gamble."

    Watch the video at www.bebo.com/oxfam If you like the video, why not tap your neighbour on the shoulder at work and show it to them? Or you could email it to your mum. Either way, by passing it on you'll be
    helping us raise awareness of the issue ahead of the UN Millennium Development Goals Summit, where world leaders will meet to discuss progress on tackling global poverty.

    The Millennium Development Goal 5 pledged to reduce the number of women dying in pregnancy or childbirth by 75 per cent, but it is the Goal most off track. World leaders must ensure that the promises they made are put back on track.
    Similar flashmobs also went on in Paris, Berlin, Utrecht and Canada, which you can see by browsing over to YouTube http://www.youtube.com/view_play_lis...

    Thanks to breakdancers Rosa, Odilia and Stella, and Yami and Sunanda from Flowzaic, and thanks to Zan Barberton for filming.

    Oxfam www.bebo.com/oxfam

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  • YouthLaw - New Zealand

    YouthLaw Tino Rangatiratanga Taitamariki is a Community Law Centre in New Zealand providing free legal advice and advocacy for children and young people under 25 years. They promote their interests at the local and national level when decisions, laws or policies affecting them are being created. Through its advice and advocacy service, its community outreach work and website, YouthLaw is in contact with many children and young people throughout New Zealand.

    The YouthLaw Bebo site www.bebo.com/youthlawnz aims to provide an avenue to inform members of current issues, and encourage members to participate in law reform and become advocates for social change.

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  • Kyle Cooney
    Kyle Cooney

    will u do a team ireland plzzz i want to be in it

  • b-box HQ
    b-box HQ

    Hi there! If you haven’t already, become a fan of b-box Loads of hot celebrity fun plus great new music and the chance to become a ‘Bebo Hero’! What more could you want?!? Steve @ b-box

  • Together

    Interested in putting an end to mental health related stigma and discrimination? want to access daily resources and news relevant to mental health? how about giving support to the oldest UK community mental health charity? join us on bebo http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?Memb...


    Hi, the best profile in Bebo....

  • Rise

    Hi I was wondering if it is possible that you could put this page under the 'New Zealand' section rather than the members part? The RISE team

  • ShelterScotland
    luv ShelterScotland

    Hometime Scotland was set up by Shelter to ensure the Scottish government sticks to it's pledge that every person will be entitled to a home by 2012. If you're from Scotland and want to be updated on our campaigns, and want to know how you can help out, join this group!

  • Hyakki Yagyou Mode
    Hyakki Yagyou Mode

    This page is great for people looking for help and information on different topics. I want to help promote this page: www.bebo.com/ottd We help young people with depression feel a little better. :]

  • ºOriigiinalºyoungºyummyºmummyº


  • YoBaby

    Hello! great page! so informative, so many links! I am an adult bebo user, older than most, but that's because my disability (I'm v.i) means that many of the other social networking sites are somewhat complicated for me to use. I'm a strict vegan, and moderate two groups, one for vegans, one for veggies/vegans: http://www.bebo.com/strictly-vegan or http://www.bebo.com/veggies-or-not groups are moderated carefully, and unpleasantries deleted. Being vegan goes much further than what one does or doesn't eat/drink, environmental issues, and other world related matters are very much a part of what we believe in, and stand for. Peace, will be delighted to join and show support for this page. Much love, Jennie. xx

  • Ben Lewis
    Ben Lewis

    Please help us with our campaign and google bomb. Please paste this link around the web: www.nonewcoal.org.uk - which discusses Eon 's plans to build coal-fired power stations in the UK

  • The Commentary
    The Commentary

    Oh my god... i found a site which promotes the awareness of sites other than "Bebo's Fitezt" Praise the Lord!!! Or not in my case... Take a look at the Commentary and if you like then join and drop us a comment!

  • Ben Lewis
    Ben Lewis

    WE are fighting against the 7 new coal-fired power plants which are due to be built in Britain over the next few years. If we want to cut carbon emissions, we can't start building new coal plants - we need nuclear and renewable instead. The first plant to be built is in Kingsnorth, Kent, by the company Eon. To help our fight against Eon: PLEASE post this link to your blog/profile: 'www.nonewcoal.org.uk' as we are trying to get a higher ranking on google. Currently, when you google 'eon' on 'pages from the UK' we are 10th. When you google 'eon' on 'the web' we are 11th. All you need to do is paste the hyperlink for the website 'www.nonewcoal.org.uk' with the word 'eon' to somewhere on your profile. It doesn't need to be in a really visible place, if you want to just hide it somewhere obscure it will have the same effect. The more links, the higher the rating - that's the way google works. Please paste the link and the word eon to your blogs, myspace, bebo etc. THANKS!!

