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Chains the nite. Yas!

8/2/10 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Jack Daniels = The Answer To All Lifes Problems!
Me, Myself, and I
Update Time -

I'm Rachael...(Or Magl - Don't ask haha) and if ye see me in the pub it's a Jack n coke, or a pint of Stella :) Cheers.

I like weekends, weekends are full of YAAAS! I'll most likely be found in the Yard, with the best group of people (Or reprobates) ye'll ever meet. We like to be loud, drunk and getting amongst the metal, Canny whack it.

Music <3 - Life wid be awfy rubbish without it!


Summer 2007 for the win!

Clutch for the bigger win!

It's aw aboot the banter!

I Love my life, I Love the people in my life. Fact.

My Family Mean Everything To Me! My Mum, Dad and My Brother! Without them i wouldnt be the person i am today. Not Forgetting My Dog Jack, Hes my boy <3
The Other Half Of Me
Kayleigh McGinn

Kayleigh McGinn

She does my head in...but i love her anyway :)

Music -
Clutch, Down, Corrosion Of Conformity, Panic Cell, Pantera, Machine Head, Megadeth, Metallica, Moterhead, Amon Amarth, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, City and Colour, Alexisonfire, AC/DC, Bruce Springsteen, Black Label Society, Daft Punk, Pendulum, The Prodigy, Extreme, Hellyeah, Madball, Iron Maiden, Journey, Lars Frederiksen and the bastards, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Madness, Slayer, System of a down, Tenacious D, Testament, Guns N Roses, The Offspring, Foo Fighters, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Rebel Meets Rebel .... Loads More!
Movies -
American History X, The Godfather, Casino, Scarface, Devils Rejects, Lord Of The Rings, Halloween, Se7en, Fight Club, Cannibal The Musical, Anchorman, 25th Hour, Passenger 57, The People Under The Stairs, Ghostbusters, Bubba Ho-Tep, Taxi Driver, Braindead, Friday the 13th, Hellraiser, Boondock Saints, See No Evil, The Shining, Identity, My Cousin Vinnie, House of 1000 corpses, evil dead(s), The Man With The Screaming Brain , Silence of the lambs, Friday, Next Friday, Barbeque, The hills have eyes, Texas chainsaw massacre, Scanners, The imaginarium of Dr Pernassus, Triangle, Rob Zombies Halloween, inglorious basterds, Woody Allen Movies such as Love and death, Play it again, Sam, Annie Hall, Manhattan, Monty Python Films...The Life Of Brian Is Particularly Amazing!

Ernest Movies - Ernest Goes To Jail, Ernest Goes To Camp, Ernest Scared Stupid, Ernest Saves Christmas, Ernest Goes To School Etc Etc! - Jim Varney Is A Legend!
Happiness =
Sammy & Ben <3 , Family <3, Friends <3, The Blaow <3, Ma fave <3, Team Fun <3, BEARDS, BEARDS N MARE BEARDS!!!, Captain Spaulding <3, Clutch, Neil Fallon <3 , Jack, Banter, Nights Out, Sexbox nights wi Andy , BBQ's at Pauls, Playin twister wi the Dude and Paul <3 , Aw naw mornings with Sammy <3 , Fightin with Fergoose/Mike/Steve <3 <3 <3 , Taking LOTS of pictures, Snow <3 , Music, Movies, Summers With The Usual Suspects, The Thursday Club, BenJammin, Nate Dawg, Going Random Walks In The Sunshine, Tattoos, Peircings, Jack Daniels, Miller, Beer, Summer 2007, Duvet Days, Halloween, Drunken Mayhem, Finding Music You Aint Heard Since You Were A Kid That Brings Back A Shitload Of Memories, Me and Sammys Random Adventures, eeny meeny miney mo walks!! The Swingpark, Realising that we are the most annoyin/loud/idiotic group of mates ever... and bein proud! And Loads More......
Irrational Fears...
Long water, Regular Clowns, Mime people! Statue People, Things That Move Funny, People with Funny mouths, Standing Beside Big Massive Ships, Bubbles, Holes, Things That Peek!!!!!! But mostly the DARK *shudders*
Quotes by Blaowsmen n Assorted Awesome Folk -
" It's like a gun, i'd rather have one and not need it, than need one and not have it" - Sammy on the subject of a condom in yer wallet lol! -

