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Nicola McFall

Awwww - poor, sad forgotten about bebo!

4/13/11 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 29, Luv 261
  • from Cullybackey, Ballymena, Northern Ireland
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 12,533
  • Member since: March 2006
  • www.bebo.com/Bessy_the_bumblebee
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

Hiya! I am Nicola, aka Bessy and I am from Cullybackey. I am 25 and after being educated at Cambridge House Grammar School and Queens University, Belfast I set about figuring out what wonderful path my life should take - its still a puzzle but I am sure all the pieces will fall into place sooner or later.

My life isn't perfect - nor am I, but I have alot of wonderful things in it that keep me going from one day to next! I have a fantastic bunch of friends, my two boys (my wee dad and Aaron) and three beautiful godchildren who provide me with cuddles and giggles and all sorts of wonderfulness!

I love reading, watching TV, eating curry, laying about with the cat and shopping - I am basically a women of simple tastes! lmao!!

I am usually to be found bumming about on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/nicola.mcfal...

Kate Rusby, Ella Edmondson, Seth Lakeman, Karine Polwart, Mumford and Sons - you may think that folk music is very uncool but I know different! lmao! Although folk is my fav I have a pretty eclectic taste in music - my CD collection includes folk, indie, pop, rock, punk, metal, classic, gospel, Celtic ... anything basically that isnt hip hop, RnB or created by girls who wear too much make-up and not enough clothes (think pussycat dolls!!)

Chick flicks - the cheesier the better!!

Harry Potter, The lovely bones, The Bell Jar, Atonement, The Book Theif, The Twilight Saga and most things written by Pauline McLynn, Marian Keyes or Ceclia Adhern.

My wee daddy, Aaron (most of the time), my lovely little godchildren Mutley, Spending time with friends, being online, taking photo's, reading, shopping, dancing (especially the type that I do in my underwear when no one is watching!) watching tv, pure orange juice, knitting, warming myself with hair-dryers, hugging trees, green pom bear crisps, eating curry, pj bottoms, day dreaming, wearing brand new socks

People being late/cancelling, Aeroplanes, cigarette ash, Ballymena Job Centre and the majority of the people who work within it, going to the hair dressers, people who try to tell me what to do, TK Maxx, liver, snobby/pretentious people, War, red lipstick, Deal or no deal, ironing, shops that only sell clothes for stick insects, coffee, being cold, curry stains,

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  • Joanne Mc Candless
    luv Joanne Mc Candless

    i love pirrari dogs lol..i cant spell that word.. i feel another adventure coming on perhaps saturday lol....xxxx wonder what michelle-a-belle is up to too.??

  • Julie Crawford
    luv Julie Crawford

    Hey nicola hows u? Dnt worry bout it i understand, yea it was a great wee nite

  • Joanne Mc Candless
    luv Joanne Mc Candless

    you know when you hang around with the elderly too much it rubs off i even found myself complaining about the price of eggs recently and discussing the changing weather with random strangers... i blame you mcfall doll.

  • Joanne Mc Candless
    luv Joanne Mc Candless

    how funny are those pictures of us at the ulster folk museum all im missing is grey hair and floral print lol.. good times and i think i pulled too ha ha get your walking stick were leavin ha ha .. xxx

  • Corinne Mitchell
    luv Corinne Mitchell

    happy valentines day sweetie

  • Corinne Mitchell
    luv Corinne Mitchell

    hey my lovely what u been u to? u getting on with ur new camera ok?

  • Joanne Baird
    luv Joanne Baird

    hey am fine yeah i had a good new year ! What bout u ? Xo

    1/13/10 via Mobile
  • Julie Crawford
    luv Julie Crawford

    I cant believe it either the time just seems 2 b flyin in!! Everythin is grand with me i cany complain, hows things wit u? Hope u had a nice xmas x

  • Joanne Mc Candless
    luv Joanne Mc Candless

    hey wee mcfall doll whats the craic with ya? just been paying a visit to my lil` sis for her birthday she is 16 tomorro i cant believe it now i am feeling old my wee girls all grown up lol.x

  • Joanne Mc Candless
    luv Joanne Mc Candless

    i am so mad!!! i need to comfort eat i think... just bought 2 tubs of ben and jerrys for me and the sis this weekend for 3.60 each and morrisons have it advertised on tv at 1.90 grrrrr i could have had 2 more tubs at that price :-(

  • Joanne Mc Candless
    Joanne Mc Candless

    you and me both babe. i was even crying today and thats not like me at all not good feeling sorry for myself at the mo... ice cream makes it a little bit better tho. loves you. xxxx

  • Joanne Mc Candless
    luv Joanne Mc Candless

    been on your facebook account too lol.. oh did i not mention where i left the messages oppps a daisy hee hee hee. love ya nick...laaa i am having the blues i think feeling really sad and no reason for it either it doesnt make any sense.

  • Joanne Mc Candless
    luv Joanne Mc Candless

    its okay i just found another way of keeping myself from getting bored hope you like all my random msgs instead i was just venting some of my anger onto your page and also putting on some additional random comments... love you nick... laa. xxx

  • Joanne Mc Candless
    luv Joanne Mc Candless

    where is your white board i wanna draw a picture for you>>> :-) i have internet now btw. i got a dongle lol i love that word dongle hee hee hee. xx

  • Corinne Mitchell
    luv Corinne Mitchell

    awh i love it thank u xo

  • luv Karen Turnbull

    Its 17th dec so keep it free..... ...... which Lynsey Fleck? Blonde or brown he he?? Good luck with that you'll be fab! Hows Corrine doin?

  • Melissa Knox

    What? :L I went on it and i couldn't like get onto anything, But its alright now

  • luv Karen Turnbull

    Hey Missus, I am good. How r u? tryin 2 plan my wedding - did Joanne mention it to you? Hope you can come! Hows things? Nething new? have sum love xx

  • Melissa Knox

    What do you mean where did my facebook go? I haven't been on this in over a week

  • Faddy
    luv Faddy

    no idea when i1ll be back lol hopefully afpre christmas lol