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  • Female, Luv 320
  • from exsotic bedrooms french fashion show ! x
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 14,792
  • Member since: April 2007
  • Last active: 3/31/08
  • www.bebo.com/Man_Utd_Babe
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About Me

www.bebo.com/Baby-iits-HO <-- add new bebo please ... Lyl xxxxxxxxx
Me, Myself, and I
ii Say iit Liike iit iis!!
My Slinkyy Go ... Bah Doung Doug Doungggg!
Youu Don''t Get a Second Chance iin Makiin a Fiirst iimPressiion

#1-Over Hyperactiive Miind :P
#2-Crazy About Sports
#3-Siingle :D xxx
#4-ii Do Beiileve That My Mates And Famiily Are Mazin
#5-Man Uniited Are Tha Shiz Yeah??

^ Dunt Like Me From That??^
Then Get Lost Coz iit Gettin Into Personal info Now :D

On Tha 28.12.93 a Star Was Born x
Brown Hair - ( Blonde Streeks and Dark Underneeth )
Bluu Eyees
Freckle Face :P ( And ii Love iit )
Not Fat Or Skinny
Shoe Size = 4-5
My Fave Body Feature iis ...

ii Love Youu---<3
iits Tiime To Pose :D ( Fully Dressed )
iinabiit Babes

:D x
            [♫♪.*] MusιιK,♥
    ║███║  ←♫
    ║   ║    
    ║ ( o ) ║ ←Love ♥
Yeah !
ii dunt stand for backstabbers, dirty looks, or jelousy of gurls! so bog of if thats wah you gonna giv me! ... Let Me Js Say ! ii Hate Dull Moments! Hyper is The Key To Bein Cool! . Sports is the Key To Bein fit . Lip Bitin , Chat Up Lines n Eye Contact r The Keys To Bein The Flirt . Revising and Conectrating r The Keys To Bein Clever . Promise and Performance r The Keys o Friendship . Trust and Ability to stay strong r They keys to ne relationship . so... i'm not the coolest , smartest , prettiest , fittest , most popular , or the most trust worthy person but i certainly hav a wide varoety of each of them ... wich makes me not unique not coman not weird not unusual not rare not normal ... it makes me HAZEL JASMINE OLLIER ! [[ in other words , big united fan , loves to play footy and other sports , poses ALOT! , flirts alot , and loves all her ppl ! ]] were would this gurl be widout her mip ? explained below!

loveyouu all :D xxxx
[[Most iimportant people]]--For Those Those Dumb bums
Mum :) Daddy :) Andy :) Joe :) jay :) dean :)
Dayle [&] Luke
^ My Bestest Eva Mates -- Two Amazin Ppl ... Bfl xxxx :D
Danie, Fern [&] Jess
^ Ace Gurls :)
Lauren [&] Chanice
^ Dunno Wah ii'd Do Without You :P
Lets Name Sum More [ Soz if i Miss Ya Out ]
DEAN billy, jord, mikey, josh, jay, joe, oli, theo, danny, george, sam, chris, stef, emily, soph, bunie, alex, liv, angie, lliam, luke, alex, em, stamps, faz, cal, tay, megan, leanne, shannon, kirsty, nic, nicol, amber, scott, don, eve, kelly, emily, ryan, molly, paris, abi, megan, brad, conk, josh, mike, gaz, danny, rusty, dan, jake, dec, swinny, james, clo, stef, dem, callum, danny, raz, sumnal, subzi, cuderz, josh, sean, jack, sean r, emily, jord, nath, aria, jade, tom, baha, ellie, ellanor, lisa, narrelle, tamara, amy, stef, tom, emily, jade, levi, ben, stiggy, benji, marcus, lorna, sami, lewis, cammi, n cba no more lol giv us a comment if a missed ya :D ly all xxxx

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  • The Special Ppl-Xx

    iif You Want a Paragrpa hthen js leave a comment and ask x

    He's Well Cool Tbh. And ii Havn't Got tHa Fogist idea Were i'd Be Widout Him!. Crazy Bout Bmxin ? i Would Say So! .. We've Had Ace Times Together And i'v Loved Everytime i'v Been Wid Him! . We Got The Most AmaZin Hand Shake :D LoveYouuLoads
    Best best Buds Forlyf!

