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Mahoutsukai Kurohime


12/30/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
I Kurohime am the most powerful witch-gunslinger in the world; capable of amazing feats such as the ability to summon and control a wide variety of dragons. I brought an end to a massive war fought to complete the tower of the gods, which once completed would allow the builder to become a god themselves. Willing to take the hatred and sorrow of the world unto myself, I forcefully subjugated those who fought over the tower into my own army, killing any who resisted and cause deaths and massacres around the world. Upon completion, I destroyed the tower and entered the realm of the gods to slaughter them, as they were the ones who started the war in the first place. Through a combination of deception and brutality, the gods captured me and then split me into two beings, one representing my rage, and the other representing my compassion. The compassion became a god and the rest of me was thrown down to earth in a childs body.
The Other Half Of Me
Jessica Lynn
Chiodos, Moonspell, 3 doors down, Taking Back Sunday, Slipknot, Silverstien, K
 orn, Breackin Benjermin, Jacks Mannequin, five Finger Death Punch, Vertical Horizon, The Devil Weres Prada, Apoctaliptica, Panic At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Gorillaz, Afi, Evanesance, L
 inkin Park, The Used, 30 Seconds To Mars, Utada Hikaru, Nightmare, Boys like Girls, escape the fate, The Almost. and a hole lot more that is to much to list so Mostly Hard Rock, Goth, Punk, And Screamo....... and other stuff like tat.
About me
My name is melissa i live in a small town in new Mexico (that is not in mexico its in the us!!)
anyways i have long stabrrey dirty blond hair (according to my friend i say its a brown dirty blond like!!) i want to die my hair and get my lip pirced but my mom wont let me ! all well im getting it done when im 16 wether she likes it or not lol..... anyways wow theres not much to say after that .... so yup thats pretty much all ya need to know about me ...OH YA!! i just remeberd ssomthing ... im a humongo anime fan!!! so u can pretty much clasify me as the music freak whos almost always lisening to music that adors anime cause it rock and who ever say it suck will die in 7 days lol ..... now thats pretty much it ... ok welll weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (i <3 random-ness!!!)
Spirited Away, Howls Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, .Kikis Delivery Service, Castle in the Sky, Nightmare Before Cristmas, Corpses Bride, Big Fish, Dragonfly, Butterfly Effect, Pirate of the Carribean 1&2&3, Invisible, Saw, House of Wax, Dukes of Hazards, Titanic, 300, Rush Hour, V for Vendetta iron man ...and more as always

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  • random stuff i randomly wrot because i couldnt sleep

    Its raining upward in my head where the thoughts nver rest they
    hunt me through the night where the dawn never lights

    Theres trees of white and skys dark
    where the rivers run red in the pits of my heart

    In the thoughts that never rest i lose myself in their depths,
    where the dragons roar and the wolves howl
    their sound will echo forever and more

    The rains are red and thick as blood
    their cry out through the night in thier final and only breath
    the light that will never show at the end of the tunnel of my thoughts and dreams
    my never see the sight of day

    While the pixes laugh and play the faries slave away in the night that may forever be
    the song may wither away as the taers fall like rain drowning the everything in the merro of my hopes and dreams of my past and only life

    Finally the crows crow and the door shuts closing out everything that ever was or might have been and in this night where the dawn never comes my heart and soul may be taken away from me

    -tell me wat you think

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  • sumtings from godchild

    -There was a crooked man...
    And he walked a crooked mile...
    He found a crooked sixpence,
    Upon a crooked stile...
    He bought a crooked cat..
    Which caught a crooked mouse...
    There was a crooked child...
    Who lived in a crooked house...
    Who only knew a crooked love.

    -If i can alleviatesome of the blood that pours from your crown
    Then i wont mind being you favorite doll

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  • Bonnie Braunstein

    Ur so awsome

    5/1/10 via Mobile
  • Murciélago

    Sexta taicho: hey care to r.p? O.o

    5/18/09 via Mobile
  • Jessica Lynn
    luv Jessica Lynn


  • Stefanee Fowler
    luv Stefanee Fowler

    really thats cool....=) hey oh my god you have to watch the dark knight i watched it on friday and oh my god i would go watch it like 10 times over again!!!it rocked so hard i love how heath ledger did the joker he did such an awsome job!!!I LOVE THE JOKER!!=D

  • Stefanee Fowler
    luv Stefanee Fowler

    awwww poor melissa and i never seen deathnote the movie i've seen the shows on tv but thats pretty much it but yeah you should totally see Hellboy 2 ITS AWSOME What bout tht DARK KNIGHT you going to see tht?? Loves you and listen to the chicken he's totally radical ^_^ | | | | \/

  • Stefanee Fowler
    luv Stefanee Fowler

    awwww poor melissa......-hugs- ^_^ i'm good i do something everyday to keep me occupied but sometmes it gets boring....:P have you gone to see ant good movies lately?? the last movie i saw was Hellboy 2.....it was AWSOME!!!.....NOW I CAN'T WAIT TILL THE DARK KNIGHT COMES OUT!!!:P

  • Stefanee Fowler
    luv Stefanee Fowler

    hey what's up i misses you how are you??

  • Stefanee Fowler
    luv Stefanee Fowler

    hey what's up................:)

  • Cassian Wolfbane Cromwell
    luv Cassian Wolfbane Cromwell

    Meh so delicious cuz meh a gummi bear! Gummi bear! Christina Agulera on top of Britney Spearz. In a hot tub! In a hot tub! Ed: Babi meh been sleepin wit chur sisterz. Winry: Ugh which onez?! Ed: All of dem Winry: Well I've been sleepin with chur best friend Jake. Ed: Well, well meh to! Winry: Ugh. Ed: nd meh also been sleepin wit chur dog woofie. Winry: Woofie? Chu b**tch! Winry: well meh been sleepin wit chur pet goat. Ed: dat goat doesn't wuv chu! XD Random-ness!

  • Kenny S
    luv Kenny S

    hi i like your home page its awsome :)