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Tama cheats V4 and v3

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  • part 2

    Police Model Get on Officer's Day.
    Post Model Save 999,999,999 bells in the Post Office.
    Locomotive Model Get on Father's Day.
    Market Model Get on Sale Day.
    Museum Model Complete the museum.
    Shop Model Get on Labor Day.
    Station Models 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14, or 15 Get on Your Hometown Day.
    Tailor Model Graduation Day present.
    Tent Model Get from tents.
    Tree Model Nature Day gift.
    Well Model Mayor's Day gift.
    Holiday Presents
    Get these from Tortimer and other characters on certain holidays/events.
    Unlockable How to Unlock
    A Jingle Furniture Series Item Find Jingle on the day he comes
    A Spooky Series Item Find Jack on Halloween
    Katrinas Tent Talk to Tortimer on Halloween
    Lovely Phone Talk to Tortimer on Mother's Day
    Bottled Ship Talk to Tortimer on Explorers Day
    Bottle Rocket Talk to Tortimer (at the lake) on the Fourth of July
    Tissue Save 999,999,999 Bells in the Post Office (deposit money)
    Locomotive Model Talk to Tortimer on Fathers Day
    Pink Tree Model Talk to Tortimer at the Cherry Blossom Festival ( you only get this once!)
    Shop Model (Nooks Cranny only!) Talk to Tortimer on Labor Day
    Tree Model (just a plain green tree!) Talk to Tortimer on Nature Day
    Any Summer Item Talk to Summer Campers (in the yellow tents)
    Any Rare Carpet Talk to Saharah, trade her a carpet and give 3,000 Bells
    Any Rare Wallpaper Talk to Wendell, give him a fish to eat
    Moon Talk to Tortimer at the Meteor Shower
    Lady Liberty Rescue Gulliver
    Tiger Bobblehead Rescue Gulliver
    Tower of Pisa Rescue Gulliver
    Tribal Mask Rescue Gulliver
    Tokyo Tower Rescue Gulliver
    Birthday Cake On your B-Day your mom will mail you a B-Day cake
    Animal Crossing Easter EggsMake your character jump in shock!
    Note: You must have the Mouth of Truth.
    Place the Mouth of Truth inside your house. Go up to it and press the A Button. The reaction will cause your characters face to be in shock, and he will jump in fright!
    Animal Crossing SecretsGolden Shovel
    To get the Golden Shovel find a ''glowing spot'' and bury a normal shovel in the hole you dig. A golden sapling will appear. After it has matured you will have a Golden Shovel. When using this shovel you become more likely to dig up better items and larger sums of money from the ''glowing spots''.
    Money Tree
    Find a glowing spot, and bury the money bag found from it in that hole. A sapling will appear there now, and within a few days, you'll have a tree you'll be able to shake money out of (money tree).
    Getting the Golden Axe
    To get a golden axe in animal crossing. You will need to have the village in perfect condition for the any 2 weeks you are there. After the perfect 2 weeks are done you will get the golden axe as a present.
    The Golden Axe Can not be broken. can chop down all trees, etc.
    Golden bug net
    To get the golden bug net, catch one of every kind of bug.
    Change Background
    Grab a shirt on your inventory and drag it to the bottom right corner on the items list(not the mail list). then go down one space and your shirt should be on an invisible space... press L and the shirt design is now your background!
    Get a tan
    If you can go to your island, then go during the middle of the day or when it's most sunny. Then stand somewhere that has no shade and DO NOT move for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes or more go inside your island house then go back out and you should have a bronze tan. This doesn't work when it's raining. Also if you don't do this again for about a week you'll become pale again.
    Secret K.K. songs
    You need to request these Songs to K.K to hear them.
    Two Days Ago
    I Love You
    K.K. Song
    Get a gyroid-like face!
    NOTE: Before doing this cheat, make sure there is ABSOLUTELY nothing in your inventory(this includes furniture, wallpaper, carpet, fish, bugs, signs, money, cards, ect.). You will also need to have either two separate memory car

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  • cheats

    is only a few days away! Hellgate: London
    We take an exclusive hands-on look. Fracture
    Exclusive look at LucasArts' earthmoving action game. Behind the Games home E3 pc xbox 360 wii ps3 ps2 psp ds forums videos cheat codes features downloads news Reviews Cheat Codes New Releases Top Games All GC Games Animal Crossing
    Nintendo | Sep 15, 2002 »
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    Cheat Codes (2)
    Passwords (745)
    Unlockables (40)
    Easter Eggs (1)
    Secrets (13)
    Glitches (10)
    FAQs (51)
    Animal Crossing Cheat CodesItems
    Say code to Tom Nook
    Cheat Effect
    NYVkmM6NYY7sJFmCUmtU9cuCh Cherry
    exrQkk9XofYWLzCROgdCKb&IV5Tw Orange

