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Looks like bebo is to gay for anyone to use anymore?

11/2/09 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I

That's what you get
when you let your heart win!


smile, it's a hell of alot easier.


Kalla, Amber, Jacob, Cheyney & Andy

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♡ ♥ ♫ ♪
The Other Half Of Me


Love her ♡

Horses, Kalla & Amber, Late nights, photo's, McFly, Cluts, big sunnies, loud, fifteen, Cinematic Sunrise, bike rides, foot in mouth disease, picnics, nights on the roof.
Amber Jean & Kalla Louise ♥
Let them all laugh, cos no one gets me like you two do.!
Three words; I Love You. We're gonna be best friends forever, I would go to the end of the earth and back for you two. I love every moment I spend with you guys. . ♥

-Jason Mraz, I'm your's - our song to remind us of our coastal adventures -
I love;
Amber, Kalla, Taylor, Emily, Tayla , Nicola , Amy, Emily, Yasmin & Megan ! ッ

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McFLY Ignorance By Dougie Poynter

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  • Hey there bloggy boo!

    When I was younger, I wanted to be a?

    My first pet was?

    I once dated?
    Dougie Poynter (I wish) haha

    Last night, I?
    Obsessed over my stupid hair and awesome shoes ;D

    For my next birthday, I would like to?
    Have dinner with a few close mates, I know I'm boring (;

    I would hate it if?
    I broke another bone. That would suck

    It makes me sick when?
    When people pick on the weaker person or the loser kid.
    That really upsets me.

    I can't help but laugh out loud when?
    Someone makes a dumb joke.. those are particulary funny.

    I love the book ?
    Twilight, or the chemisty of Death...
    also the Sandy lane stables series >.<

    My best friends told me?
    alot of things ... coz we're tight ;) lol

    The furthest I've ever travelled to?
    Victoria.. I know but I go every where in NSW too lol.

    I think President Obama?
    Is a rad bloke, but the world is putting to much pressure on him to fix it.

    My car?
    Too little to drive.. hopefully a buggie one day!!

    I've always wanted to have a pet?
    Horse, but now I've got one so idk.. a hamster :S lol

    My favorite Dippin' Dots flavor is?
    Drippin Dots?

    I have a scar from?
    cutting a chunk outta my leg when I was shaving.. woops lol

    My birthmark is?
    a darker mass of freckles on my arm,, i think anyways.

    My name means?
    idk Beth-an-ee
    I don't think it has a meaning...

    My father works at?
    Australian Burea of Statistics (A.B.S)

    My heroes are ?
    Any one who inspires me or does ats of greatness.

    I cannot go a day without watching?
    idk, I'm not that T.V committed.. I like using the computer but I could live without it.

    I crave?
    Sulty Sally's.. they're friggen AWESOME

    When I go to Taco Bell, I always order?
    God, I wish we had a Taco Bell here,, I'd be there number one customer!

    I hate when people?
    Are rude.

    My favorite Christmas present ever is?
    MY password journal,, orrr my horse quilt lol.

    I once fell ?
    in dirt when I was on crutches.. friggen hilarious!

    I want to get married?
    it's not a thing I need, but if I ever find the right person I think I'd be up for it.

    People say I look like?
    no one really.. I get told I have a big head like my Dad does that count? lol

    My celebrity crush is?
    Dougie Poynter or Zac Efron?

    I cannot bend?
    my thumb very far backwards.

    My toothbrush?
    green and white

    I want to work for?
    McFly, so I could sleep with them ;)

    I'd like to drink?
    Ice Tea

    My favorite thing about summer is?
    The long days and the atmosphere christmas brings.

    I think that Paris Hilton is?

    The room I'm in?
    The family room, I'm waitin for Ree to make tea.
    it's spag bowl and I'm STARVING!

    In high school, i?
    Am a bit of a loser kid lol.

    My mom tells me that when I was born I ?
    had fuck loads of hair.

    My future spouse has to ?
    Have a good bum, oh and be taller than me!
    I have a weird thing with short guys, it's stupid I know.

    I've lost?
    My cardigan -_- I'm rather pissed about that.

    The last time I went to see a movie ?
    I went and saw 17 again with mates like two weeks ago?

    I only like to dance when?
    it's with Kalla.. or in Ambers street in our undies lol!

    The last picture with me in it?
    Was for Daily Booth. its a fun site

    I put on my shoes?
    in the morning for school..
    They are fair rad!

    The perfume I prefer is?
    Little Black Dress, or the one with the doll heads ;)

    I've never ridden?
    a boy rofl!
    Umm idk, but I've ridden a donkey once!

    The last thing I read on a cereal box was?
    "Snap, Crackle, Pop" God I hate rice bubbles

    The only kind of milk I like is?
    All but ice coffe move >P

    Bad drivers make me?
    Angry, laugh sometimes and scared always.

    I am only nice to?
    People who are nice to me.. or intimidate me lol!

