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4/30/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 19, Luv 477
  • from Newburgh.
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Member since: April 2007
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I'm Sick Of Waitng Around For Nothing</3
Me, Myself, and I
JodieAnnAllen <3

Don't Play Games With A Girl Who Can Play Them Better ;]!ox

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  • Read It All You Might Learn Something!(i)

    before you all make your minds up about me..read this blog and get to know the girl behind the pictures :O !

    fake ?
    because i wear hair extensions &+ (apparently) , "loads of make-up" ?
    so i had my hair cut, didn't like it and it takes years to grow ? i have freckles that i cant stand and my skins blotchy &+ uneven ! it makes me happy and feel more confident =)
    big deal ! i'd love to know how it effects any one of you ?
    stuck up ?
    because i have my head down getting on with my own business ? im a very very shy person ! if i come across as stuck up ? its because im uncomfortable not because i think im better than anyone else !
    snotty ?
    because i get a stinking look and i give one back ? what goes around comes around !
    fat/anorexic ?
    Yes i get both :S And tbh i dont care anymore im not happy with my body anyways so no need to make it worse:( !
    bitchy ?
    because i stick up for my mates and express my opinions ? if someones made it blatantly obvious that they don't like me then i aint about to pussy foot around them to get their approval !
    patchy/orange ?
    because i wear makeup and have a natural tan get over it and stop bein jelous :/ :S!
    slutty ?
    because i wear a short skirt on the odd occasion and my tops are low ? doesn't mean i drop my knickers for every boy that crosses my path ! one day im going to be a fat, wrinkly, old mofo so best to flaunt it while i got it eyy ;) ?!
    in love with my own reflection / vain ?
    good one (y) ! because i have alot of pictures of myself ? im a poser ? maybe i was bored or maybe i just wanted to take a picture !>:(
    not even pretty ?
    fair enough..an opinion that some people have about me ! but do i really need to hear it ? the ironic thing is..i dont think im pretty so there is absolutely NO relevance in this comment whatsoever ! i look how i feel happy ! im not asking to be accepted as pretty ! im not asking to be accepted at all ! im asking to be left alone :O !
    friendly ?
    because i talk to anyone ? someone smiles at me..i smile back someone talks to me..i talk back ! try giving me a smile and see what you get back !
    shy ?
    because i cant hold a conversation for more than a minute and can never think of anything to say ? it takes a while to get to know me before i come out of my shell but when you get past me you can never shut me up and im actually a very friendly person =) despite what people say !
    bubbly ?
    because im always hyper, always smiling and having a laugh with the mates !
    self conscious ?
    because i have absolutely no confidence in myself because of the way people act towards me ? i shy away from everything and everyone ! its got to the point that i can't even make new friends &+ do things iv always wanted to because im frightened of being criticised ! if people speak to me i'll clam up yeahh, i'd like to thank all youu bitches for that one !
    paranoid ?
    because i think everyone is talking about me in a negative way ? if i hear anyone whisper or laugh in my presence i assume its about me ! i can't trust anyone and i've gone from being a very outgoing person to someone so shy, that i can't even speak to people i don't know without getting paranoid that they won't like me !

    just because youu know who i am doesn't mean youu know me !:(
    anonomous box = nasty comments (i)!

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  • Clairee.

    Omg Jodie! :O No seen u in years hen :( How are ye daen :D x

    4/9/10 via Mobile
  • Hiyaa

    you aint 14 are ya:O ?xxx

  • Toni-Lee.

    Jodie :P how are yuu been up too wb love yuu xx

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  • Khassandra

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  • Michael Williamson

    no spoken to you for ages:O

  • Neea.

    Fukin ryt man:L xx

  • Summer

    this aint jodies bebo anymore(I) its been hackd:L :/ xx

  • luv Carrie.

    babes. you making a new msn? if so gee me yer addy. :P love you.

  • I Love Liam Birrell

    haa emmmm.?emmm....? am gonna eat this haa:L :L tht guy in mcds wiz fit foh:) :P xxxx

  • Nicola

    i wont be out this weekend babe, but perhaps next one? :) xxxxx

  • I Love Liam Birrell

    emm emm...? am gonna eat this:P :) ;) xxxxxx

  • luv Carrie.


  • luv Carrie.

    oh yesh i did :L :L no u dont!:D xxxxxxxx