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3/18/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 137
  • from guildford
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Member since: April 2007
  • Last active: 11/11/09
  • www.bebo.com/AlexMaxwizzle
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
I work in greggs

I ear fuck myself with a bit of:

Rock or metal, punk or indie or w.e. u call it,

Grime or garage or urban or w.e call it

Drum n bass or rave or stuff or w.e u call it

The Other Half Of Me
CheckMe Out

CheckMe Out

MATE! have you seen his other half. i wud

I like a big bit of :
Girlfriend innit
Kickboxing (merrow W.S.K)
Didnt like GBMAA too expensive :-(
PS3 makes u better person.
. bit of Guitar heroes ya no
lil bit of
Call of duty 4, is sexy, i like to get my chode out and bonk the hole in the middle of the CD....
I DO go out aswell by the way
do love havin a kip and watchin family guy to tho

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  • Adam.Bawden
    luv Adam.Bawden

    lol how r u m8 xxx

  • CheckMe Out
    CheckMe Out

    yeh have to link sumtime. yeh i know he needs a kick in the teeth the nobhead lol

  • CheckMe Out
    CheckMe Out

    Go On Scal Bal LOL

  • Adam Dot Micheal
    Adam Dot Micheal

    ow bow cant dance like me one glass a champagne for me two glass a champagne for you do the rolex sweep

  • Brad Carey
    Brad Carey

    How ya doing?

  • Emilie K
    Emilie K

    no one can....

  • Romeo

    skrowl has been pumping sum serious penises... skrowl works in greggs on *****day and ****day :P i no these things.. but still pumpin sum serious dung bells like oooooooooooooahpapa.. yes dunnoe....................... skrowl has a friend i dnt know of... and skrowl is tall now...like a maximised pencil times 300 multiplyed by two subtracted by 300 and divided by 300 and added 4 to the equation of X times Y which is the equivalend of 20 but round to the nearest cliff hanger at the end of star wars that i watch this morning before i saw skrowl and his bredder in town.. x

  • Niall Campbell
    luv Niall Campbell

    Scrowl to the bowl cant dance like me... ONE glass of champagne for you.

  • Holly.Xx

    holly can dance better than you? RAAAANDOM hey gok wan, wheres your hair net?!

  • King Ennio The Great
    luv King Ennio The Great

    ur a gay bum

  • Stevenn

    your such a loser i just looked and you have gone round like everyone and writ .... cant dance like alex hhahahhaa

  • Lozza Babe.
    luv Lozza Babe.

    oh really? HI ALEX:D

  • Brad Carey
    Brad Carey

    Errrr. I think mines a Meduim, sshould fit you fine... I can't dance fullllstop. :)