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Emotional Xx

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  • Male, Luv 710
  • from Sydney
  • I am Single
  • Member since: April 2007
  • Last active: 9/5/11
  • www.bebo.com/xxxyriisexxx
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
♥*´*•.♥«´`°♥ SHORTY got class♥°´`»♥.•*´*♥

█████..Emotional XXX body

█████..70% brown skin
██████████..100% BDY FIT

2007 since

+one life to live, and one life to give+
New LIfe Muslim Mosque
R&B Hip Hop , rock music .
Action and Romance.
Arsenal Fc
Happiest When
hugging with my friends
games WEB..

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  • RLYfuniee TRYIT !! 826 days ago

    Take the first letter in your first name:
    A: I licked
    B: I bit
    C: I sucked
    D: I moved
    E: I rubbed
    F: I smelt
    G: I did anal with
    H: I blew
    I: I stopped
    J: I Photographed
    K: I turned on
    L: I shoved
    M: I tickled
    N: I munched
    O: I turned off
    P: I set light to
    Q: I twisted
    R: I gobbed on
    S: I chucked up on
    T: I looked at
    U: I walked on
    V: I kicked
    W: I played with
    X: I fucked
    Y: I did 69er with
    Z: I glared at

    Take the day you were born on:
    1: The queen
    2: A horse
    3: A dildo
    4: A butt plug
    5: A teacher
    6: A car exhaust
    7: Michael Jackson
    8: A male striper
    9: A pikey
    10: An ugly fat kid
    11: Tony Blair
    12: A cheeseburger
    13: A slut
    14: My dad
    15: An adult toy
    16: A plaster
    17: A paint brush
    18: My mums used tampon
    19: A wig
    20: A Flute
    21: An old man
    22: A fish
    23: A mammal
    24: A carrot
    25: A pubic hair
    26: A bogey
    27: A pencil sharper
    28: A school tie
    29: Some used loo-roll
    30: Some Y- fronts with skids
    31: A fit model

    Now take the first letter of your last name
    A: For money
    B: For fun
    C: Because I’m loved
    D: And hated it
    E: To pass time
    F: For a bet
    G: Because I wanted to
    H: Because it was dry
    I: For a free pencil
    J: To get onto a game show
    K: Because my mum said it would turn her on
    L: And loved it
    M: For a pet monkey
    N: Because I was horny
    O: For a free cuddly toy
    P: To win a Ferrari
    Q: So I could get a boob job
    R: For a hob nob
    S: To win X-factor
    T: All for pleasure
    U: For a laugh
    V: Because my pet hamster was dying
    W: For £100000
    X: To skip school
    Y: Because I thought my hair looked cool
    Z: So people will talk about me

    && put the words togetherr! and u will have something rly funiee!

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Chris Brown & Adam Sevani Freestyle Dance Outtake!!! EPIC.

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    HAY!:) just sayiing HI to all the ppl on my friends liist! HOW ISSHH diss??:D

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    - FuckHead

    Hey Hey ! Whos Dis ? im Zala ! Wats Ur Asl ? 'xx

  • luv Sezaa Baby.

    hey do u have credit i need to ask u something and im not going to say it in the commentss

  • H Walsh
    H Walsh


  • H Walsh
    H Walsh

    sup cheers for da add but do i know u lol

  • Sezaa Baby.

    wtf are u on aboput and why did u delete ma comment from ur page??

  • -Overratedd
    luv -Overratedd

    aee mohammed wat up cuzz wats goood... lol yeh school is finished for mee.. inshallah im not sure wat ima do these holidayz.. wat r u ganna dooo?? Tc.x

  • luv Sezaa Baby.

    ok i wil be there around 5:30 lol ilyy sarahh

  • luv Sezaa Baby.

    heyy honeyy how are yoou?? so are u coming on monday?? i hope to see u theree ilyy sarahh