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Kir J

[rednose] *H O N K* If Your Horny! [rednose]

1/2/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 20, Luv 98
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  • Last active: 3/9/12
  • www.bebo.com/kirjip2k7
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About Me

Yamaha Racer 78
Me, Myself, and I
Nαмә -kir
Agә - 13
Lιvәs - Blaenau Ffestiniog
Lιvәs Fσя - m8s bikes
Bәsт Pяσ Rιdәя -gareth swanapole neu gordon crockard
Mч Mx Nυмвәя - 78
Bιятнdαчч - march 4
Bәsт Tяαck - rheader
Bιkә - yz 85 -yz -125
Mσdәl - 2004-06-07
Bяσkәи Bσиәs - 0
Yәαяs Rιdιиg - 2
Hәlмәт - fox a lazer
Gәαя -wulf a thor
Gσgglәs - 2 scott
Mѕи -kirjip@hotmail.co.uk
Occυpαтισи - Scнσσl
Scнσσl - ysgol y moelwyn
dj tiesto hardcore rnb dance rap akon 50 cent eminem kane west cooks
euro trip Aerican pies road trip mr deeds scar face lil man wite chicks saw 123 to fast to furios 123 o ye and **porn**
rugby foot s bit of running
Scared Of
nothing am a jipo
Happiest When
on ma bike racing with ma m8 or wid fit gals
ma bike
yz 426
liam llion gai danial mathew cer gareth o gareth j dylan awen lyn cas elain awen iolo tom d ed geth humph tom pritch lodz mwy

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  • ma blog

    [1]..Full Name:kieron
    [2].. Nicknames: kirjip
    [3].. Birthday: march 4
    [4]...x Place of Birth: bangor
    [5].. Zodiac Sign: be fk
    [6].. Male or Female: male
    [7].. Grade:
    [8].. School:moelwyn
    [9].. Occupation:be fk
    [10].. Residence: be fk
    [11].. MSN Screen

    [12].. Hair Color:brown
    [13].. Hair Length:medium
    [14].. Eye color:blue
    [15].. Weight:8 stone
    [17].. Braces?:nope
    [18].. Glasses?:nope
    [19].. Piercings?:nope
    [20].. Tattoos:not yet
    [21].. Righty or Lefty:left a right

    [22].. First best friend:dylan
    [23].. First Award:im yn cofio
    [24].. First Sport You Joined?foot
    [25]first pet: Dog
    [26].. First Real Vacation: when i wa 3
    [27].. First Concert: Dno
    [28].. First Love:im yn cofio


    [29].. Movie:american pie euro trip
    [30].. TV programme:american choper neu wec
    [31].. Color:blue
    [32].. Rapper:50 cent
    [33].. Band:mbo
    [34].. Song Right Now:craig david,50 cent
    [35].. Friends:shit lodz
    [36].. Sweet:mbo
    [37].. Sport to Play:rugby
    [38].. Restuarant:indian neu chinse
    [39].. Favorite brand:lacoste neu fredd perry
    [40].. Store:jd sport
    [41].. School Subject:sex education
    [42].. Animal: Dog
    [43].. Book:fk nose im yn darllan lot
    [44].. Magazine:trialz motor cross
    [45].. Shoes:k-swiss


    [46].. Feeling: Happy
    [47].. Single or Taken?: single
    [48].. Have a crush: aii
    [49].. Eating: nout
    [50].. Drinking: coke
    [51].. Typing: This Ye
    [52].. Online?: Yup
    [53].. Listening To: criag david
    [54].. Thinking About: ________
    [55].. Wanting To:mnd allan wedz
    [56].. Watching:fk all
    [57].. Wearing:boxers trwsus top socs shoes lol


    [58].. Want Kids?: aye
    [59].. Want to be Married?: ai
    [60].. Careers in Mind:macanic
    [61].. Where do you want to live:i fwrdd ia
    [62].. Car: aye


    [63].. Hair color: Blonde or Brown
    [64].. Hair length: at shulders
    [65].. Eye color: Any
    [66].. Measurments: medium
    [67].. Cute or Sexy: sexy
    [68].. Eyes or lips: both
    [69].. Hugs or Kisses: both
    [70].. Short or Tall: medium
    [71].. Easygoing or serious: easygoing
    [72].. Romantic or Spontaneous: spontaeous
    [74].. Sensitive or Loud: im yn botherd
    [75].. Hook-up or Relationship: hook up
    [76].. Sweet or Caring: Both
    [77].. Trouble Maker or Hesitant: wbth sydd am neu hin kinky


    [78].. Kissed a Stranger: Aye
    [79].. Had Alcohol: aii
    [80].. Smoked: Nah
    [81].. Ran Away From Home:nope
    [82].. Broken a bone:aii

