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A Spirit which could not be broken

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Spirit 4 eva Self Published
Homeland UK
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Spirit, the wild stallion who leads the Cimarron herd across homeland is a wild spirit who could never be broken. But when the stallion is captured and taken away from his herd, he must try and find a way to escape and reunite with his herd. Can he finally break free?

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  • Stop the Slaughter. End the Abuse.....

    Born on the Moors,
    To a caring mare,
    The rain on my face,
    The wind in my hair.
    Joy in my eyes,
    A tiny bright foal,
    with love in my heart,
    That one day would fall.
    Growing and learning,
    Upon the wild hills,
    Racing the wind,
    A young colt thrills.
    One day a big lorry,
    With humans inside,
    Drags off my brother,
    Where dark tales abide.
    My mother is frightened,
    My father is brave,
    My friend who was free,
    Will now be a slave.
    And then a great army,
    Of twenty strong men,
    capture my small herd,
    Of my father and ten.
    We are shoved in a dark truck,
    Which rumbles along,
    and are scared for our lives,
    (which don't have long).
    The food there is none,
    And the water is less,
    In the tiny dim light,
    We wait in the mess.
    And at last we emerge,
    Into daylight again.
    Where we're jabbed at with forks,
    from the hands of the men,
    And herded thru barriers,
    Narrow and tall,
    But I still have my mother,
    And so I don't fall.
    But I smell a strange thing,
    An instinctive stench,
    And it so frightens me,
    That I twist and I wrench,
    and I squeeze and I squirm,
    And I try to break free!
    the whineys are loud,
    But my mother stays quiet,
    though I think that she knows,
    The reasons for riot.
    So I calm just a little,
    And trust in her age,
    When I see a dark stallion,
    Exploding in rage.
    His hooves clash on fencing,
    And the forks smite him down,
    And he coughs up red fluid,
    And quickly he drowns.
    And the men drag him off,
    With a rope round his head,
    And I squeal with terror,
    At seeing him dead.
    And my mother shows fear now,
    For herself and her son,
    But the bars are too tall,
    They've already won.
    And we're inside the building,
    Where the smell is so strong,
    that even this young foal,
    Knows what's going on.
    And I don't try to struggle,
    As I wade through the blood,
    My mum says she loves me,
    And I knew that she would.
    For that was the moment,
    Before we must part,
    As the man with the knife,
    Jabs it into her heart.
    And stabs her again,
    And once more in the head,
    and she squeals and she dies,
    And falls like the rest,
    To the moving conveyor,
    Which beckons my soul,
    Then the knife falls upon me,
    And so ...I must go.

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    1. Who is your fav character in Spirit?

    2. Why do u like the movie?

    3. How did u feel when Spirit was captured?

    4. Give 2 reasons y u think Little Creek was captured.

    5. If Spirit and Rain had a baby, what colour do u think it will be?

    6. Do u think there should be a Spirit 2?

    & any comments b4 u go?&

    8 Comments 323 weeks

  • Spirit

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  • Rough Diamond
    Rough Diamond

    i have a pic of what rains foal looks like

  • Damien Leech
    Damien Leech

    well honey hows things with you . this f........ing weather is doing my head in ... so what you at

  • Linda Luvs Kyle Xx
    Linda Luvs Kyle Xx

    dose the head line of spirit is ''spirit who couuld not be broken''

  • Lucy Slater.
    Lucy Slater.

    best flm out like?!!?!!?!! xxxxx

  • XxcharlottexX
    luv XxcharlottexX

    sad story in sum parts of it, buh ovr all its well gd!!! xxxxxx

  • Tara W
    Tara W

    Hey I love that show. It is realy sad though. But that is alright. Because I love sad movies like that.

  • ちぃ

    Oh oh i got the DVD as a prezzie at first I was like..umm ya thanks but now i love it! Awesome cartoon flim thing...love the animation and story line plus the horsey! Sad abit but it turns out to have an awesome ending. :D

  • Minztrel4life

    I LOVE SPIRIT............................  .......................and horses!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ JOINxxxxxx

  • Captain Claire
    luv Captain Claire


  • Zoe'Nicoll

    Love This Film So Much !! :D xxxxx

  • Bored
    luv Bored

    hmmm.... one of the three films i have cried at...

  • Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron Fans
    Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron Fans

    Hey can yous please visit my Spirit group Thanx: Spirit stallion of the Cimarron Fans.

  • Roxas Sion Barzahd
    Roxas Sion Barzahd

    Holy Shit!! i love this flim! Johnny

  • Molly

    I love this film SOO much i got it on dvd it one of my faves! and i got alot of horsey films!!!!

  • Hinata-'

    WOW!!!! I love this film!!!!!! LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! I have the soundtrack and everything!!!!

  • Good Bye

    omfg i just love this film and i also got the film on dvd also i want to trade my Sorcerer Of The Doomed atk/1450 Def/1200 for a Cyber TuTu Atk/1000 Def/800 If u wanna trade with thos cards then please mail me

  • A'Blackleyy.
    luv A'Blackleyy.

    I luv ur band!!! visit mine @: http://www.bebo.com/poliebears luv alice xxx p.s heres ma luv!! :D

  • Bekche .

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