    Animal Crossing PasswordsGetting a Blue Nintendo Bench
    First, talk to Tom Nook. Choose the ''Other Things'' option and then the ''Say Code'' option. Now enter the following CASE-SENSITIVE password:


    Password Effect
    cU3jlm@hdl6Aip zJFAEajAcbZXim Get Blue Nintendo Bench from Tom Nook

    Passwords for mario items
    Tell these codes to tom nook by speaking to him, then tell him other things, then goto say code and then enter these pass words to get rare mario items
    Password Effect
    4UF6T948GZ3ZW3 dw#%jtLEqj5ZBf Starman
    4UT6T6L89ZnOW3 dw&%jtL3qjLZBf Cannon
    4UT6T6L89ZnOW3 dwU%jtL3qjLZBf Flagpole
    1mWYg6IfB@&q7z 8XzSNwpfij76ts Green Pipe
    #SbaUIRmw#gwkY Bh66qeLMscTY%2 Super Mushroom
    rSbaUIRmwUgwkA 1K6tq#LMscTY%2 Coin
    4UT6T948GZnOW3 dw#%jtLEqj5ZBf Fire Flower
    rSbaUIAmwUgwkY 1K6tq#LGscTY%2 Koopa Shell
    1mWYg6IfB@&q75 8XzSNKpfWj76ts Brick Block
    #SbaUIRmw#gwkY BK66q#LGscTY%2 ? Block
    QI6DLEnhm23CqH zrUHk3cXd#HOr9 Mario Mural
    IboOBCeHz3YbIC B5igPvQYsfMZMd Block Flooring

    Spooky Set Passwords!
    Talk to Tom Nook and choose Other Things, then Say Code and enter the following:
    Password Effect
    2%Q2fhVehAyAY3Z5yYAK9zhHxLo7 Jack-In-The-Box
    2%Q2fhMeRByAY3Z5yYAK9zcHxLo7 Jack-o-Lantern
    2%Q2fhMKRByAY305yYAK9zNHxLo7 Spooky Clock
    piPiES@sTRJmAAshO9cb#9Uh9wO4 Spooky Dresser
    Dar4567a912345Ea3456789e23i5 Spooky Lamp
    2%Q3EhMeRByAY3Z5yYAK9zcHxLo7 Spooky Table
    2%Q2fhMdRByAY3O5yYAK9zNHxLo7 Spooky Vanity
    jePiES@LTRJmAApcddkwe9Uh9wO4 Spooky Wardrobe
    GsHinkistinkiS LstinkistinkiS Spooky Bookcase
    linkz2ldaBanon ganonSeldClink Spooky Chair
    SuPermariogolf supermariogOlf Spooky Paper

    Infinite 100 Turnips
    The following passwords will ensure that you will never, ever be short of cash again. Simply ''Say Code'' the first password to Tom Nook three times in a row for three ''100 Turnips'' items, and mail the second code to every animal in your village for however many more 100 Turnips.

    Note: When mailing villagers, you must put the Key icon -- located in the top-right corner of your Letters keyboard(in the game) -- in the first line. The code to the villagers must be typed as follows:


    Line breaks can be found in the last key of the third row of symbols on the Letters page of your typing keyboard(in the game).
    Password Effect
    aPShDyYoeR685b afcAlkwcRCmqi3 Upon telling Tom Nook, he will tell you you've won a contest with a glitched name, and give you 100 Turnips. Can be used three times daily.
    mRSMDqYokR685s &%OL&kwcRCmqi3 Write this in a letter to any or all animals in your village.

    All Passwords for the Harvest Set/Series
    Go to the store owned by Tom Nook. While talking to him, say ''other things'', then say ''say code''.
    Password Effect
    vPNH#CJc5yevsB DDQOhQdeKxHydS Harvest Table
    ZeldainhyruleS NlgendO3Zeldgb Harvest Mirror
    ArariaAndrarah Srurl5ngtre5&2 Harvest Sofa
    1TWYT6IfB@&q7z 8UzSN1pfij76ts Harvest Lamp
    fi9GES@sTRJsAA sqO9cb#9UaKHI4 Harvest Dresser
    R5ngoARS6I3iVL y&M6IJyNoWUBW4 Harvest Clock
    ifc74nVlY%zoI4 15X@qSEncEKb0V Harvest Chair
    ArariaAndrarah Swurlingtre5&2 Harvest Bed

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  • animl crossing

    Cheat: 30,000 Bells
    Tell Tom Nook:


    Submitted by Matt Da Man
    Correction by J-bone_14

    Cheat: Starman
    Talk to Tom Nook. Tell him this code:

    Cheat: Constant New Year's
    To get easy money, all you have to do is set the GameCube's internal clock to New Year's Day. Every New Year, your parents will send you a gift of 10,000 bells. Set the clock to a different year (after saving, of course) and you will get another bag with 10,000 bells.

