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Xx Cassie Xx

Jus found out im havin a girl.. im soooo happy.. =)

8/16/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 25, Luv 41
  • from kettering
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: April 2007
  • Last active: 4/19/10
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
*Blown out..* 20 Candles!!
*Fell from Space..* 4 september 1987!!
*Sees through..* blue Eyes!!
*Flicks..* longish brwn hair!!
*Colour..* pink!!
*Lovin'..* evry1..specially ova ravers! xx
*Smile..* al the tym =)
*Always..* speak ur mind!!
*Hates..* bein skint and bein on ma own!!
*Hatin'..* Fake People!!
*Loves..* ravin, getin mash-up wit ma m8s, smokage n lil fella's!!
*Lives in..* burton latimer!!
*Never..* let any1 tke u 4granted!!

Im an outgoin girlie who lives in BURTON.. cant say its the BEST place eva.. but wudnt leave it 4no1..!! (only because, u cant cant walk NOWHERE wih out seein at LEAST 1person u no!!!) OMG... i FUKIN love ravin and absolutely evrythin about it... frm meetin al the superstar d.j's n m.c's 2al the random ravers along the way..i luv listenin 2music an avin a giggle wit ma m8s.(there al as crazy as i am. lol) ... :) tink dats enuf bout me..

jst 1mre fing.. NUF LUV 2all ma wkd m8's..2many 2mention but no hu dey r x
The Other Half Of Me
Charlene Wakefield

Charlene Wakefield

Ma Beautiful Charlie Angel.. = ) nuf luv 2u huni x

HARDCORE!!scouse house, DRUM n BASS, techno, hard house, hard dance.. OLD trance... n cant believe im sayin it but im actually startin 2like a bit of house, an funky house!!! :O :O weeeeeeeeel basicaly anyfin i can get up n bounce 2..!!
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Natural Born Killers, The Shawshank Redemption..
FUK DAT!! lol... spose i dnt mind watchin sexy men run around in shorts, eh charlie he he!! ;o )
Scared Of
nasty dirty spiders..ugly scary clowns... thunder n lightnin!!.... oh... an FEET....:S (realii DONT see the point in themm..!!)
Happiest When
out wit ma m8's gettin mash-up... down visitin the 1like Dj Duracell and the COLCHESTER MASSIVE ;o ) or ravin sumwhere bouncin til sumtym the nxt day!! gota b the best fing i eva dun!!!

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  • Kyle N
    luv Kyle N

    Heya Cass!! Howa you and your wee baby girl doing?? Its been ages since we spoke mate. hope to catch up soon chick :D Kyle ;) xXx

  • Miss Independant

    I been Great thanxs, Best wishes 4 u & ure new Baby Girl! Yeah im still in shitty Kettering! Yeah i Lv hardcore the Best Yet i say! :-P neways cya X

    12/16/08 via Mobile
  • Miss Independant

    Hiya dunnu if ya memba me simones sis' how are ya? Heard ya havin a baby :-) well congrats mate bet ur well happy cya soon X

    11/24/08 via Mobile
  • MooneY - Dj
    MooneY - Dj

    ello how u been wat ya up 2 wbXxX

    11/23/08 via Mobile
  • Kyle N
    luv Kyle N

    Heya chick :D How far you got left or am i miles behind and youve already poped :L Havent been since coalville but am going to ravesexual this weekend down in birmingham, well canny wait man, am gunna be bouncing off the fookin walls :D lol The dam is gunna pure kick ass man, i soo canny wait. What you been up ta lass?? You makinng sure you eating for 2?? lol Kyle ;) xXx

  • Kyle N
    luv Kyle N

    Ah wow, it has been ages. Xx CONGRATULATIONS! xX Bet ur well happy man. Ravers was kick ass, i was dancing with recon (he took my glowsticks lol) My nxt mission is uproar goes 2 the dam on tie 8th of novemba, full weekender on a cruse ship 2 ansterdam. Cant w8 man, its guna be amazing. So do you know what ur having yet nd have you thought of any names?? Kyle xXx Have some lovage :D xXx

  • Kyle N
    Kyle N

    Heya Cass ;) What you been up ta, feels like donkeys since a last spoke to ya. Guess Waht?? Am 18!! :D Going to Ravers reunited in coalville next weekend, you should get ya sweet ass down there lol. Speak soon Doll ;) xXx MWAH!! xXx

  • This Chick
    luv This Chick

    Ryt Maytee.. Howa yuh && bump? was guna ring yuh on satdy c if yuh wer still cumin up but i broke me fne so i ent got yur num lol wubu2 ? Beckieee xxx

  • Kyle N
    luv Kyle N

    Nah Hen :D Havent been yet as am still not 18 till da 28th of this month, am thinkin on gettin ma ass down there in July. Are you goin??? ;) xXx You can have a lovage because i havent spoke ta you in ages and am feelin it lol xXx

  • Kyle N
    Kyle N

    Heya Lass :D Long tym no speak, hows you?? ;) xXx


    hi, sorry its been a while but havent had a computer and only today i have deleted my 4900 msn messages. hows u been? havent been up 2 the factory for months now. but will definitely soon. catch u laters.x

  • MooneY - Dj
    MooneY - Dj

    ello how u hun aint hear from ya in ages hope ya all good wen u cumin raving in london wb keep kool xxx

  • Junglist

    eloelo im sweet cheers n u? bit ofa late reply ino soz lol. jus got wrcked at mine n that this wkend how was the rave?? wat u bin upta wbxx

  • Bubbly Bexz
    luv Bubbly Bexz

    whoop whoop you ok hunny ? god i still feel like shit lol was fucking wicked tho lol i got pretty messy haha xxxxxxxx

  • Big-Al

    im tip top fanx hun wot txt lol int got ma sim card aint had it 4 bout 5 weeks int bin doin fuk all still on tag cums off on monday fank fuk how ya bin neway x

  • Bubbly Bexz
    Bubbly Bexz

    hey babe hows you u got pc bk yet ? xx

  • Destiny FM.
    Destiny FM.

    Hey, we are the official bebo of Destiny FM. We start broadcasting on the 18th, so tune in! Visit www.destinyfm.net for DJ Jobs and info.

  • I Love Him So X
    I Love Him So X

    heya darling! u ok? what ya bin up 2? havent spoke to u in fuckin ages lol! cb soon bbe love you xxxx