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God havent been on here in a while been too busy with facebook lol!

10/9/09 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 19, Luv 227
  • from HappyFax (AkA Halifax) :D
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  • Member since: April 2007
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My girlies are my world!!!
Me, Myself, and I
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       ƒσя ησ-σηє.
      мє муѕєℓƒ & ι

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If Pigs Could Fly

If Pigs Could Fly

My Superstar :D Luv ya hunni :D


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  • heyy

    hey all new profile all updated and that ,, have a look :) xx
    love ya sophie x

    0 Comments 238 weeks

  • Ma girls x

    Kerrie x

    This girl is amazing x My squinting squid heheh oj :L x we laugh ALOT lol .... randomly ... for absoulutly no reason x Your slow, im slow, were the perfect match lol x BMFL x Dont ever change lol x love ya lots x

    Becca x

    Well what can i say bout my becca boo hehe x We have are ups and down (specailly in year 7) but we've always made up x we met in form and couldnt stop laughing but i have no idea why :L x My partner in crime.... lol x Dont ever change lol x Love ya lots x

    Jemma x

    Jemma Jemma Jemma, my horse mad friend x It horses this and horses that, but if you didnt talk bout them you wouldnt be you lol x you make me laugh lol :D x Don't ever change lol x Love ya lots x

    Nicola x

    Nicola i known you for ages lol x since we were in like nusery x we been friends for a long time :D x we had some right laughs together x LONDON in year 5 x omg that was so amazing x like WOW ! Dont ever change x Love ya lots x

    Charlotte x

    My Primary School Bezzie :D I still love you though :P x i miss you loads x but atleast we still talk unlike some of the Moorside Bunch :L x wish you went to my school although there would be no point coz it shuttin down :( x Miss you loads x Dont ever change x Love ya lots x

    Nikki x

    My big sis Nikki x Well we've definatly had our ups and downs but i definatly wouldnt change you for the world x even though you can be annoying i love ya lol x ;) sisters till the end :D x Dont ever change x love ya lots x

    There's more but i really cant be bothered to write anymore lol x If you want to be mentioned tell me :) x Love you all :D

    3 Comments 271 weeks

  • Friends :)

    Written with a pen.....
    Sealed with a kiss....
    If your my friend then answer me this me this....
    R we friends or r we not....
    You told me once but i forgot....
    So tell me now and tell me true....
    So u can say im here for u.....
    Of all the friends i've ever met......
    Ur the 1 i wont 4get....
    And if i die b4 u do....
    I'll go to heaven and wait 4 u!

    1 Comment 280 weeks

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  • luv Charr.

    thought id pop by and give you some love so hows you? :DD luvvvv yiiiii :*

  • Screw'Up.
    luv Screw'Up.

    Last Night Was funny :L Even Though You Lost :P Have Some Love :)

  • Nastacia Babe
    Nastacia Babe

    Comment My New Pizz xx

  • X Nikki Boo X
    luv X Nikki Boo X

    I know woop woop and tickets finally here cant wait .. roll on Hull first :) xx

  • BbyIluvyu
    luv BbyIluvyu

    Hiyaa! Making My Yearly Visit :D Its all good,, Had to update everything lol Took a while.. lol Holla Back <3 <3

  • X Nikki Boo X
    luv X Nikki Boo X

    Sophieeeeeee i know i know ,, canny wait like :D :D yeahh we will give her some money obviously we got payed today so we will get them tommorow, .. you can meet my new concert friends then - they are lovely are taylor and sammy :) soo yeah cinema tommorow babes, maybe even leeds , we see what happenes after you been to work :) ayee i know Hull ... omgg PETER ANDRE ! let mee die now :L :L i love the line up for hull - soo gotta go even if i have to get on the motorway lol. YUPP OR EVEN TRAIN WILL BE COOL :) LOVE YOU TOO :) XXX

  • luv Charr.

    yeah im pretty bored too now, theres nothing to do :L

  • X Nikki Boo X
    X Nikki Boo X

    ayeee we did with Taylor and Sammy, and we managed to get their banner signed ! :) it was awesome - wish you came now lol ? yeye was wicked time as you can probably tell - finally seeing a friend has brought back old happy nikki :D xxx

  • luv Charr.

    oh hello :D yeees im fine thanks, wbu? not been up to much really, we're doing the house up, been shopping and that lot, but nowt special :L you? love you xx

  • X Nikki Boo X
    luv X Nikki Boo X

    Sophie - have fun. wish i was there in the heat lol ! xx

  • Fiona S
    luv Fiona S

    hgahaha kwwlllll n good gooddd n jack shit tbff lol u ?? loveee youuuu xx

  • Fiona S
    luv Fiona S

    heyyyyy am good tA U ?? n haa niiiceeee u avin fun love uy xx

  • Chris Wyatt
    luv Chris Wyatt

    oreet soph :P ur a dope :L Hav it bac

  • X Nikki Boo X
    luv X Nikki Boo X

    i knoww wowowowowowowowowow soo many good ones, don't get me started i love it !! best ever :D :D be prepared for nikki screaminggg xxxxx

  • Fiona S
    luv Fiona S

    heyyyyyy :D was on wrk ex so want 2 bad actualliiii lol yehhh brill ta u n yehhhhh 2 fookin right i did , i was fukin brill i tell u :P hahaha n npe pllayed cricket thts bwt it lol u ?? lyt xx

  • X Nikki Boo X
    luv X Nikki Boo X

    i ineed another holiday to top up the tan,, it's going well fast !!! PArty in the Park :D xx xxx

  • Phoebe Aint-It
    luv Phoebe Aint-It

    tahh for the luv heres one bk dude xxxx

  • If Pigs Could Fly
    luv If Pigs Could Fly

    You Smell Funny But ILoveYou heehee oj But I do LoveYou lol xxx ~*~Spreading the Love~*~

  • X Nikki Boo X
    luv X Nikki Boo X

    pudding xx

  • X Nikki Boo X
    X Nikki Boo X

    haha well you've seen some of them from one of the bristol guys facebook. i'll put mine on soon enough .. although they only from the 2nd week ... owe u 3 love tommorow :) xx