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Aspera is feeling lonely :'(

14 hours ago | me too! | Reply

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~ Drown in your own self importance before those around you get wet... ~
Me, Myself, and I
  ♫--I'm in love with a fairytale--♫

          ★__]The yellow crayon, that's me. It's the most used and frequently broken.[__★

Mea "Aspera" Puer♥
Latin:: "My Rough Child"♥
2 years young
Snow-lit pelt
Without a soul-mate


      ❤Sweet as tree sap, I will devour your heart from the inside out. (;

The Other Half Of Me


(: Top bloke, coolio beans, smashing friend! :3

If you want to talk to me OOC, don't be shy, I won't tear your head off. For those of you who remember me as Kayla of '07, you'll know how much of a nutcase I was and I haven't changed much so prepare yourselves newbies! ;P
~A Box For Decky~
I've known her since I FIRST started roleplaying and added her 'cause we both had the same screenname: 'Kayla'. We have so many in-jokes, the main one being that Kayla has tagged Petru's ass! She's so amazing! She's literally my rock and I tell her things that I don't even tell my IRL friends. I've known her since 2007! She's like my BFFL away from home! Love her loads! I will not let a bad word be said against her in my presence, you hear me?! Decky-Doo!
Just ask, I don't bite.
Twitter ♥: @Lillamagal   
When you talk to me...

Don't talk in text talk!
★ Only add me if you're gonna' talk to me (OOC or RP)
★ If I add you, I'll talk to you
★ Don't use the intro starter on your profile when RPing with me (it makes me feel like a commoner who gets treated like a clone)
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  • ~ Aspera ~

    Mea Aspera Puer is an Icelandic European wolf and one of the third generation litters from the Selfoss Pack. After the devastation of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano a few years ago, the Icelandic atmosphere was sent spiralling into a deadly pit of destruction and unfortunately, Aspera, her father and three of her siblings were caught in a violent ash storm and forced to seek shelter in unknown territories.

    You’d have thought that with the sudden change in weather which left all creatures in Iceland utterly confused and vulnerable, that another wolf pack may have taken pity on a group of pups experiencing the same trauma. But sadly, this was not the case.

    The rival pack, after discovering foreign wolves in their patch as soon as the winds had died, attacked. They killed Aspera’s father right before her very eyes and made light work of two of her other siblings. Aspera and her remaining brother, Amet Ventus managed to escape, but so far from home and everything about their world they knew now destroyed they were lost in the wilderness. All scenery and scents had been scorched. They were two pups against the world.

    Amet and Aspera managed to take care of one another as best they could for the best part of a month, before yet another tragedy occurred.

    Unaware of where they were rambling, the two had stumbled upon human territories and what with their age and lack of understanding, did not think it queer when a human approached them. Amet was a little bolder than his sister and bravely hopped through the silver ash to inspect the human, sniffing gingerly at his heels and yelping inquisitively. The human seemed so taken with the small buddle of white fluff (now a filthy grey from the ash) he bent down to snatch the pup from the ground.

    Aspera was alarmed; she yelped and leapt up on her haunches. But it was too late, the human had already sealed Amet’s fate, he was a belonging now, a trophy. Asepra gawped, motionless as she watched her brother carried off, a look of endearment slowly forming across his muzzle as the human’s strange murmurs and caresses tempted him away from reality.

    To this day, Aspera has been searching for her brother, Amet… maybe one day she’ll find him, but until then, how much longer can she stand being alone in this world? No family, no one to rely or confide in… it’s a hopelessly lonely world out there for a female yearling….lost and forgotten.

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  • ~ O O C ~

    Just a few things I think you oughta' know about me...

