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Stover School Major Label
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About Me

Hope ya wearing ya shades, the spotlights here could burn holes through the stage!
Me, Myself, and I
Note to teachers: Don't go on bebo if you can't handle what people type, as human beings we have as much right to our opinions as you do!
Consider it your 'report'.....:L

~In Action Faithful and In Honour Clear
Achieving Your Aspirations~

Never walk in another's shadow.
Never Compare.
Never be put down.
You Have No Limits.

No, we are not saturated with lesbians and electric toothbrushes are NOT banned from boarding... so whoever started that silly rumour, better luck next time.

Yes, we're a Private school,
but do try not to display any inverted snobbery...just remember that our intellect has benifited from smaller class sizes... we WILL outwit you ;-)

So what are you waiting for ladies (and now gentlemen!), join if you bear any affection for this cordial and special place... xxx

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  • Haha its all soooooooo true! You know you're from Stover when...

    You know you're from Stover when...

    ... you check that your hair's up everytime you hear footsteps

    ... friday's fish and chips are the best part of your life

    ... you hold your breath everytime you walk past someone from a non-private school

    ... you love ponies

    ... you use and understand the terms "mufty" and "frendies"

    ... you've hidden in a locker to avoid assembly

    ... your locker is bigger than most council flats

    ... you frantically scrub your nails clean before entering a biology lesson

    ... you get that sinking feeling every time you pass trago mills

    ... you differentiate between minibuses and death traps

    Courtesy of our ubercool 6th formers lol
    Emma White [&&] Jess Briggs

    because here at Stover, we are soooo obviously COOL
    ... no really, we are x :D

    6 Comments 318 weeks

  • Stover........

    Wat is ur name?

    Wat do ya no bout Stover?
    At Stover hu ws/is th best teacher?
    Wat dya fink of th skl meals?
    Wat parts do/did u play in th end of term entertainment/plays etc?

    Wats th best thing bout lunch tme?
    Wat ws/is th best fing bout Stover?
    If uv left Stover, is it betta dan th skwl ur @ now?
    If uv left Stover now, if u cud- wud u go bk 4 tht last year?

    Anthing else u wanna say?...
    Wat is yor msn???

    11 Comments 328 weeks

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  • luv Phoebe ' Thompson

    im gonna miss stover well not stover but most of the pupils that go there luv phoebe xxxx

  • Emma.

    miss you stoverr fuckerrssss loverss youu emma x

  • Pip B

    jesus christ...............

  • XoXo-Q-The-Rockaholic-Xoxo
    luv XoXo-Q-The-Rockaholic-Xoxo

    MISS YOU ALL @ STOVER!!! HOPE U R ALL WELL & GOOD LUCK FOR UR EXAMS IN THE SUMMER!!! Well done to Imi for an A in English Literature!!! I'm nt surprised @ all... I actually wish I'm still in Stover...miss u lot & sum of the teachers...like Mr.Baillie, Mrs. Richards and Mrs. Craven... Tadaaa!!!

  • Chizza
    luv Chizza

    Liking the green (Y) What an unusual colour to associate with Stover. Or not??

  • Charlie Dorrington
    luv Charlie Dorrington

    MUCH better :D x

  • Chizza
    luv Chizza

    This skin's stupid.

  • Charlie Dorrington
    luv Charlie Dorrington

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah  ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah  ahahahahahahahahahahahaha haha HA bizzle :D

  • Chizza
    luv Chizza

    Thought you guys would appreciate the new flash (Y) haha xxx

  • Charlie Dorrington
    luv Charlie Dorrington

    hmmmmmm trust me this page is the place to be lets feel that love! imi and charlie love ...its the way forward! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Alix

    of course! it's where i belong! haha xxxx

  • Imi

    Well I spell the bebo "luv" like that but otherwise it's always "love" because, well, i do hehe sorry Chiz :L Have some "LOVE" Stover - there you go:) xxxxxx

  • Chizza

    Can we please be one step ahead of Bebo and refer to it as 'love'? You know how grammatical incorrect things irritate the living SHIT out of me =) xxx

  • Imi
    luv Imi

    Shhhh Chiz hehehe xxxxxx have some luv Stover!

  • Chizza
    luv Chizza

    It's ironic that we had a video about how it's wrong to label people. I'd say we are the worst in regards to stereotyping! xxx

  • Hazii.

    lol love the new profile..... classy x