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  • Male, 20, Luv 438
  • from Kaikoura, Kaikz Town
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: April 2007
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Hey There Pal, Quinn James Nicholls

I'm Eighteen Years Old! Born, Raised & Living In Kaikoura, South Island, New Zeal'O

Even Though I Have Spent My Entire Life In Kaikoura, I Was Born In Christchurch && Have Travelled Around The World!

I Love Biking , Its Just Soo Awesome, There Isnt Anything That Compares To It! It Kills Everything! Its Insane!

In My Spare Time I'm Riding, Working Or Doing Paperwork, I'm With My Mates Hanging Out, Getting Amongst Something Or Working On A Painting At Home

My Favourite Places In The World Are... I Should Just Say New Zealand... Wanaka .. Kaikoura .. Queenstown!

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  • !Nick_Fisher!

    Ohh Bae!! Where do I Start and where does anyone start when they talk about the once in a life time witnessing of the ledgend, the man, Nick Fisher!! Well I Met This Fondley Half Shy Young snook on the wild wilderness banks of the clyde river in Alexandra Top 10 Campground slash caravan park, it was late around twenty hundred hours, thats eight o'clock for you little einsteins!! that sun had set and the air had chilled, young fish miscle and gaz bae oi gaz bae were roaming the office carpark warding off any moths or dragonflies which might cause harm to the newly installed lighting system, us kaikourians sat above in the 2nd story of the main sleep house, Young timmis hillis peered out the window to spot young nick upon a black foes, which he then let out a squelch of excitment and sed "Foes", Us Young hairless grommits ran down the stairs to come across a weary nick fisher, we eyed up his foes for minutes and seconds and more minutes and ten further milliseconds, Nick stared back with a frustrated look that only was acheivable by the man himself, it was a cross between the look u give someone when u think "wtf u lookin at" and "who da fuk r u"!! Further our stay in alexandra we recieved more of these looks and a few remixed "wtf" looks, which was cool!! After Alexandra in the fabled burnside park is where i really met Nick Fisher, I was there with Taylor Dawson a dandy young felix, when i was Approached by the intimate youthful Nick, he asked me "are you that crazy ginge, dun mad huckZ at alexandra" I answered back "sortof i remember u tho" And From then We Clicked became one and got married..... not really, but we went from there and now are really awsome mates, fisher is probably one of the coolest people i know, he has such an awsome personality, is a great rider, Is funny as, that kid can always make me smile, he's super friendly and yeah hope to keep this fulla as a good friend for many more yearZ!!
    Fishbole makes the world go round!!

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  • Mates That Are Teh Bomb


    Owen- This Bro is awsome, me and him have known each other for like i dunno, 3years all up, meet him as some random fella who was getting the major mental beatdown in year seven, and got this fulla into Mountain biking and now he's a little ripper, he's just an all round awsome friend, he's soo fucking funny, just cracks the meeeanest jokes, and hardly ever ditches, Haha and sucks at holding grudges, i basically spend at least 3-4days a week hanging out with this bro riding/building and mainly chillaxing!!

    Taylor- Haha If this bro was any tighter we'd be joined at the hips sorta style aye, known this fulla from the baby schools, met the "sandeater" in pre-school, if he's kept going the way he was we wouldnt have a sandpit!! Damn!! haha so me and him have grown up together, had out ups and downs, smiles and frowns, Haha but he's still awsome as ever, great kid to go for the shred on the two wheels, his "flow-jo" is meean, he is so smooth and flowy with his riding, and is just awsome to watch, allthough when it comes to motivation the fulla moves as much as a potatoe seeded in concrete!! Soo lazy, but apart from that Hhaa and his semi-terrouttes-syndrome he's the man

    Jimmy- I met this fulla probably around 2years ago, taylor introduced him to me as jimmy would stay in the bay every holiday and ride with taylor, we pretty much bonded the minute we seen each other and then un-bonded the second later and gave each other dirty looks, jimmy ripping the foulest top lip curl in the history of foul top lip curls!! Haha and then from then on we've been choice mates, we do seem to be at each others necks as far as biking goes, i mean jimmy rips it, and i'm allways trying to keep either with him or just the notch infront off him!! anyways this kids allgud!!