  • Helping To Find Amy Fitzpatrick
    Helping To Find Amy Fitzpatrick

    Amy Fitzpatrick, 16, has not been seen since the evening of New Years Day, when she left her friends home in the tourist resort of Riviera del Sol, on the Costa del Sol. She left her friends house to walk the 10 - minute walk to her house, at around 10pm on the 1st January 2008. Amy has black hair, is 1.65m tall, and was wearing brown crushed velvet track suit bottoms and a T-Shirt with the word ‘Diesel’ when she was last seen. helpustofindamyfitzpatrick@hotmail  .com for a copy of Amy's poster or if you can help us circulate Amy’s details. Visit our group for Amy at www.bebo.com/helptofindamy www.bebo.com/MissingAmyF

  • Lee Casey
    luv Lee Casey


  • SNapps Gaming
    SNapps Gaming

    You Can Now Leave a Candle For A Loved One on The www.fallenangelsite.com CLICK THE LINK BELOW www.fallenangelsite.co.uk/candles/

  • Viva
    luv Viva

    Hey If you care about the environment, your health, or animal welfare...check out www.bebo.com/vivaorg See you there! Thanks x

  • Meat Free
    Meat Free

    Join? How come Vegetarians get so much crap from everyone? x

  • Greenpeace

    Become a member of Greenpeace911

  • Shane Kelly

    Dr Iain Stewart put it in fine words "its not the world we have to worry about, it's us" The human population is subject to cessation much sooner dan the earth is. It has the capabilities of starting all over again as long as the wider conditions are right. Once we've fucked up the world for ourselves, we're gone, and with it our right to survive. Tough shit the Governments are too fond of money, too fond of greed and power. There will never be fair distribution!Fuck the bastards!


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    ALx ' by ALx '
    Click Here http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/enc... - Sign The Petition && save Earth! Also Search for more peition's to sign.

    Scientists tell us we have less than ten years to avoid the worst impacts from global warming. The world will be flooded by the sea each year in the 2080's. Poorer countries and small island nations will have the hardest time adapting. Scarcity of water and food could lead to major conflicts with broad ripple effects throughout the globe. Even if people find a way to adapt, the wildlife and plants on which we depend may be unable to adapt to rapid climate change. While the world itself will not end, the world as we know it may disappear. Our children in the world will suffer because of what adults did by polluting the world. I dont think that ANYONE will want to die by drowning. Stop Global Warming Before Its To Late
    0 Replies 285 weeks
  • Don’t knock the warm.

    Christopher H by Christopher H

    Contrary to all the pontificating going on these days I have to say that climate change is likely to become one of the best things that ever happened to the Earth. When the streets of New York look like those of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina even the most powerful individuals opposing the changes we need to make in human society will lose a lot of their clout.

    I say this because several studies have pointed out that solving the climate change crisis involves a lot more than watching the carbon budget. Climate change is the canary in the Earth’s total environment – only one of a suite of degradations that humans are making progressively worse. What are the others? Let me start from the smallest and work up.

    The automobile has proved to be the worst invention ever made against the well-being of the Earth and human society. Just drive down any thoroughfare, in any country in the world, during rush hour and you will very soon be an avowed enemy of every lunatic trying to weave in and out in front of you, or pass on one side while another does the same on the opposite. Separating ourselves in our own mobile cocoons whenever we leave the home has done as much harm to human solidarity as did the building of castles in the Middle Ages. “Alles menschen werden bruder”, all humans become brothers, says Schiller’s poem Beethoven used in his Ode to Joy. Not on the highway – there’s no joy there.

    The pollution automobiles spit out is the least of their noxious effects. Were we to have solid government resolve to ban the use of any vehicle not fueled by hydrogen we would still only be halfway to remedying the ill caused by the private automobile. I need hardly point out that the situation world wide is only going to be worse when the billions of China and India join the traffic jams. Cities as real communities, nourishing our humanity, will fade out of existence, and that social glue, the camaraderie of ordinary people doing ordinary things together, will decline even further. One of my fondest memories of Greece is of a journey in an overcrowded bus across the island of Syros, where at every stop along the road half the passengers had to alight, joking and complaining, so that others could leave or join the bus. We became brothers and sisters on that journey – even the English couple behind me fretting about safety standards – as we grew more connected through the minor adversity.

    The effects of the auto on our geography are as bad as any rise in sea level. The thousands of acres of farmland buried under the highways, linking the thousands of acres buried under sprawling ticky-tacky box suburbs, to the thousands of acres of sprawling malls and shopping centres are a terrible loss to our global commons. The degradation of wilderness caused by the ‘recreation’ of thousands of city dwellers who are loving our scenic sites to death is a direct result of the automobile. The pristine rainforests bulldozed aside to make rubber plantations for the tires, and the huge dumps of worn out tires that can only add to the carbon loading of the atmosphere when they’re burned or recycled are only one example of what we’ve lost in order to have two cars on the driveway.

    One of the biggest indicators that nothing effective will ever happen to head off global warming is the fact that nobody wants to link it with our world’s crippling overpopulation. As a human society, we cause too much planetary degradation and climate change because there are just too many of us. We all want that upper middle class lifestyle and all the excessive consumption that goes with it, but the Earth cannot support such largess. A global population of a billion or less could live very well indeed, with much less effect on the Earth. The numbers we are headed for must expect to live with inadequate food, sub-standard housing, minimal health care, and token education in a world becoming less capable of providing the wealth enjoyed by
    0 Replies 295 weeks
  • Black Balloons: Making CO2 Real

    Annie Blake by Annie Blake
    Check out the Alliance for Climate Protection's first ad in their advertising campaign.

    It only lasts 45 seconds just click this link... www.climateprotect.org/ah12 :D

    The ads bring to life the contribution that each household is making towards climate change and demonstrates some very easy ways to help reduce it while saving money.


    Make your own ad: http://uk.current.com/ecospot

    Calculate your impact: http://www.earthlab.com/signupprofil...

    Annie [ www.bebo.com/anorbonline ]

    0 Replies 308 weeks