" I Cant Be Drink After One N A Half Drunks " - Me Clearly Steemin After One N A Half Drinks Lol. -

Doc - "Is That A 3d Scan Of Ben?" Me - " No Its An ACTUAL Picture Of An ACTUAL Baby" -

"well if sammy fell aff a bridge cos she was wearing the wrong shoes, would you too?" Mike when i informed him that both me AND Sammy find the tranny fae Hollyoaks hot! Lmao! -

"Sammy, Want Tae Go Upstairs So Ye Can Show Me Yer Rat?" - Drew... Clearly bein Suave lol! I hink he genuinely meant Noodles, but we'll never know lol! -

"dan brown is the worst author ive ever seen in my entire life - He writes like a 10 year old " - Sloey showing his dislike for Dan Brown Lol!
:) Sammy :)
What Can I Say? Known Each Other 24 Years And Still Goin' Strong. Like The Sister I Never Had, Don't Honestly Know What I'd Do Without Her <3 She's Been There Through Thick And Thin, Best Friend You Could Ever Wish For! If Soul Mates Come In Psycho Form She's Definately It. We're Gonna Eventually Be Two Old Wee Grannies In A House Full Of... Dogs... Haha.... Harassin Ben And Generally Just Being A Complete Embarassment, No Really Any Different From We Are Now!

Ma Partner In Crime And Ma Other Half!

Love You <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Irritated By -
People Who Dont Text Back, Waking Up Early And Not Being Able To Get Back To Sleep, Weekends In, Vegetables, People Changing, Being Skint, Bitchy People, Liars, Cheats, Rubbish Drunks, People Who Dont Say What They Mean Or Mean What They Say, Sore backs, Migranes.....

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  • Bored!

    Who was the last person you threw out of your life?
    I dont throw people out my life... i just dont talk to them anymore!

    Do you regret something you did yesterday?

    Has someone disappointed you recently?
    Wee bit...inevitable i guess

    What do you want to name your kids?
    Kids? hahahaha, i can barely look after myself

    If you could pack up and move, would you?
    I dunno... i might be the only crazy i know who quite likes it here!

    Does the last person you held hands with mean anything to you?
    Hes Lovely :)

    How long has it been since you've talked to your best friend?
    What one? Kayleigh yesterday, Toria the day before, Ash today via text, and sammy about a week ago

    Have you ever kissed a girl and liked it?
    oh aye ;)

    What is your favorite thing in your room?
    do i need to pick? my bed... or my sky+

    Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
    Depends what theyv done really.

    What do you think of when you think of Australia?

    Biggest annoyance in your life right now?
    Needing back surgery probs!

    Do any of your friends have children?
    yeah a few

    How did you get one of your scars?
    Falling over....which i always do haha

    Do you ever think "what if" about everything ?
    sometimes, doesnt everyone?

    What do you care about the most ?
    Family and friends <3

    Do you judge people you dont know?
    Naw haha, i cant judge anyone, have u seen me?!

    When was the last time you felt like your heart was actually breaking?
    a few weeks ago when my papa died! :(

    What does your last text say and who was it from ?
    "outrageous accusations, im nice to you!! :( Xx" from scott.... whos lying... hes never nice to me.

    What is one thing you feel that you NEED in life ?
    Family! <3

    How does it feel to live your life ?
    Just now its pretty damn good :)

    Are you happy with the way things are going?
    I actually am surprisingly haha

    Has more than one person ever told you they're in love with you?

    Looking forward to something this weekend?
    Aye :)

    Do you hate it when people smoke around you?
    No....unless i have no fags and they dont share :P

    Who are your favourite people to talk to when you’re down?
    my mummy <3

    What woke you up this morning?
    The dog lying on my leg!

    Are you waiting for something?
    Tommorow :D

    Do you know anyone who has a homosexual parent?
    I dont think so...

    Do you like feet?
    NO!!! just NO!!!

    Have you ever moved? If so, how many times?
    about 10 or something....

    Would you rather ride in a hot air balloon or bungee jump?
    *shudders* ... hot air balloon if i had to pick

    Do you think professional sports players are over paid?
    Aye, bastards :(

    Do you have a job? If so, where do you work?
    naw i dont :(

    What movie did you last see in the theater?
    Um...i canny remember actually haha.... the box maybe?! Hopefully going to see shutter island this weekend tho :)

    Do you know any of your neighbors?
    Aye both of them

    When is the next time you'll kiss someone?
    Haha ;)

    When was the last time you were in a car and where did you go?
    My dads, to the train station!