    Taylor D- I Met this scoundrel in Alexandra in 2006 because he was staying in the same cabin, he was real awsome, and funny as, especially when he would find it hard to get the meaning of comebacks, which he laughed at then stalled and says"what? i don't get it" Hahaa he's choice, and has gotten fark loads better at riding since i first met him!! This youngson is tight tamarillo!!

    J Hoggs Doggs- I met this Ledgend and a third in Alexandra 2006 aswell, he was sporting a dodgy as sticky plaster covering his arabic hindu spot between his eyes aswell as wearing long johns and a XC helmet, from the mintue i seen his sick combination i knew he was allguds Haha, and yeah he's awsome, real cool person to be around, cracks the mean jokes and laughs at anything that he finds funny!! not too mention his Siiick riding skills, beware of this shredder he's insane!!

    Straun a.k.a Poose- I think i met this young goose lips at a St. Josephs Kaikoura high school athletics event or something anyways, he seemed to linger around us like a bad odour and was accepted into the tight pack of friends, he was a motocross ripper and use to have his own course back up in golden bay and traded in all in for the kaikz life, later we got him into mountain biking and he was shredding it natural!! This kids a Laugh and a Half and is always mint to be around.

    Josh Ham & Grogs- i met these fullas about halfway through the year and caught up with them at Alexandra 2007, there awsome people to ride with, and chill with and are funny as fuck.

    Dylan- This bro i have known since primary school and have been tight as ever since, got this fulla into riding aswell, he's funny as, and sick as to be around and always wants to do something and can make the funniest noises ever ae Haha!! He's mintiizzzle

    Troy Stewarts- This Little ripper i met in alexandra and had a real good convo with him, he's real down to earth and loves his riding, and shreds it like nothing!! this kids going far!!

    Theres Fucck loads more mates but i seriously could endlessly go on eh...so if i missed ya no biggy you'll know if your tight or not!

    Julie- Julie Has been my neighbour since we were the 1day old migets, and

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  • luv Owen

    ypur a douchlord to whom i adore! you suck (in a good way) love your holyness (wish it was mine) Dont? anyway you love it so im just gona keep doin it! yea you already told me it looks good everyone else jut noticed aswell. love it? i know you do dont deny? cant you tell??!!! im bored and need some lovin? but you wont... damn you and your moral resonsibilties! jesus is lord you duffle bag licker! i like those boots! theyd be better if they were on a dwark tho BEATCH! LoOkk Ima WRitIn In WeiRd CapTial AnD NoN CApiTial LetTErs TRippY!!!

  • Safety Suit
    luv Safety Suit

    i love them apples ! can u get me a yogi bear with extra sauce can tong noodles with no pears double batter fritter and a chain with no lube 2 spoks can of wheet grass and a dirty old mountain of pack yaks!

  • H.B Pencil

    Oi , i mean hello .. i hear thats what people greet each other with these days . how are you going ? coming up in a few weeks ! so mite see u round and about if i'm lucky. :)

  • Broken Heart Parade

    i love candy floss with hundreds and thousands

  • 2/22/10
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    Nick Elliott


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    i think i should be in your tops cos of our lil friend triangle thing going on . yahh know what i mean ? do youu agree ? lol . xox

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  • TessTess
    luv TessTess

    quinnicles ! x

  • .Supa Size SwagG.
    .Supa Size SwagG.

    wot up rinnis

  • 2/11/10
  • Grace

    oi wanka way heaps cheap for a 15,000 ft drop

  • 1/31/10
  • luv Grace

    my flavour to my noodles

  • Grace

    my ice to my cream :P

  • luv Grace

    love for the rattle snake wanna be panda man like me;o , but cant cause you dont come as close to being the level of the all mighty panda cubbness

  • Grace

    ohh yeah thats right i was looking at my reflection :L