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Message me ppl. Please..

11/27/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 35
  • from United States
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 6/27/11
  • www.bebo.com/kraziekelsey08
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I've made some mistakes, but it's now who I am today.
Me, Myself, and I
Kelsey Bishop. 17. May 17th, 1994. Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 5'2". Not like others. Biggest heart ever. Care for others more than I care for myself. Forgive easily. I have a hint of reality, I hate it. Bi-sexual. Single. Laughs at everything. Idgaf what people say about me. Feels invisible in this big world. Irritated easily. Quiet, but I have my moments. Friends and family mean the world. Emotional and sensitive. Lives in own world of fantasy. Inspiration is Christofer Drew Ingle<3 Favorite band is NeverShoutNever. Duncanville High. Senior. Atheist. Bestfriends are Ranee, Hannah, Savvy, Jude, and Kat. Obsessed with unicorns, anchors, colors, and vampires. Hate living with the neglect and pain I have till this day. Dislike drugs and alcohol. Death haunts me. Believes in compassion, commitment, and love. Against violence and abortion. My plans for my future have not yet been decided. My life story has yet to be published, and it shall stay that way for a very long time<3
Ways to contact me:
Type of music:
Dubstep, screamo, rock, country, alternative, punk, metal, techno, house, industrial, electronica, post-hardcore.
I am scared of...
Clowns and needles!
Favorite band(s):
NeverShouNever. Sleeping With Sirens. All Time Low. Pierce The Veil. Forever The Sickest Kids. Cute Is What We Aim For. Asking Alexandria. A Day To Remember. Blue October.
Favorite movie!
Juno and Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist.
Ranee. Hannah. Jude. Savvy. Kat. Steven. That is all.
The Other Half Of Me
Ranee Whiddon

Ranee Whiddon

My bestfriend, Ranee. =]] Ily, girly!

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  • A couple poems to show how I feel inside....

    As my days pass
    And I come closer to my end
    I am now losing my lover
    And a very good friend
    My feelings for you
    Shall never deviate
    No matter how far we are
    No matter what we anticipate
    It's too late now
    You've moved on to better things
    While I sit here and wallow
    As our memories I cling
    Most people will never see
    The true feelings I keep inside
    I have to keep them at bay
    Trick the world to see I've never cried
    I've tried so hard to build us up
    And to me you've just broken us down
    At one point I was on top of the world
    And now I feel as though I'm six feet underground
    You will never understand
    The words I speak
    Cause in your eyes
    You are strong and I am weak
    This is not an attempt
    To try and get you back
    These are simply the words
    That somewhere got off track
    I just want you to know
    That I will always be here
    No matter your problem
    No matter your fear
    (^^^this is to one special boy that hurt me)

    I never really thought this day would come
    But I guess its true
    I’m totally over you
    I have never loved anyone the way I loved you
    I thought you were different than all them other guys
    I guess I was wrong..
    You made me suffer
    You made me cry
    And I’m going to make sure
    You feel everything I felt
    The day you left my side
    Love could mean so many things
    But is love happiness?
    Because for me..
    Love is pain
    Pain is my friend
    Can't control this sinking feeling
    It is taking me to the highest bend
    No one can stop me now
    You can't see my face
    You can't see my eyes
    You will never detect my lies
    So when you ask what is wrong with me
    I won't answer because...
    You put this pain on me............

    Wounded, battered
    Shattered, punctured
    Broken, torn into pieces
    Just a couple words to discribe it.
    Heartache, tears
    tied hands
    torn lives
    Does anyone see what's happening?
    Warm liquid running down
    Cries that want to come out
    Anger that can't be expressed
    Just goes to show some signs of a bleeding heart
    She may not have been your blood
    But she was your girlfriend
    Yet you didn't care
    Do you understand what you have just done?
    How could you be so cold?
    How could you just walk away?
    Thanks to you I have an uncontrollable bleeding heart.
    But that doesn't matter now
    You let me down
    But most importantly you let her down
    because of you my heart bleeds
    it bleeds for a twelve year old
    that was taken from my life
    it bleeds out of anger!!
    and heartache

    0 Comments 277 weeks

  • Have you ever

    Have you ever felt the feeling
    when your with someone
    and you see nothing around you
    except that special one that you love very much
    and you don't want to lose that person
    But when your with them you just stare into thier eyes
    and then you smile
    and they smile too because you smile
    Have you ever felt the feeling that when you feel the touch of their skin you just want to melt in their arms til the end
    And then the next thing you know
    He kisses you
    And your just so happy that you start blushing and you get the feeling that you will be with that person forever and hope that you are
    Have you ever felt the feeling when you hear that special persons name
    or voice your face lights up with happiness
    and you think your the happiest person in the world
    But then you see the person you get so excited
    and nervous
    and you dont know what to say
    And then the next you know your best friends goes off
    And stabs you in the back and goes
    And makes out with the one you love the most!

    Thats what hurts the most!
    But then you find out more stuff that goes on

    And yet you still love him...............................

    0 Comments 311 weeks

  • You Can......

    Well you can luv me, but you dont have 2 hurt me......... and if you did hurt me why did you? and if you havent hurt me yet then please, try not 2 hurt me.......... and if you try not 2 hurt me and you hurt me try not 2 do it again...... and if you try 2 hurt me and u dont, whats the point of being my friend?

    Sleeping Beauty

    1 Comment 342 weeks

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  • JaneDoe

    Holy shit. I haven't been on here since November 27th, 2008. xD

  • Ranee Whiddon
    luv Ranee Whiddon

    Well yah i know that but anywho i am comin over in a couple weeks!!!!!!!

  • Ranee Whiddon
    luv Ranee Whiddon

    Hey man i dont want you to be mad at me because lyke well i love you and well just dont be jelllllyyyyyyyyyyy ME LOVE YOU plz be my lover again!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Ranee Whiddon
    Ranee Whiddon

    i got my hair done already and its cute for the summer will post pics l8ter!!!!

  • Ranee Whiddon
    luv Ranee Whiddon

    Hey wats up i am finally at my dads

  • Xoxoxo

    duhr you will always like him gosh lol:P but hu that makes me so mad :/

  • Xoxoxo

    sure u dnt lol jk i hate it that they didnt even tell me u did :( uhh!!! im mad at them

  • Xoxoxo

    ya 2 bad hes goin wit mariah

  • Kairi Hearts
    luv Kairi Hearts

    Hey delete Created to be Hated.. Samantha's a pornstar.. and i wannabe gangster/emo girl.. trust me.. she'll "act" to be your best friend.. find out everything about you.. all your secrets and EVERYTHING!!! and tell everyone you know.. and if she finds out your crush.. she'll tell them too.. trust me. Share tha luv!

  • Xoxoxo

    dnt listen 2 her she dnt talk 2 him i do she hates him

  • Xoxoxo


  • LIndsey Miller Its My Life
    LIndsey Miller Its My Life

    i cant srry an well my dad said i cant stay the night at nobodys hous..... Luv ya gurl... jux give me a call 2morrow

  • LIndsey Miller Its My Life
    luv LIndsey Miller Its My Life

    yea if its ok with ur mom...... so yea like what r u doing???? im so bord its not even funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LIndsey Miller Its My Life
    LIndsey Miller Its My Life

    we so need to hang out luv ya gurl maybe this friday we can hang out or something...

  • Xoxoxo


  • Xoxoxo


  • Xoxoxo


  • Xoxoxo

    o koolio lol:P so wats up :P