    *My real name is Iona *cringe* but please refrain from calling me that, I detest it ¬__¬ if you wanna talk to me OOC call me Kayla, it's the name I've been known by on the internet since '07 so lets keep it that way (:

    *I'm 19 and already have 3 A Levels in English Language and Literature, Product Design and Media Studies. I am now doing an Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production in a separate college (:

    *My profile is set out in a plain white hue, dotted with decorative symbols for my BIO, and song lyrics splashed across to portray my girlish nature, because yes, I'm a girl. A VERY girly girl. I love clothes, make-up and all those cliche 'plastic' desires. However, there's a side of me I don't like to display because I don't really want to be compared with the 'I can't spell or use sentences less than 4 words, roleplayers' For example, I'm a huge physiological horror fanatic, obsessed by demonology and gut wrenching violence .__. ....

    this side of me is not connoted here though ^^; no worries....

    *I'm 5'3, yes I'm a short-ass B:< What you gonna do?!

    *I'm Straight, but in no way prejudiced to those who are bisexual or homosexual)

    *I want to write a series of novels, so RP is kinda like my experience in the matter if you like :) Also, please don't judge me about my horsey/doggy RP, I don't own, nor have I ever owned a horse or a dog. The closest I've come to a horse is llamas ^^; so yeah..sorry if I suck :B

    You can also find me here:~
    (in order of most frequent use)

    *deviantART: http://lillamagal.deviantart.com/
    *Facebook: -Just ask-
    *YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheLilla...
    *Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/Lillamagal
    *MSN/Skype: -Just ask-

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  • Character Info x3

    Name: Tanith
    Gender: Female
    Species: Arabian Mare
    Age: 20 years

    * Orderly/cares about her appearance
    * Childish at times
    * Well spoken
    * Posh/genteel
    * Vain
    * Sociable
    * Approves compliments

    Loves: Dancing, Night time, being useful
    Hates: Having an unacceptable appearance in public, time wasting


    Name: Kayla
    Gender: Female
    Species: Grey Wolf
    Age: 21 (wolf years) 2 human years

    * Loyal/caring
    * Hot tempered
    * Hates to be proved wrong
    * Shy
    * Generous
    * Not a born leader, bottom of the pecking order
    * Hyperactive at times

    Loves: Salmon, being protected by others, dozing in the sun
    Hates: Having to do things for herself, the alpha wolves, having to grow up


    Name: Aspera
    Gender: Female
    Species: Grey Wolf (White)
    Age: 10 (wolf years) 1 human year

    * Submissive
    * Sweet/Sincere
    * Adoration for those stronger than herself
    * Polite
    * Weak-willed
    * Adores pups and pregnant females
    * Sometimes clumsy with words

    Loves: Talking to strong wolves, catching fish, playing in autumn leaves.
    Hates: Violence, rodents, being relied on.

    Eloquence Test: "I do believe Mister, that we cannot let go of our past, it makes us what we are today."

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'Aspera. says "Aspera is feeling lonely :'("
  14 hours ago
me too!
'Aspera. says "Sorry for delayed replies, having a life outside of the internet sucks, doesn't it? :L "
  1 day ago
me too!
'Aspera. has become a member of Active Roleplay 2012-13.
  1 day ago

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  • Akuma
    luv Akuma

    My openers are not up to scratch lately, would you mind getting the ball rolling? :D

    10 hours ago
  • -Dakota.

    The high temperatures were aching and exhausting; the sun was a deadly predator to those unable to pull through. Dakota; a large sable wolf walked this land. She was alone and traveling as pure usual. Her small paws reacted to the dried earth quickly, increasing her speed.

    With the female wolves dark colors, she attracted the heat. She began to pant, her salmon tongue and sharp dentals being visible now. Her crimson orbs watched the wasteland, her delicate head narrowed, her short ears pinned back.

    Inhaling air fast now, she captured the scent of a unfamiliar scent. Dakota was never the one to befriend or at least try another wolf; but in desperate times like this, it was better to work together.

    14 hours ago
  • -Dakota.
    luv -Dakota.

    ''..I am only just back after a long absence a year and a half to be precise. I would start but I wouldn't know how to attempt to it. Could you possibly? I do not mind if it is short..''

    14 hours ago
  • -Dakota.
    luv -Dakota.

    ''Hello.. Roleplay sometime..?''

