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Nicola Dunn

LOL, jst came on this for the first time in like, a year :L !

9/26/11 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • luv Gillian G

    heyyyy babes wazzupxx any gossip news wat u do today wat a warm day 26C wowow hot hot hot xx cya soon ly

  • Sarahmacleod Xx
    Sarahmacleod Xx

    heeeeey xxx i'm scaredd in casee i gett lostt butt thenn really exciteddd :) xxxxxx

  • luv Gillian G

    heyy are u on

  • luv Gillian G

    heyy GRAN!!!!!!!!!!!! lol jambo jukebox lol wuu2 howz u xoxo ly gillbill

  • luv Gillian G

    heyy omg im soooooooo sorry please can we be friends again :) im sooooo sorry about today because i didnt meen to hurt your feelings i really want us to be fine ur still my "BFF" ly xoxo gillbill p.s i hope we are still friend :)

  • luv Gillian G

    heyyyy babes lol gran!!!!!!!!!!!!! gillbill

  • Lauren .
    luv Lauren .

    hey babes wuu2 lol hope u had a nice holiday c u soon bye xx

    1/2/10 via Mobile
  • luv Gillian G

    happy new year bff!!!!!!!!!!!!! <2010>

  • luv Gillian G

    heres the luv

  • Gillian G

    lol reallllly i had 4 nose bleeds today(tuesday) i dont no how !! :P ly xoxo bff gillbill

  • Gillian G

    i have said hi

  • Gillian G

    heya GO ON MSN PLEASE IM BEGGIN U .................... pretty please with a cherry on top!!! bff

  • luv Gillian G

    ohh thx nici go onto msn ly bff i was tokin to karen geos mum heres the luv aswell bff

  • Gillian G

    ur still my bff im sorry about today sorry i cant give u luv its because it says i only have one love left sorry but ur stilll sooo funny

  • luv Gillian G

    heya nici my bff and geo

  • Chris Griffiths
    luv Chris Griffiths