    This Lad is a Pimp . a Dj . a Gangtsa .Lol And Most importantly .. a Freckled Faced Ginger Hottie" ..Amazin Lad ! i Can Say That Wiith Complete Honesty ! He's Awsome And Life Would Be a Borin Reck Widout Him! Tbh The Reason Were Best Mates is Because He Has Atchally Once Saved My Life! ... i'll Neva Eva Forget Dat Babe ! LoveYouuLoads
    Best best Mates Forlyf!

    Yep She's A Stunna ! it took a while for me to accept the new dannie ... wich sum ppl may say is the new and anoyin dannie but tbh she's still the amazin she always has been! i'v realised that now ! she has been there for me through thick and thin ! best mates since 8 years ago! .. we may not be as strong ne more ,., becoz of the fact we hav different best mates but in our eyes we are the closest mates and most trust worthy mates we know of! .. no1 can top our friendship [[ its sum real rapid fun stuff! ]] ... memories last foreva babe loveyouloads
    best friends forlyf!

    this crazy gurl is a complete blonde! ... you can tell. and tbh i love it ! she's a rigt flirt wid the LADZ! and lets make it clear [ me and fern are not bi ] ! thank youu ... we are js true mates that trust each other to be able to hav fun and not uncomfortable round each other! .. jelousy ppl? you wish you hav a connection like we do" utterly amazin gurl ferico! loveyouuloads
    best mates!

    need a gurd laugh? heres jess! always there wen tha good stuff happens . crazily ace gurl and a reet stunna at that! she seems like the quiet lass at first .. but if thats the impression you get of her? youu need to get to know her! coz she's so much fun ! plenty of memories ey babe?

    best mate

    Wowzer Babe?! How Can We Help Bein The Year 9 Flirts? :L Had So Much Fun Wid Ya Babe Ya Relii Know How To Liven Sumfiin up! it Amazes Me tHAT Youu Eva Hav The Guts To Put Yaself Down :S wtf ? Theres Nuffin Wrong Wid Ya LOL And Tha Laughs We've Had! The Sleepovers . Late Nights Out . Days Out. Lessons. Everyfins Bin So much Fun! Don't eva Change Babe ! LoveYouuLoads
    Best Mate

    Amazin Lad/ Enough Sed!? Nahh Need More . Youur Truely Awsome And Always Makin Me Laugh! Everytime i'm With Youui hav an ace time. hmmm truely fashionable? lol ne memories? yeah plenty! wahs a henleys make? tehe duno wot else to put bout ya . i'v explain youu... amazin ! loveyouuloads
    Ace mate

    Yeah.Many Ups And Downs! But Then Agen Always Turns Out How its Menna Be Ey? i Know We Not Together But Tbh Youu Were best boyfriend! youu showed me the true meanin of love. and no you passed it on its time to move on so i can giv it sum1 else yh? ... our last relationship dint turn out the way we thought it wud. but then agen after everyfin before that we knew it wud neva be da same . so i'm js so happy were still amazin mates! dunno wah i'd do widout you .. i'll certainly be tellin my kids bout how they need to found a lad like you wen they get to high skool [[in the future .. coz i obv. don't hav kids (yet) ]] loveyouuloads
    Amazin Mate

    Jamie Baby. Youur a Riight Fliirt :L Always Up For a Laugh And a Game Of Footy ! its The Tipacle < [Can't Spell] Youu! .. There Woz One Time . in an argument - i Had fallen out wid EVERY1! and you were th

