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Naruto Uzumaki Fan Club

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
This is the fan-club for everyone that luvs Naruto, Sasuke, or Sakura! (Or Itachi, Kakashi...Zabuza...the Hokage....whatever!)

There's Naruto Uzumaki, the blonde-hair orphan with the nine-tailed fox spirit inside of him!

Sasuke Uchiha, one of the last few living members of the Uchiha Clan!

and Sakura Haruno, the cute, pink-haired girl in love with Sasuke!

Whatever reason you joined, we except! This club is for real Naruto freaks only, so make sure your ready to back it up!!


Please leave comments and give alot of luv

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  • Messages to Translate

    From Naruto:


    From Sasuke:


    From Sakura:


    If you can translate those, good for you. Its kinda easy tho.

    1 Comment 327 weeks

  • Band Members

    Alot of people are askin if they can be band members.
    My answer is, and always will be,


    I will be the only band member cuz i dont want people messin up my club. I started a club before, and it was realy good, but I added my freind as a band member and he messed it up. We lost like, 40 grpoupies. So, no band members plz. Sorry. :(

    0 Comments 327 weeks

  • Narutos Log, Day 13

    We finaly got to the big tower with the scrolls. Sakuras hair looks messed up for some reason....I was to afraid to ask what happened, she looked pretty mad. I wonder what the next test is?

    0 Comments 327 weeks

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  • MandOs.

    guesswat kakashi dies and so does shizune and i think hinata konoha is getting destroyed by pein leader of akatsuki

  • .Hai Yan.
    .Hai Yan.

    dis acually wrks. 1-say a boy or grl's name u want 2 b with 2 . times. 2-say ur best frend's name 5 times. 3-post this comment to 5 bands. 4-press f8. 5-u will c ur crushes name !

  • Hanyo Lannyes
    Hanyo Lannyes

    Im making a COMPLETELY NEW Profile for ma'self!!!:O Do the POLL in the TOP-RIGHT Corner of my Page to help me decide what to be next!!:O

  • Kay

    who here actually liked the fillers? i didnt hate them, some of the stories were really gd, but they jsut got boring

  • Hanyo Lannyes
    luv Hanyo Lannyes

    Luv, plz post comments, i luv comments!! LUV

  • xX A story of a girl life{Bella Garcia} Xx
    xX A story of a girl life{Bella Garcia} Xx

    lol x] i love this band ^^ it really cute at least i'm talking Leslie <3333

  • Hanyo Lannyes
    luv Hanyo Lannyes

    luv....how come nobody leaves any comments? come on!!! Naruto 4-evr!!!

  • Hanyo Lannyes
    luv Hanyo Lannyes

    Luv Sakura! Yay Sakura!!

  • luv Einalem

    me give away love .. ^w^..

  • Hanyo Lannyes
    luv Hanyo Lannyes

    Yay! LUV!!! Im tryin to give as much luv to this club as possible!!! everyone help me!!!

  • Hanyo Lannyes
    luv Hanyo Lannyes

    Luv Naruto! represent!! TAKE MY QUIZ!!! And make sure when you take it, you will leave the comment, VIVA LA NARUTO! if you leave that comment, you are a true Naruto luver!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Joss

    I love naruto:O , I have just finished reading volume 13 and i am impatiently waiting for number 14>:( . Cool band by the way!!!!!