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Calum McGhee Champion Of Man

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  • Male, 27, Luv 29
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
<------- What a guy.

I'm half human don't ya know?

But i'm all man baby!

Not to be confused with man-baby though.

Not like some kind of weird man-child with the body of a 23 yr old but the mind of an infant child.

Not like Robin Williams in Jack.

That's just plain creepy and a wee bit sad.
The Other Half Of Me
Lynne Andrew

Lynne Andrew

Green, skulls, wine, plans &... erm... Bergerac?

Ideally id like to list all of my fave bands in alphabetical AND chronological order but c'mon, who does that...?
Batman Begins & The Dark Knight, The Big Lebowski, The ShinIng, Fight Club, Superman 1, 2 & Superman: Doomsday, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Pet Sematary, This Is Spinal Tap, Me Myself & Irene, Pan's Labyrinth, The Orphanage, Shaun Of The Dead, Terminator 2, Anchorman, Crash, Ghostbusters 1 & 2, 1st 2 Alien films, Finding Nemo (seriously), Pulp Fiction, Borat, Final Fantasy Advent Children, Karate Kid 1, 2, 3, Saw, American Psycho, Chopper, Blade Runner, A History Of Violence, Transformers (cartoon & live action), 3:10 To Yuma. My mind's gone blank
Supportin Liverpool & watchin the UFC. That's it really.
Scared Of
Big fish, moths, men that wear fake tan & impending DOOM. They all tie in somehow.
Happiest When
I'm not recievin a right good buggerin off the Royal Bank Of Scotland. They own my soul!
People that take Bebo TOO FAR. That means people who live their lives through Bebo. Get a grip. I don't care what you have to 'say' now, 5 mins from now, 10 mins from now or a fuckin hour from now, you know the folk that 'say something' every fuckin 10 mins cause they WANT you to know what's goin on in THEIR lives? Pure pointless shit. Grinds my gears, the kind of people that air there their dirty laundry online like i'm goin to be intrigued about their personal life. Fuck off. I've got my own life to give a fuck about about thanks. Quoting lyrics from songs that's another one, fuck me. Oh and Bebo mobile, sad as fuck. e.g.

'Insert name' says "At the supermarket gettin the shoppin, sooo boring, lol." via mobile

No your not! Your on Bebo when you should be getting the shopping done you twat! And maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't be so boring if you hurried the fuck up and put the phone away. Loser. People that take non-ironic pictures of themselves? Vain cunts. Fin.

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  • Cara Scee 8/23/11 via Mobile
  • Cara Scee 8/23/11 via Mobile
  • Kathryne Notaro
    Kathryne Notaro

    heyyy whats up associated with IGNORANCE (Iswar, as a personal d

    8/23/11 via Mobile
  • Deane Cristobal

    You have to check this out http://alturl.com/nmyik

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Tits McGee
    Tits McGee

    I just racked $961 in a weekend in my free time! I love this site - http://x.co/KTLG Remember who hooked you up!

  • Stanley Smith

    mcgee please tell me uve seen iron man 2!!!!!!!!!!!!! fucking awsome movie!!!

  • Stanley Smith

    sweet as m8!! where u moving local or 2 thee big smoke of glasgow?? thats me been here 4 a month now, need 2 get a job been handing in cvs 2 a few places so here hopen eh. we were on high tsunami alert yesterday, because of the earthquake in chilli. people were actualy going down the beach 2 watch it. about 100 people got arrested lol

  • Stanley Smith

    alright mcgee hows tricks back in the shire? new zealand so far is fucking amazing! warm waether every day cant complain. got a tattoo fucking hurt, but its sweet as!!

  • Vikki Johnstone
    Vikki Johnstone

    I would say ur doomed but...if u can play the tuba like old jelly belly thennnnn u ROCKKKK :) I always had a soft spot for Harold so .. I think that could work for u personally!! Also if ur handing out free sausage rolls...I'll b havin some of that thankkkk you :) as long as Isabell didnt make them...did she ? Can u remember?????:O Scandal! x

  • Vikki Johnstone
    Vikki Johnstone

    Awww Isabell. How a miss ur undercooked square sausage and ur over cooked tattie scones.And Bakery..where would we be without your rock solid rolls.And the soup...no soup is complete without a stand of hair from our lovely Isabell. How a miss Mo's!! A actually do miss the banter a shit load tho! Hows life back home for you big C McGhee?? Still in Mo's I assume? x

  • Ryan Rampage McGinlay 12/25/09
  • Andrew Breckenridge

    Their name rings a bell actually. Yeah you dont wanna get some normal stuff like t-shirt, make it as outrageous as possible i think! I remember seein Gene on cribs or something and he had a huge room with all the merch stuff, there was even a Kiss coffin!

  • Kirsty Gibson
    Kirsty Gibson

    Yaydoms!!!! I am super excited about it. I'll dust off my dancing shoes especially. And you shall have all the cider you can hold! I would like a terminator marathon but I have a overwhelming desire to see predator. Could we do all 5? A day of Arnie? Back on Thursday if all goes according to plan. Means I'll miss the -15 weather here - damn.x

  • Andrew Breckenridge

    Nice one. I bumped into K-Man last night and he was saying youre both going. I was planning to get tkts right away too thinking it would sell out but im surprised it hasnt. Im goin to see Wolfmother in Jan then Enter Shikari too. Feels like im finally back seein some good gigs!! U goin to anymore??

  • Andrew Breckenridge

    You goin to see Watkins and co in Feb C-M? I got tickets last night. Was so glad when I found it wasnt sold out, i thought it would have been.

  • Kirsty Gibson
    Kirsty Gibson

    Go on! Gon on! It's been way too long. You'll need like £20. I shall provide the pre-catty drinks - as much as you can drink of the finest cider (sainsbury's basics of course). You can't really get cider here and I am having massive cravings for it's sweet goodness. I also want cheesy catty dancing and it's not the same if your not there. I'll just look stupid doing it by myself. I'm holding up not too bad. I'm looking forward to coming home though. I'll be down the road over the Christmas period so we could have our long-awaited Arnie night one night?

  • Ryan Rampage McGinlay
    Ryan Rampage McGinlay

    aye mate, fucking joke. i love machida man but there is no way in hell he won that. he was out kicked and out classed in every round. i honestly think the judges watched another fight

  • Ryan Rampage McGinlay
    Ryan Rampage McGinlay

    alright man i didnt notice u had messaged me. what happened on sunday?

  • Calum MacKellar
    Calum MacKellar

    Aye shit init!!! shogun well pumped him!! cain velasquez pumped that big guy aswel thou but at least he finished the fight.

  • Kirsty Gibson
    Kirsty Gibson

    Not at all. They love the hockey. It's quite scary actually. I've seen a game or two and theres always a fight on the ice. It's amazing! I think thats really why they love the hockey. So on my return you owe me a catty night. I'm giving everyone PLENTY of warning. So Sat the 19th of Dec. Be there or be rubbish basically. I know it's near xmas but with sainsburys basics cider (£1.25 for 1.5L) you can't go wrong. I have major catty withdrawls. And the metro CANNOT be the first club I go to on my return.x