    3 Comments 280 weeks

  • football :D

    The Pitch--
    . Corner Arc
    . Technical Area
    . Penalty Spot
    . Penalty Area
    . HalfWay Line
    . Centre Mark and Centre Circle
    . Touch Line
    . Goal Area
    . Goal
    The Goal--
    7.32 m (8 yd) wide
    2.4 m (8 ft ) tall
    Game Play--
    Before The Match Starts Both Teams Go To There Respective Halfs. Play Begins at Kick Off Were The Ball is Placed oN The Centre Mark And Kicked Toawrds One Of The Attackers. The Throughout The Game Both Teams Attempt To Score in The Oposite Teams Goal Usin Ne Part Of Tha Body Apart From Hands And Arms. After 45 Miins They Hav Half Tym. The Game Continues After 15 Mins . After 90 Mins The Match Will Finish Unless There iis iinjury Tym. Sumtyms if it is a Draw They Hav Penelty Shoot Outs.
    a Teams On-feild Formations r Represented By a Set Of Three Numbers. Such As 4-4-2 << This Represents Four Defenders, Four Midfeilders And To Forwards. The Numbers Add To Ten Because The Goaly iis Not iincluded.
    Yeahhh--- So
    ii Not Sure Wot Else To Say :L
    Soz Ppl
    Thats it For Now

    0 Comments 284 weeks

  • Be a Part Of Mee C= x

    My Head Shape=
    My Eyes=Pawiis C=
    My Heart=
    My Brain=
    My Bloodd=
    My Muscles=
    My Nose=
    My Lips=
    My Neck=Alastair C=
    My Ears=
    My Haiir=Molliie C=
    My Boobs=Leanne C=
    My Shoulders=
    My Arms=
    My Body
    My *:P * Lol=
    My Legs
    My Feet=
    My Teeth=
    My Tongue=
    My Belly Button=Fernii C=

    By Hazel C=
    Make Sure Yhoor a Part Of mee!

    10 Comments 286 weeks

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    yup sis i gd ta u feelin better now ow r u? wb plz

  • Jake
    luv Jake

    good thing u support man-u or i would not like u lol hey bbz its me jake from ufey xxx love u luv back

  • Amandem-Poomplex

    Whyy do i know you? and dont say you dont because i do?! umm, three things that for some reason spring to mind. horse riding, my mum knows your mum, infact i swear i've been in your house?! do you live near thecar garage near leighton? omg! um, you know emily brennand, she one of my best mate and jasmin standish omg one of my best freinds and adam brown!? he's in my form, and some others?! Please reply :D Love you! random person who i seem to know alot about, well i think it's you anyway =/ p.s have you been to florida lots =/ p.p.s I i'm talking a load of crap ignore my comment :P

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    luv Hazel

    Hiyya Ppl Hazel Here Reportin From 'NEW BEBO' Hmm... Some1 Has Been On This Bebo Coz iit Ses Last Active 4 Hours Ago And ii Havn't Biin On This One For Like a Month, Thankyou For Listenin Keep an Eye Out :D LoveYarrrr! xx

  • Bez

    hiya hazelll (: you okk? thought id leave you a comment cause your a bit of a legend:) wubu2?:D doing anything good in the holidayss?:) love you billions :D xxxx

  • M I K E
    M I K E

    or rght hun wuu2 aint cin u in ages n ows u W/B

  • The Weekend Boyz-Loves LauraX
    luv The Weekend Boyz-Loves LauraX

    ite wubu2 gd result last nite ronnie played well bring on da scouse bastards 3 points clear we aint gunna let it slip now title is basically in da bag champions league we ave had a gd draw well beet roma we cud win da champs league aswell wb swn xxxxxxx

  • Hazel

    Hiyaaa Add This Bebo Cheerz M'darlins :D xxxxxxxx

  • -
    luv -

    Booo :L :) amm booreddd aswell :L and no aventt done it YET :L oowwweelll butt i aveent even started it :S :L whatt am i gnaa doo :L i havent done the geog one either :L ooowweelll w.b lovee you lotss tuuu baabe :) besst friendss :) xxxxxxxxx

  • ThE Other Guy
    ThE Other Guy

    hey haze---------- how are you lol wubu2 lol w/b best mates xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jodie