    [83].. Got an X-ray:aii
    [84].. Been with someone: Aye
    [85].. Broken Someones Heart: Hope not
    [86].. Broke Up With Someone: Aye
    [87].. Cried When Someone Died: Ye
    [88].. Cried At School: im yn meddz de


    [89].. God: yep v ydio
    [90].. Miracles: aii
    [91].. Love At First sight:
    [92].. Ghosts:na
    [93].. Aliens: nah
    [94].. Soul Mates:be fk
    [95].. Heaven: na
    [96].. Hell: na
    [97].. Angels: na
    [98].. Kissing on The First Date: fkng reit
    [99].. Horoscopes: na

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  • do it plz

    wld u go out with me?

    kiss me?

    snog me?

    fuck me?

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  • do it plz

    1. give me ur number?
    2. love me?
    3. let me hug you?
    4. watch a movie with me?
    5. have dinner with me?
    6. drive me sumwer?
    7. take a shower with me?
    8. marry me?
    9. tell me u think im cute?
    10. buy me a drink if i didnt have money?
    11. take me home your house if i had nowhere stay?
    12. let me sleep in ur bed?
    13. re-post dis for me 2 let me answer ur questions?
    14. do u think im attractive, beautiful or sexy?
    15. do u like my style/clothes?
    16. do u think im funny?
    17. do u care about me?
    18. would u dance wit me?
    19. would u sing happy b'day 2 me

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  • TesniBaabbee
    luv TesniBaabbee

    T K Kir?? Wuu2?? [moon]

  • ColleenB A B E S
    ColleenB A B E S

    heya you tn okaii yr rhen goes :L :L

  • Pant

    iawn met .pryd t lawr nesa ? eb weld chdi ers ages cont bach

  • Young.G

    KIIIRROOON! ;) Long Time No See Meet! Pru Mae Season Rygbi Yn Dechra Nol? T Goro Nol Fform I Fi Iawn :D haha, Tn K Pal? wb x

  • Andros M
    Andros M

    do u now any 85cc s/w for sale

  • Mannon Fflur
    Mannon Fflur

    Heii Tiin iwn ? Geen Tii Msn ? Im dii siaraad i chdii ers snadansers Naa ! iilluu xx x

  • Pant

    pru t lawr nesa boii? w.b gip

  • Siiooneed Oween
    luv Siiooneed Oween

    haiia tiin iiawn . ? xxx

  • David Jones
    David Jones

    Aii lad uk?

    3/29/09 via Mobile
  • Gwen Humph
    luv Gwen Humph

    iiawn jiipo lv i chdii de.. syt ma caravan chdin cadw en? lv i chd li kiwww :L :L w/b del x x x x :D cariad chdi ia kir v v v v

  • Siiooneed Oween
    luv Siiooneed Oween

    haiia kiir tiiin iawn . ? btn en . ? wubu2 den . ? tin dod at msn henz. . . ? xxxxx

  • Siiooneed Oween
    luv Siiooneed Oween

    haiia awydd xxx

  • Siiooneed Oween
    luv Siiooneed Oween

    Haiia Kiir Iaawn . ? Wubu2 deen . ? xxx lv i tii lii:) xxxxxxxxxx

  • Siiooneed Oween
    Siiooneed Oween

    haiia kir ti yn iawn m8 . ? wubu2 den . ? w.b son :) xx xx x

  • Elain Fon Jones
    luv Elain Fon Jones

    heeyyaaah babeee. (: Tiin iaaawn ? Bee tiin neeeud ? Lovee baiits yn cadwn iaawn ? Hahhaha.. Laff nos sadwrn ayye.. Tuud ii llaan foruu ;) Naii ffonio chd ! Uu can dal y bus efoo fii ok blodyn :P Dr person di dallt etoo ? Hahahaha.. :L :L Rb;;LoveeYooOohh x x x x x

  • Siiooneed Oween
    luv Siiooneed Oween

    Haiiia Kiiir!! Ti'n Iawn . ? Be Ti Di Bo Fyny I Den . ? Gareth a Daniel Yn Mga Rhoi Stick I Fi Nd Diom Bwyys Lool .!:( Loove I Ti Li . !:) xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Siiooneed Oween
    luv Siiooneed Oween

    Haiia Kiiir! . ! Tii Yn Iaaaawn M8 . ? Wubu2 Den . ? Tap Back Soon Deh . :) Looove I TI Li:P xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Siiooneed Oween
    luv Siiooneed Oween

    Haiia Kir! Tiin Iawn M8??? Be Ti Fyny I Deen . ? Tap Baack Soon Deh . :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx loove i ti li xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kieron Smith
    Kieron Smith

    hi mate ave u still got ur bike is it still 4 sale wb