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Joe Young

im a idiot i ruin everything in my life ! such a dick !

11/17/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Smooth Criminal <3 ???????????????
Me, Myself, and I
AdD mE yOu WaNt To I cAn TeLl YoU dO! :) :(

You wana know bout me well -

Joe Kit bag to those who no me from trentside but thts a private and long to explain joke :)

Fifteen :(

Midlands ;)

Robbo :(

Year 11 ;)

Ear sex is some where
Ear sex:)
Klaxons , Foo fighters , Coldplay , Scooter , Hoosiers , Kid Rock , Rihanna , Green Daii , Fall Out Boy , Scouting For Girls , loads more DaNcE , PoP , RoCk , ThE lOt
Warren , Danny , Jess , Dani , Conor (Bean head) , Matt , Lee Smithy , Collins , Eugene , Greg , Simon Tori, Bronte , Sam , Jake , Joe , Tom , the whole of trentside really.
Cricket , Running , Hockey , What ever i can do and i enjoy doing , lol

Trentside under 15's 2008

we r a lengendary team we r lyk 1 of trensides bst ever under15 sides lol

me nd jake wright lol ripping it up as openers mr patient nd mr hve a swing nd hopw for the bst lol

im mr swing by the way lol

the whole team r mint lads even haseeb lol

sam b , joe b, tom g , carl s, jake w, haseeb i, sam s, sam r, luke s, luke t, nd obiviously me lol safe lads hope to do 1 beta nxt year nd win the league nd the cup again 4 the 3rd year running safe lads u r all mint m8s !!!!!!!!!
What cn i say bout robbo its a alright school lol
we hve a laugh nd tke it as it cums
we stick together nd dont sperate

1 more year to go guys thn we r free from it
Well the guys frm newcastle jst got better i met a lass called Hannah nd she i amazing nd i mean tht !
i lv her nd wud lie awake to hear her breathing tht is how much i lv her ! she is so special nd no matter if its wit me or another lad i hope she fings the perfect person for her ! i lv u Hannah ! No matter wt anyone says bought me , you or us i lv u nd ur perfect to me in evryway nd i hope you find happiness some day !
What can i say bout u guys from Newcastle u guys r legends i dont what my hols would be like wit out u all,
dan m8 ur a laugh nd r well down to earth same wit luc nd will lyk
nd becca u nd dan r on nd off as a couple so often i dont whether u guys r togther or not lol

nd the others the guys i meet at the beach ur all mint nd will definately cum seek u nxt time im bck
lyk candy man with ur superman nd dragging beth nd georgia into the sea lol

will mis ya all nd i will be bck soon keep in touch wit us.
The beach
Goin to the beach wit u guys is awesome the dune jumping the sitting there in the rain the walkin bck up 2 ellington . i know it all sounds weird but doin it wit me m8s nd meetin ur m8 makes all tht more special nd next time Georgia nd Lailaaa i will teach u to surf wen i cn get a board here c ya soon.

Dan m8
dunno wt to ay bout u ur such a laff nd hve a mint time wen i cum up 2 newcastle lol

i always think im gne be a loner nd spend all hols inside wit me nan (boringlol)
but u r always there

sound m8
MsN You know u want it !!!
mightyjoeyoung@hotmail.com go add me you know you want to!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Mummytobe

    Joee :) av no saw you in like ages :L remember butlands:) How are you enyway ? wb'ss Natasha ( butlands friend )

  • Lucas

    hellow mayte :P having fun with becca hahaha cannit wait until a get back of this boring shitty holiday :P wat we goin to c at thee pictures ??

  • BethMitchinson
    luv BethMitchinson

    LOVE xx

  • Josie'
    luv Josie'

    Joe, Just Wanna Say Thanks,:D You've Been An Amazin friend :D Our little phone calls . . . well not very little tbh :L :L Have a love, xx

  • Sophiee

    Yoooo ! randem add is tht ok ? x

  • Hannahh
    luv Hannahh

    Heyy Babee :) Yee Alritee ?? Wuu2 ?? Hannah ily :) x

  • 'Dominicc

    joe lad im missin you alreadyy x keep in touch mate you got msn? wb soon as ye x love ya man x

  • BethMitchinson
    luv BethMitchinson

    Hi Joe xx u ok aint spoke to u in a while xx wat ya been up to owt or nowt xx a just want to say thanx 4 being there wen a need to speak to some 1 cheers xx write bk please xx

  • Beccaa
    luv Beccaa

    alreet joee :) . . . . . . god we do have some good conversations on thee phone likee :) haha . . . . god you always help me with my problems :L thanks so much . . . . speak soon :D xxx

  • Facebook. Ashleigh Smith
    Facebook. Ashleigh Smith

    thanks for accepting :] x

  • BethMitchinson
    luv BethMitchinson

    Helloh.x u ok ? u been up too much ? w.b xxxxx

    4/14/09 via Mobile
  • M'M
    luv M'M

    Alright Joe Hows Ya Easter Been (Y) BTW Whats Your Mob Number Organising A Camping Trip For Friday If Ya Fancy Coming :L :L So Give Me Ya Number Through Private Mail (Y) & FFS Sort Ya Top Mates Out,Expect To See Me In There :L :L Safe ;) xx

  • Crawl

    aup wonderful ;) i love your little rumors you no :D i especially love it when they get back to me + i no you wont write back. because you never do. you no that i am write and you have got nothing to say to me. which i dont get because you usually have alot to say to other people. but you cant actually say it to me. ahaha what a pathetic little boy you are!.

  • Crawl

    aup sunshine ;) i dont like colllins. only as a mate. so shut up going round sayin i do ok love? im you ex so fuk of. trying to cause shit between us i dont like you no more. i havnt said nothing about you to anyone cuz i ent that sad tbh. so act like a man and fuck of. got that? loveyouLOTStbh :L

  • Crawl

    someone wonts to talk to you :L

  • Hannahh
    luv Hannahh

    Good Good :) nwt just been Playin Footie the Day Wbu ?? Hannah :) :P :L xxxxxx

  • Hannahh
    luv Hannahh

    Hellow Darlin ! x Am Fiinee Thanks Yu Chiick??? Well yu Will Have 2 Tell Me when Marrah 1! I willl Come See Yu If Yu Wont :L Hannah <3 x

  • JessicaMariexo

    next time you wanna say anything bout my teeth say it to my face!! & dont run around like a 2 year old :s also, watch my bak ? wat you gonna do ? :L >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

  • JessicaMariexo

    what is your problem ? why you saying bullshit bout laura & george ? :s how she gonna cum bak wen her legs are fatter ? :s what has her legs gotta do with anything ??!! u dont kno her well enough to say if shes lovely or not :s you & her went out yh, you sed you liked her first but you say alouda crap bout her! the first time me & her spoke to you bout what you sed bout george, (he ovbz werent gonna fite bak if he was on the floor & couldnt get up how could he fite bak ? :s) you lied & sed you never sed anythin but this time dont bother! & why have you been saying stuff bout george/ that hes a wanker & stuff? & why wouldnt laura not wanna live with her brother ?:s & why wouldnt laura care bout you endin it ? you kno she like ya, so stop chatting babble!!