    Name three things around you:
    Phone, sky remote, a bottle of water

    Who can you go to anytime of the day for anything no matter what?
    My mummy <3

    What movie do you want to go see that's in cinema right now?
    Shutter island lol

    Anything you are craving right now?
    chinese food :D

    Are any of your pets overweight?
    haha not really naw

    Where is one place you'd like to visit?
    New Zealand

    How often do you hold back from saying what you are thinking?
    Hardly ever haha its my downfall, im brutally honest usually

    Do you have an older brother?
    yes <3

    Who else is in the room with you?
    no one

    0 Comments 175 weeks

  • And again...

    What does your last outgoing text say?
    " Lol, Fuck that xxxxxx"

    How was your day overall?
    Alright so far

    Have you kissed someone more than 20 times in 09?
    Yup, unfortunately!! ;)

    How many people of the opposite sex do you fully trust?
    Very very few

    Where were you Friday night at 10pm?

    If you married the last person you texted, what would your last name be?
    IMclaughlan lol

    Have you ever talked to someone when they were high?
    LOL...oh no... never

    How often do you hold back what you want to say?
    Not often lol

    Your ex is on the side of the road, on fire. What do you do?
    Tell him to stop, drop and roll. I dont hate any of my ex's really, so i wouldnt watch him burn lol

    Itâ€s 2 in the morning and you get a text message, who is it most likely?
    Um... could be anyone really lol

    Ever cried while you were on the phone with someone?
    maybe.....i dont remember lol

    Who did you last ride in a car with besides family?
    Andy <3

    When someone says "we need to talk", what runs through your head?

    How do you know the last male you texted?
    He's my girlfriend :)

    Did your last kiss take place on a bed?
    Um... i dunno.... at my front door i think....

    Last movie you saw in theaters?
    The box

    Do you laugh a lot?

    Are any of your friends are so close that you consider them family?
    Sammy <3

    Are you good at giving directions?
    No, i have no sense of direction

    What does your mom call you?

    Are you afraid of roller coasters?

    Ever had a song sang about/for you?
    people have sung to me, sammy sings to me all the time =D

    Where do you sing the most, in the car, the shower or everywhere?
    Everywhere lol

    Are you wearing any make up right now?

    Is there a person of the opposite sex who means a lot to you?
    Theres a few who mean a lot to me... then theres a very select few who mean more

    Have you ever been nice to someone who treated you like crap?

    Can you recall the last time you liked someone a lot?
    Indeed i can

    Are you nice to everyone?
    Mostly...unless theyr dicks

    What does your last myspace message say?
    fuck knows... no one myspace messages me these days

    Is it hard for you to be happy for someone else?

    Where's the person who absolutely takes your breath away?
    In the house...

    Do you hate the last guy you had a conversation with?

    Does anyone know your password beside you, who?

    Would you rather be a girl or a guy?
    A guy

    Is your dad over the age of 40?

    What is your favorite kind of weather?

    Is there anyone that you wish was out of your life?

    When did you last go to the beach?
    A few months back me n andy went to the seaside =D

    Are you someone who worries too often?
    AYE lol

    What does your hair look like today?
    A mess

    Is there a guy/girl that knows everything or mostly everything about you?

    What was the first thing you did this morning?
    Rolled over...too cold to get up lol

    Did you kiss or hug anyone today?

    Do you like to cuddle?
    Why not

    What do you want right now?
    A white kinder bueno lol

    Are you normally a happy person?

    Do you hate the last person you talked to?
    My mummy <3 naw

    Who was the last person to talk to on the phone?
    Aunty anne

    Do you wear eyeliner?

    Who are your last 5 texts from?
    Andy... lol

    Are you excited for christmas?
    Wee bit

    What color shirt are you wearing?

    Do you think anybody wants to see you right now?

    Do you want to see somebody right now?

    Who was the last person that yelled at you?
    Andy? lol

    Who is the last person to say I love you to you?
    Andy <3

    What was the highlight of your week?
    Um...sunday, just chillin oot watchin films

    Last thing you drank ?

    Who came over last?
    Andy lol

    Are you happy right now?
    Im alright

    Whaat did you say last?
    Cheers... my mum gave me a fag

    Who has the same phon

    0 Comments 187 weeks

  • Quizzage! Boredom!

