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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

Was born in london right next to heathrow airport, lovely. Now live in cowes with my mum dad and two sisters.I used to be realy boring then i realised, "hay lifes to short" and now try to be crazy and love everything (within reason.)I'm a positive person and love all my great friends,the island (despite it being a bit boring), musicals and all drama and just having fun. ok now i sound like my lifes perfect i still have my problems don't worry i'm not that much of a freak. But remember "don't worry be happy!!!"
The Other Half Of Me


My amazing friend and musical buddy!!! luv ya xxx

Don't really like a certain type of music but love sountracks to films and shows especially musicals. I sometimes like some random song thats relesed.
Hairspray, HSMs, Chicago, Rent, moulin rouge, Crash, and Disney I also love Friends and the works of Joss Wheedon
Badminton, Basketball, rugby (a bit), swimming and cycling. I don't like football!
Scared Of
Not much really!
Happiest When
Performing, relxing or talking about something i love e.g. musicals
Roast dinner, salad, CHOCOLATE, ice cream, strawberry angel delight.
Ellie, Tessa, Emma, Emily, Camilla, Charlotte, Megan, Shannon, megan , Liz, macey, sophie, tash, Woody, Sam the list goes on ( not meaning to brag!)

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  • Who r ya?

    My mum - megan.c
    My dad -
    My wife- Ellie
    My Son -
    My Daughter -
    My brother -
    My sister - ellie
    My uncle -
    My auntie -
    My cousin -
    My brother-in-law -
    My sister-in-law -
    My Grandad - Liz
    My Grandma - Meagan M
    My best friend - Ellie
    My 0ther best friend - Tessa, emma, millie, megan!!! ahhh lots
    My bit on the side - Camilla
    My worst enemy - Emma !!!hehehe
    My neice -
    My nephew -
    My 1st guardian angel -
    My 2nd guardian angel -
    My secret lover - Lottie
    My sugar plum -
    My personal shopper -
    My fairy god mother - Ellie/ Bev ( my actual godmother!!!hehe)
    My sex slave - Megan C
    My dramaholic friend- Rhian, Kathyrn, Bill!!!
    My be there for you friend - ellie
    My sexi Babe - Megan C
    My god father -
    My Gawjuss Bbe -
    My twin - !
    My chatterbox - Ellie
    My chillin babe-
    My hot admirer - Liz!
    My messer upper -
    My hyper mate-
    My always makes me laugh mate- camilla
    My tallest friend - Me!!! lol
    My smallest Friend- Megan M
    My Blonde friend whos not actualy blonde- Alex
    My sexi Gal -
    My Bitch - Megan M
    My krazee mate - Camilla
    My class mate - Camilla (yay paul and Millie days!!!)
    My Oldest friend - Ellie
    My Newest friend -
    My acting partner- Bill, Rhian, kathryn
    My singing partner- Ellie
    My dance partner - Alex
    My music partner-
    My msn buddy -
    My Partner in crime - Camilla

    17 Comments 305 weeks

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  • Sophie
    luv Sophie

    Paul (: Thanks for the hugs the other night! haha was funny :L and also your love thing on here said you had 69 so I thought I'd round it up to a even 70 :D Love'aaa youu x

  • Born To Perform
    luv Born To Perform

    it is very very nice :D :D im enjoying it here very much, a lot more freedom and its not far from the west end so its all good hmmm the GCSE's sound strange, so your still doing lots of performing?:D :D :D did you do Alison Eades last show? Links? hmmmm...let me see hand on ....... here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEdm8... theres the very first one that i put up of me singing lol, theres more if you look on my youtube page :P enjoy *runs and hides* luv xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Born To Perform
    luv Born To Perform

    Im good...Im Living in London now...well Buckinghamshire lol :P :L oooo wow, Cowes wion? congratulations hunni, I went to watch my sister dance for Carisbrooke they came 5th which was excelent for Carisbrook lol :L :L yeah still singing and dancing....kind of lol, still doing alot of singing in my spare time, theres a few embarassing video's of me on youtube :L I was given a part in a show up in Kent, so thats excitting :D :D how are your GCSE's going? wb lv yas to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Born To Perform
    Born To Perform

    Hey Darling how are you? I havent sseen you in sooo sooo long :( :( I miss you:( what have you been doing with your lovely self? lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Charr
    luv Charr

    Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. Well done. it was amazing. bloody amazing. still cant believe it! cant wait 'till the finals. :D I LOVE YOU PAULY!

  • luv Megan

    PAUL BAGGETT IS AMAZING. Well done for last night, you worked so hard and totally deserved to win. Bring on the finals! Love you Pauly x x x

  • luv Megan

    1. I was very bored. 2. HOW THE HELL DID YOU GUESS THAT IT WAS 1812 OVERTURE?!??!?!?!?. Nice work Paul (: Yeah thats fine, we can take you. What time does the show actually start? I dunnoo when you'll get this, so I may have phoned you by the time you read it. Also it will be bringing back Macey too if that's kay (: Love Megan x x x

  • Megan

    do do do do do do do do do doooo, do do do do do do do do do doooo. do do do do do do do do do do do do do dooooo do do do do do do do do do doooo. GUESS THE TUNE. :L

  • Tess

    hellllo im sorry you missed out on your huggg, i will make sure i give you a big one tommorrow to make up for it. yeh ill be there i also have a dress rehersal for our show :S haha how was yoru day ??? xxxxxxxxxxxx love you toooo lol :D i says i have no love im very sorrrrry :(

  • Tess
    luv Tess

    Hahaha i thought it said when lol so i answered when hahaha :) hellllllo, how are you ???????? xx come to hannahs party on saturday pleasee it be funnn :D :L

  • Tess
    luv Tess

    HEYY PAUL global rpck was good today :) it looks coool hehe how are you?

  • Tess

    hahahaaa no i dont want to go back to schoool :( its annoying and their is lots of coursework :S lol glad your half term was good im sorry i still have no love <3 xxx YAY global rock hows the cheorgraphy going ???

  • Tess

    OMG I SAW HAIRSPRAY IN LONDON IT WAS ABSOLUTLY TRULY FANTASTIC AND AMAZING :) IT WAS SOOO GOOD hope you had a good half term you better reply sorry i have no love <3

  • luv Megan

    Paul is lovely. Thankyou for always looking after me (: x x x

  • Tess

    THANKYOU smellly i got a guitar :D haha did you like bit on bebo about you getting stuck in the climbing frame lol love you rreallllyfuck i wrote this as a reply soi i cant give you love sorrry <3

  • Kathriin.X

    pauulll...what time are our rehearsals???

  • Tess


  • Charlottee
    luv Charlottee

    BAGGETT HEY BAGGETT how has your saturday been? i have done sod all all day and im bored out of my brain you'll have to liven things up for me ;) get what i mean :L hahaha love you xxxxx

  • Tess
    luv Tess

    helllo this is tess and emmmma i think you should change your bebo picture as its a baddd picture of mee lol clevage lol hahahaa CHANGE IT love you x

  • Tess
    luv Tess

    hellllo x how are you today ? you should go on msn more coz i reliased that i havent actually spoken to you on it :) lol x love you