    Cheat: Tom Nook Codes
    Here are some codes you can use with Tom Nook.

    Coin Code:

    ? Block Code:

    Aloe Code:

    Amazing Painting Code:

    Arwing Code:

    Balloon Fight Code:

    Baseball Code:

    Basic Painting Code:

    Block Flooring Code:

    Brick Block Code:

    Coin Code:

    Dainty Painting Code:

    Kiddie Bureau Code:

    Kiddie Bed Code:

    Kiddie Chair Code:

    Bench Code:

    Cheat: Doppleganger Money Trick
    In order to do this trick correctly, your house must be paid completely!
    1. Deposit all of your money into the post office.
    2. Create traval data in memory card slot B (you'll leave town but won't go anywhere).
    3. Start the game WITHOUT the traval data they will ask you to to play with data you left but you won't have items or money. Say, "Yes."
    4. You now have a "doppleganger" who has a funny face. Take him and withdraw all the money from the post office.
    5. Drop it all right on the ground.
    6. Talk to the gyroid to save.
    7. Start the game WITH the traval data in slot B the game will ask you to overide the doppleganger's data. Say, "Yes."
    8. Pick up the bags of money and enter the post office. You will find that the money is in your inventory as well as in the bank.

    Talk to Tom Nook, choose to say other things for the code entry choice:
    100 Turnips

    200 Turnips

    Cheat: Tom Nook Clothes Codes

    Get the Bamboo Robe: 4UTG548uQKQZGf 1n#%j6LEqj5ZBf
    Get the Blue Puffy Vest worn only by male animals during the fishing tourneys: 2uiDfAH¯qmWi ZkyTnDUgQjJ&j%
    Get the Red Sweatsuit worn only by Female animals during the aerobics sessions: HlljaLzthemmoY IlljazzthemmyG
    Get the Somber Robe: GetinforfreebY 1dtinforfreebY
    Get the Summer Robe: 1qWWO6IfB@&q7z 8XzSNrpfyo76ts

    Cheat: Gyroids
    Say these codes to Tom Nook:

    GrlB7gVOGo3WtRRHBeCPgForDver Clankoid
    SnimalForest64A4imalCrossing Croakoid
    ttremeflqtzoneXutemeflatzone Dekkoid
    GodIsTheGreatestBeingForever Dingloid
    VgvalbcscceexxklmtBoG9dLaSmb Drilloid
    dq%cugkN&in76hy%TIL3HUo3QYqd Gargloid
    c1tpbvSIrsPR4cJhsa%yOJEIXXCp Gongoid
    Bi9xES@sTRJTAAsq09cb#3UaKHs3 Harmonoid
    Ai9xES@sTRMsYYshO9cb#9UaKHL1 Howloid
    GodYxTVOGo3WtestBeingForever Lamentoid
    HollivrusKonezbivhabcrshonSY Lullaboid
    GeorgelucasliAGeorgelucaslwl Mega Alloid
    Aq%cugkN&in76hV%TIL3HUo3QYbd Mega Bovoid
    QteemeflatzoneWtWemeflatzone Mega Bowtoid
    Aq%cugkN&in76hV%TIL3HUo3QYEd Mega Buzzoid
    ArTriaAnoSarahSpurlcngtren&2 Mega Clankoid
    3Na1DOY4Q36851&In613Rc%Cmqir Mega Croakoid
    GodBxTVOGo3WtRstBeCngFor3ver Mega Dekkoid
    GodBxTVOGo3WtestBeZngForever Mega Dingloid
    2%Q2fhVtRByAY3Z5yYAK9zaHxLo7 Mega Dinkoid
    Di9GES@sTRJsAAsq09cb39UaKHs1 Mega Drilloid
    ArisSrisKcismYArisJrisArisyG Mega Echoid
    GrdB77VOGo3WtRsHBeCPgForDver Mega Freakoid
    2BfhVtRByAY3Z5yYAK9zfHxLo7 Mega Gongoid
    Si9xES@sTRJsYYsh09cb#9Vak#I1 Mega Harmanoid

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