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69 Things About Me

Height: idk, shortish??
Weight: like I'd tell you ;]
Birthday: 19th March 1994
Town you were born in: Canberra
Single or Committed: single
Favorite band: McFly!
Favorite sports team: dont like sport
Favorite drink: ice tea
Favorite getaway: Coast or camping, definatly
Favorite pasttime: weekends in Grandad's Garden
Favorite reality show: The Amazing Race
Best thing to ever happen to you: Kalla & Amber
Favorite clothes: vintage/ grandma style!!
Your hair color : red.
Pepsi or Coke: coke
Do you kiss on the first date: depends..
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
Favorite restaurant: Wok It up??
Favorite movies: Little Mermaid & sappy girly movies ;]
Love or money: love
Blondes or Brunettes: brunettes
Your ambition: Childrens Author
Ever bungee jumped: HELL NO!
Ever swam in the ocean: yup :)
Ever been in love: no?
Ever broken someones heart: nada
Had your heart broken: not really?
Broke a bone: toe & fratured elbow
Favorite TV show character: Chandler (Y)
Cats or Dogs: both
Pizza or Burger: burger!
Your first crush: hmm, my little friend in pre-school
Ever lied to your parents: yup.
Worst fear: probably losing a loved one, again
Your weakness: Oober tickleish!
Any tattoos: I wish
Favorite subject in school: Science & English
Kisses or hugs: kisses
Done anything you regret: pfft YES
Passive or aggressive: passive
Morning or Evening: eevening, when the worlds asleep
Summer or Winter: summer FTW!
Ever won a sports medal: BAHAHAHAHAHA! nooooo!
Ever been out of your country: if only..
Your dream vacation: To Africa or England & Ireland
Best gift you have received: A hand made friendship ring from Kalla when we were little
Favorite Actor: Seth Rogen??
Favorite Actress: The chick who does Barbies voice ;D
Best compliment someone gave you: No, Beth. Your gorgous
Do you hate anyone: other than Paris Hilton, no.
Hip-hop or Rock: rock for sure ;)
Favorite perfume: the one with the dolls on em.
Ever been fined by a traffic cop: not old enough to drive
Country you: Africa
Ever been to a drive-in-movie: I wish, tht'd be friggen awesome
Ever lied to teachers in school: yes
Craziest thing you: Danced in Ambers street in me undies with Kalla(Y)
Your craziest dream in life: world peace & equality, it's never gonna happen.
Ever dyed your hair: yeah, not so good :/
City you live in: Canberra
Favorite day of the week: Wednesday or Saturday?
Favorite childhood memory: The last tme my Grandad said he loved me.
Do you swear a lot: sadly, its an unattractive quality
Ever puked at a party: nahh
Ever danced all night long: not yet, but its on my bucket list (Y)
Have a crush on anyone: yeah
Your best buddy these days: Kalla & Amber
Are you a health freak: not really, though I am rather fond of hygein (Y)
Vehicle you drive: I'm a youngen ;)

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  • Laachlaan
    luv Laachlaan

    Hay Beth Hay Beth FUCK YOU!

  • Laachlaan
    luv Laachlaan

    POONG TEE FUNG WHAA!! ...poong tee... :(

  • X Yasmin X
    luv X Yasmin X

    heyy babez.. um yea no worries wer getin it at the door!!! um..me, jacob, amber, you?? and probs nicky are headin ther early so we can get our tickets first!! just in case it sell out lol.. but yea i hav no clu if we need idea..neva been B4 lol...um, ur getin redi with me and amber and jacob bt dont know wher yet we'll figure it out =) Wel i love yu xx

  • X Yasmin X
    X Yasmin X

    NAWW..thanx hun =) Yeaa..i hoping its guna b gwd.. Do u know if ambers cumin? Fuk me dead..i was stressing tryin to plan it out and then sum1 told me acadz was on tues and i was like fuk yes!! Gwd timing ayyy lol XXXX ILOVEYOU MOST!!!! XXXX

  • X Yasmin X
    luv X Yasmin X

    LOL okayy..thanx lovely i was like OH FUCK why hasnt she replied mayB she wont cum and then i was like CUT lol but its all G!!! AND I LOVE YOU MORE!!!!

  • The Downfall Of Us All
    luv The Downfall Of Us All

    ooooo really now! i think not my friend, youll be on your knees begging me before this week is through!!

  • The Downfall Of Us All
    luv The Downfall Of Us All

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!! ide like to see you try!! i got plently of you from like 2-3 yrs ago on my computer!! so HA!!!!!!!!! loveeeeeyou xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • The Downfall Of Us All
    luv The Downfall Of Us All

    looooook what i found!!! bethany back in the days!! *pokes tounge out* loveeeeeeyouu

  • . Mosey .
    luv . Mosey .

    Lol, he deserved it. is otay, i miss you too! What you been up to?? ily(:

  • . Mosey .
    luv . Mosey .

    Lol, ily2 bethywethy. And malam, i feel that your a retard. First things first, yes, beth is ranga, but that makes her awesomely different and SEX-AY. And if beth was a lesbian, i'd so be on her like a fly on shit. She is a sex-bomb. Lol Mcfly...yeah...mcflys kinda gay but oh well. Atleast its not as gay as you. AND NOW MY SNAPPAGE IS DONE. ILY BETH How are you? lol

  • Malam

    ur a ranga lesbian and mcfly is gay

  • X Yasmin X
    luv X Yasmin X

    BETHY =) Sup Cracker..wats doin love?? xx love you xx

  • Nickyy
    luv Nickyy

    love for my formal buddy; lol you even got on one knee like i imanged it:P lol

  • Laachlaan
    luv Laachlaan

    Hi Beth. You are awesome! I wish I was as cool as you, scratch that.. I wish I was you !! Bii favourite sister of mine, who is totaly awesome!

  • Nickyy
    luv Nickyy

    heyy; yea im doingg pretty good:p dont' forget to brong one tree hill tomorrow; or i may kill you:p kate sayss hello. guess wat?; loveeeeeeeeeeee.

  • Nickyy
    luv Nickyy

    um yea not that great. im just trying to be happy so i dont' think about everything. whats first up tomorrow?. xoxox

  • Nickyy
    luv Nickyy

    bethh iloveyou too. how are you?

  • . Mosey .
    luv . Mosey .

    Hiiya gorgeous, hows you? Sorry for the no show, i has sick put onto me. Ily(: