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Jennifer E

woohoo its over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5/28/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
"and there'll be room for one more if u don't shut that hole in your face"
" "i have a gut feeling in my stomach" is kind of like sayin i'm gonna punch ur face........in the face"- hehe, it was funny!!

<<<< AISLING O'MARA....................... 100%... DEFO!!!!

AHOY MATIES!!! ok i'm a new-be, thanx to the one and only MARIANNE DANAHER!! muhahaha. well my name is jennifer,i'm 22,I study acting in college, i'm from finglas and i've been sober now for three days... he he!! only joshin ye...... one day.. no seriously, this seems to be the only way to stay in touch with yiz anymore so i'll get on board for the sake of the people, jus don't expect me to like it,so come on through the magic door and see whats on the other side...................
I love all kinds of music, don't really hav a favourite, i'd be all day listin them all, as long as it's not that speed up chip munk dance shite, what a way to destroy a good song, why not put on the stranglers, david bowie, the kinks or yeah yeah yeahs, dizzee rascal, bloc party, arctic monkeys etc...... then i mite cum to ur party!!!
well i baught the devil wears prada recently it's such a good film, ye hav to see it. also love team america, the big labowski, napolion dynamite and loads more and have u seen 300 yet, brill film!see it now!
nope, sorry
Scared Of
spiders, they're so quick, never trust anything with more than 4 legs!!oh and bees and wasps, and moths oh and giant birds, they could peck ur eyes out.. remember passion of the christ, i knew crows were dodgy especially after that film, whats it called????.......... oh yeah, CROWS!!
Happiest When
happiest when....... laughing, i suppose????.......

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  • challange??

    go on try not laugh at my flashbox.........i bet u can't..... go on i dare u!!!! he he

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  • eh............ what??

    i dont understand, what is this for??>:(

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  • Daniel Mahony
    luv Daniel Mahony

    ha ha your like the only person on bebo ya looser!!!

  • Sue B
    Sue B

    Hey hun! How's you? You coming out tomorrow night?xx

  • Sue B
    luv Sue B

    Hey Jen!! how're you darlin'??! Hopoe you and yours are well and looking forward to a fabby-dooby Christmas and New Years! Any news with you? Much love and Festive wishes! xx

  • luv Caoimhe Whelan

    Its in June sorry haha! Its on the 18th-20th of June :D I'm playing Cecily! Are you in any plays in Dublin? xxx

  • luv Caoimhe Whelan

    Everything is good here really, can't wait for the school holidays...lots of exciting plans!! School's good, busy being a big nerd haha! No news that I can think of really, I'm in a play in June if you wana come see it! Its the Importance of Being Earnest, I'm sure you know it well!! xxx

  • luv Caoimhe Whelan

    Hey Jen :D Hows you? xxx

  • Derek Keane
    luv Derek Keane

    right back at ya cret xxx

  • Sara-Jane T
    Sara-Jane T

    hello stranger how the hell are you xxx

  • Sue B
    Sue B

    Hey Jen! how's you me oul' mucker?! :) Hope you and yours are well me dear, how goes 4th year and jazz?xx

  • Caoimhe Whelan

    Clondalkin Youth Theatre presents "Understanding Marcus" by Veronica Coburn Loose End studio, The Civic Theatre, Tallaght Thursday 27th and Friday 28th November 2008 Tickets €8 / concession €6 Come and see! xxx

  • Timmie M

    ah wud ya look at ya !

  • Sue B
    Sue B

    Hey there! What's the story with ya? And how's 4th year treating you...the ol' TIE going well I hope!xx :)

  • Sue B
    Sue B

    Heya chick! how's you? Looking forward to the year of fourth!? :) :L Thanks a mill for coming on Thurs, was great seeing you girlies and being with the gang! Had been feckin' ages! I'm flying off on Fri, but I'll be checkin' up with yis online and whatnot when I get some internet sorted over there. I'm on Facebook if you're around there, though I'm very retarded on it, Fun Wall, Super Wall?! What the f**K? Well best of luck this year darlin',enjoy it.once you get past the TIE, it's actually really great! And you guys are so lucky having Una, Wow, wonder what that'll be like! I'll be back sometime, maybe before Christmas for a bit, might see yis. Talk soon hun, love ya lots JenJen.xx :) :D