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Joey N.

When you need something to believe in, start with yourself :)

Mar 11 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
welcome to mii page
the name is joey,
i don't really use Bebo,
i just log in to post my personal things!

basically about me is that,
im the randomness guy ever,
with a big imagination!!
i always cheer up ppl
and always share laughs!
im very crazy and hyper,
although, you wont see that
till you know me well!
im also serious and mean,
but again, you wont see that
till you know me very well!!

im a graduate from Martin high (2011)
and currently attending LCC...
its lame but here's the good thing;
ima transfer to any university
after taking my basics here!

wanna know more,
look for me in facebook! under:
Joey Nuñez (Jose Luis Nuñez)
Favorite sports
soccer and swimming are like the sports i like the most, even if i kinda suck at them, also marching band, since its considered a "sport", and pos yea, its okay!! i also like bowling, even if i majorly suck at it!!!
other links
my MSN : rockstarjoey7@hotmail.com
my myspace URL: http://www.myspace.com/rockin_joey92
My Birthday
September 5th, 1992
Happiest when...
im with my friends and when they make me laugh to the max!!!!
► Play. The moments ----------------------------
▌▌ Pause. The memories ----------------------
■ Stop. The pain ------------------------------------
◄ Rewind. The happiness ----------------------

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  • To Daniela V.

    Dear Daniela..
    why can't you see what i feel for you?? i've paid your phone, walked to your new house in the blistering sun while you were hurt, supported you in the Medallion Ceremony, text you every morning and night to have a great day, ect. and in return, nothing...
    i want your love,
    i want your warmth,
    i just want you,
    i know in the past, i wasn't a perfect person, i'm still not, and there's many things i wish i didn't do, but i continue learning everyday something new, and I never meant to hurt you. It's something I must live with everyday... and through these past two year, everytime i think of you, i just smile, think of all the good things at the end of my junior year, in your case, your dork year, and how i wish i could had continue that...
    Well, the past is the past, I did my mistakes, but i'm a changed person. two girls had confessed to me that they like me, and in return, i tell them i already like someone which is you, and somehow I hurted them... I'm not doing the same mistake Danny, i know what i'm telling you,
    But as more time goes by, i feel less appreciated for some of the things i do for you...
    i understand, its the end of your senior year, where u take finals, have orientations, field trips, graduation, senior breakfast, and most of it in one week... but i mean, i've been after you since i told you i like you, since spring break, ever since you read my post in fb that "Now's my chance", ever since you and Moe broke up!!
    its okay, i hate the fact that i'm an easy "forgive and forget" type of person,
    i continue thinking of you, while i'm still debating whether i should just give up on you, or just keep waiting... and i read your posts in your new fb, where you posted if you should tell some other guy how you feel... brought me down, but i guess its karma for what i did nearly 2 years ago, when you saw Amanda's post saying "I love you" in MySpace. Anyway, your posts in fb are other reasons why I should just stop what i'm doing, and just keep seeing you as a friend, just as i've been doing these past two years, cause the way i see it, you already like someone else, and if you do, then go for it, show that guy how much of an amazing girl you are, and I will support you...
    As you can tell, i love you Daniela,
    but if nothing happens a week after the Soundtown gala,
    i will leave you alone,
    but you'll continue having me as a friend, just not the same way,
    idk whats gonna happen, i just wish the best for the both of us, and i'll try not to see you the way i saw you after spring break... I'm sorry
    even when i was with Amanda in the first one/third of our relationship, i would still think of you, and wonder how things could had been if i were with you...
    I'm sorry for liking you again in the first place,
    i did text you that it might ruin our friendship if i were to tell you that i like you, which i pray to god to hope we'll still be together as friends, if anything u know,
    I also have so much more to say, but for now, you always make me proud, and you continue to do so,
    if you ever need anything, you know where i live, and u know where i work.
    whatever happens, happens!
    just do me a favor, and never forget me!

    Love, Joey N.

    1 Comment 62 weeks

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  • Claudia
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    May 1
  • Joey N.
    Joey N.

    I'm very happy that little by little, we are starting to talk again :)
    right now, we only speak like once a week, but soon, it'll change to everyday,
    and hopefully, we get back together, cause when I told you that I miss you, I meant it!
    Hoping for the best, and whatever happens happens!

    Feb 18
  • Joey N.
    Joey N.

    for the one that told me that my haircut sucked haha:
    why are you still in my head!??
    you've already told me that you don't want a boyfriend,
    yet, I still think of the possibilities that were gonna be together -.-
    I need to see ppl o.o

  • Claudia

    5. . . Lol :D

  • Claudia


  • Claudia


  • Claudia


  • Claudia 9/18/12
  • Claudia
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    Le last one.

  • Claudia
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    I am bored. :/

  • Claudia
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  • Claudia
    luv Claudia

    You're a freak. :D

  • Claudia
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    HoooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOooooo  ooooooooooooooLa!

  • Claudia
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  • Claudia

    Awww Lol ^-^ <3

  • Claudia
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    Cinque! Buonanotte. c:

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  • Claudia
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    Treeee! Lol! :D

  • Claudia
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    Twoooo! :o

  • Claudia
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    One! ^-^