    What does your 10th text say?
    Indeed! xxxxxx

    Has anyone ever told you they were in love with you?
    Yup =]

    If you had to have sex with somebody you’ve kissed, who would you choose?
    Lol... Andy?!

    Are you missing someone?

    If your ex said they hate you, you say?
    What ex?

    Have you ever been in love?
    Yup <3

    Was yesterday fun?
    Meh, so-so

    Your last ex says they never even liked you, you say?
    Thanks =]

    Does anyone not like you?
    Most likely lol

    Is there someone you will always be attracted to?
    Sammy ;) <3

    Would you ever get a tattoo with someones name on it?

    Are you a fan of piercings/ tattoos?

    Would you be able to name everyone you kissed in 09?
    Haha...Andy, Sammy, Amy, Angie ;)

    Somethings wrong, whose the first male you go to?
    Andy, Dad, Dave

    Do you think anyone has feelings for you?
    I hope so....

    Do you hate anyone at the moment?
    Sammy =]

    Ever eaten food in a car while someone or yourself is driving?
    Aye lol

    Would you take any of your exes back?

    Do you have someone who you can be your complete self around?
    Everyone lol

    Have you ever kissed your best friend's boyfriend/ girlfriend?
    i am my best friends boyfriend... well husband actually... and i kiss myself all the time

    Have you had sex with more than 9 people?

    0 Comments 187 weeks

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  • Liam Jay Panterafan
    luv Liam Jay Panterafan

    Ye it was a gid party man i ve still no slept yet things are gettin a bit blurry lol x x x

    6/19/10 via Mobile
  • Liam Jay Panterafan
    Liam Jay Panterafan

    Steamer steamer lol howz the heed the day doll x x

    6/19/10 via Mobile
  • Fergoose 6/17/10
  • Fiona

    did i?? a never noticed u u shoulda shouted on me. u going 2moz? x x x x x

    6/7/10 via Mobile
  • Fergoose

    hiyah! happnin neegro? xxxxxxxxx

  • Comparethetitles.Com

    everyday!!! nat and poppy r going on holiday on sunday so am all lonely for 11 drink so me and my mate jack daniels r going to spend some time together

  • Comparethetitles.Com

    i dont believe it till i see it u up for a day of drinkin next week?

  • Comparethetitles.Com

    wtf u in a dress there something wrong here

  • Proton Cannon
    Proton Cannon

    neva mind steal of the week!am gonna creep in to you house (like the creeper) and steal that dress from your profile pic!i would look swell in that sheeze.not swelt but swell.mmmm the fabric!

    5/15/10 via Mobile
  • luv Mr Bleak

    if they were killed it was for the best and hey as you so wisely pointed out i didnae kill you!! :D btw cathedral wis..fucking.....MINTED!!!! :D x

  • Fergoose


  • Proton Cannon
    luv Proton Cannon

    Love for the sponge who absorbs my drunken ramblings!

    4/30/10 via Mobile
  • James O'Neill
    James O'Neill

    awrighty ma dear what u bn up 2 these days ?

  • luv Mr Bleak

    away an george bush yer sell! actually dinnae ye might get arrested, it sounds overtly sexual. quite crazy how a corrupt, absolute disaster of a president and human being can be used as a euphanism for gettin on down! x

  • luv Julz

    awwww :) if no sooner then deffo blaneys party, n hav sum love bk xxxx

  • luv Mr Bleak

    cheek! im a certified genius! btw isis are ma new favourite band, theyve redefined how music should be listened tae! x

  • luv Mr Bleak

    ill get it laminated and everythin! and itll be presented in a limited edition sean corpse. where ye open the top ae the heid to see the sweet goodness inside. kinda like a twisted kinder egg! x

  • luv Mr Bleak

    My mortal coil is at its end! i saved the newspaper cutting for ye hahaha. x

  • luv Mr Bleak

    VICTORIA WOOD! its like hitler times aids times a hundrerd. x

  • luv Suzanne She Hulk Kelly

    omg! i woke up drunk and i was like yeah i feel great, 2 hours later and i was defeated by a slice of toast. Had an awesome night though :) how you feeling now? hangover left you? im still a lil ill today, no joke, i need to stop drinking for days at a time :( xxx