    14 hours ago
  • Star

    how come your with out a soul mate dont you like any of the male wolfs on bebo, im looking for a mate but hard really none of the females like me or there not on much, i whould like a soul mate and whould like to have pups but not many females want to have pups now , yes please i whould like some edits whould be nice of you could do some for me as i need some new photos lol, anyways Aspera im star and nice to meet you Aspera he bow his head and smile at her

    18 hours ago
  • Star
    luv Star

    yh your soul mate in roleplay dont you have one and pups?

    yes i whould like some edits

    18 hours ago
  • Akuma
    luv Akuma

    Well you know, maybe its about time we started roleplaying, its only been what, 5 years since we last did it? hahaha :P

    1 day ago
  • Twilight
    luv Twilight

    Yeah, it's a very long time! :L I've been good thanks. I went inactive due to uni, but I'm back for good now. :)

    1 day ago
  • Thunder.
    luv Thunder.

    Thinking of roleplaying a other horse i don't know yet if on here or not because i don't have a other acount

    4 days ago
  • Star
    luv Star

    Nothing much how your mate on here. Could edit me some photos need some new ones

    4 days ago
  • 'Wolverine
    luv 'Wolverine

    *He chews on your ear playfully*
    Nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom :B

    4 days ago
  • Akuma
    luv Akuma

    Kinda considering changing from wolf so I could add a tiny tiny bit of variety to it since every little counts I guess :P

    Well we got a good 5 years out of it, when did you notice RP was disappearing cause I left sometime in 2009 and it was fine :/

    4 days ago
  • Sydney
    luv Sydney

    Haha yeah I still find that in some human role play. :L

    Yeah on that account, this one it seems like a ghost town. :/

    I thought about that but I wouldn't no where to start. :L Yeah I like that name really nice and stands out. (: Any suggestions for my new character on names? I have a female character that can turn into a wolf bit like Twighlight basically. :P Basically in wolf form shes a white wolf to if that helps. I thought about Saphira like off of eragon as I love that name but open to suggestions. :D

    4 days ago
  • Ejayther.
    luv Ejayther.

    Yeee, it's a gorgeous picture/skin ;D

    Ok, you are now the fat fluffy owl. It's like a hot water bottle, you can put it in the microwave to heat it up and then it stinks like lavender xD

    I think it's the only cartoon I know of that's so violent. Do you know any that are similar? :o

    YES. We can make a website and people can donate to our cause xD For every £2 you donate, a person gets to drink ribena.

    4 days ago
  • Twilight
    luv Twilight

    Ooc: Hi there! :)

    Been a while since I spoke to you! :)) How have you been?

    4 days ago
  • Thunder.
    luv Thunder.

    Thats good and idk i come on once in a while was thinking of makeing a new character maybe hehe

    5 days ago
  • Ejayther.
    luv Ejayther.



    5 days ago
  • Ejayther.
    luv Ejayther.

    I think my dog ate you pfff :L :L Maybe you could take on the form of my fat fluffy owl toy that sits on my tv and stares at me? xD Or over-sized superman socks.. I dunno...

    Yeah I think I watched it on Youtube?? idk. I'll have to watch it again considering I haven't seen it in such a long time. Haha the only reason I watched it was because everyone was saying that it's so violent, I needed to check it out xD

    Well I spoke to a lady from america who didn't know ribena xD I FEEL SORRY FOR ALL THE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO DON'T HAVE RIBENA.

    5 days ago
  • Akuma

    Glad you found it :D There are wolves here and there just have to look fairly hard to find them :P Although its mostly humans, then there's a fair amount horses and just a few stragglers of wolves, no active big cat, bear, bird or other animal role players anywhere which sucks cause the variety is completely gone :/

    5 days ago
  • Face It Im Good
    Face It Im Good

    a bay Arabian stallion was standing proud on the top of the hill looking down on the land when he saw you his ears flicked forward and his eyes was gazing at you his mane and tail blowing in the wind as he held his tail high he let out a loud and deep whinny to you as he rears with his hooves striking the air with his coat shining in the sunlight! he lands and wait to see what you will do back !!

    5 days ago