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Fool For You

Im gettin' paper lol

6/20/11 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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I'm comin' down wid a case of you baby...
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The Other Half Of Me
I LoVe Ma Son.Ngaia

I LoVe Ma Son.Ngaia

my other half :D

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  • finish it someone. . . .

    i was flying high i had my head above clouds
    until i heard your words and then they pulled me to the ground
    some say that loves forever but it never seems to last
    it feels like watching time go past while sand falls from an hour glass

    ive seen the scenario, watched how it goes
    together forever but ill never let go
    you look so much happier and yet it still seems
    you'll be here to repair my heart as it bleeds
    it cries out impatient as day by day goes
    slowly yet surely it dies like my soul
    my motive was wrong to help you let go
    i see that it hurt when i wouldn't let show
    now i know....
    forgive for the past, prepare for the future
    if love is a game then i guess im a loser
    it seems i lost out on happiness too
    for happiness lies and resides beside you

    0 Comments 225 weeks

  • Defeated

    you say your outta love baby what does that mean for us/ this future built upon soft sand starting to fade away like dust
    desire took control and took a hold of what we always had/ i guess to love and lose is hard why do i love what i dont have
    simple neglect has taken action what i saw i didnt know/ that i was glancing at a future built on love and you to hold
    a promise told remember what i said id never do you wrong/ ive kept you right through all the storms forever held you in my arms
    why is it now through our hard times you wanna up and leave for good/ was i not worth the pain and trouble of a life misunderstood
    i close my eyes invision you with hair cascading down your neck/ to give you up was a mistake and im regreting what i did
    i cant keep living a dull life without you here to make it bright/ with every minute, every second and every day that turns to night

    2 Comments 229 weeks

  • stolen heart

    division is a factor but theas something inbetween
    a simple thaught of what i lost is tellin me that im to weak
    a perfect answer to lifes questions will resort to what i found
    cause it was you that helped me climb back up when i was down and out
    i cant depict the endless feelings of your voice when i hear you speak
    cause in the end i know your voice is why im fallin to my knees
    a dusty breeze deepens its envy and then grasps upon my throat
    training your lies to wrap around my neck when my lies learnt to choke
    a stutter most depict as hatred but with love i can depend
    on the kind nature of your beauty that makes me stronger from within
    as sunshine burns and nights end walks along the valleys still unknown
    i ask myself if i were there would i be silence left alone
    im in a zone i call it space where i can think about the past
    prepared for future presentations that depict along the path
    the present tence is what i hate it seems the labour always lasts
    trapped in a dream with thoughts of envy cause u stole away my heart

    1 Comment 250 weeks

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  • I LoVe Ma Son.Ngaia
    luv I LoVe Ma Son.Ngaia

    I miss u babe

    1/16/11 via Mobile
  • Amba Bamba
    luv Amba Bamba

    i misss bebo!

  • NgAirie
    luv NgAirie

    hay wots up my brotha frm anotha motha lolz :) hehehe how u bin bro hows ur lil fambamz?? lng time no hea or c. i havnt bin 2 gym in ages :) ..holah bak :)

  • Amorous
    luv Amorous

    dude add my facebook..up top of ma pg ;) peace out

  • K A Y Z
    K A Y Z

    tru g when u kumin back g lol

  • Lutu

    eah!, fuk mayt waht a eat arse!.

    8/24/10 via Mobile
  • K A Y Z
    K A Y Z

    Wotz up bitch lol far when u kumin back g? havent seen u in ages fag lol. oh yea itz me tyson.

  • Martin Ray
    luv Martin Ray

    haha . bro i aint been on here in ages . lolz . im a face book guy now . lolz . what you guys doing tonight ?

  • I LoVe Ma Son.Ngaia
    luv I LoVe Ma Son.Ngaia

    I dnt find u very funni buddy :)

    7/19/10 via Mobile
  • Lutu

    supp biarch!

    7/15/10 via Mobile
  • I LoVe Ma Son.Ngaia
    luv I LoVe Ma Son.Ngaia

    bebo fulli died hahahaha.... i hpe u cum hme soon :) love u babe xxx

  • Amba Bamba
    luv Amba Bamba


  • I LoVe Ma Son.Ngaia
    luv I LoVe Ma Son.Ngaia

    I love u 2 hunni

    6/21/10 via Mobile
  • I LoVe Ma Son.Ngaia 6/12/10 via Mobile
  • I LoVe Ma Son.Ngaia
    luv I LoVe Ma Son.Ngaia

    U no I'm nt doin ths evah again...

    6/10/10 via Mobile
  • I LoVe Ma Son.Ngaia
    I LoVe Ma Son.Ngaia

    Love u babe can't wait for u 2 cum hme watah r we gonnah du??? Miss u hunny

    5/28/10 via Mobile
  • I LoVe Ma Son.Ngaia
    luv I LoVe Ma Son.Ngaia

    I love u brook....with all my heart xxxxx

    5/24/10 via Mobile
  • Amba Bamba
    luv Amba Bamba

    hay sweetz.. damn, aitutaki sux!! lmbo its not da actual island jus da damn mozzies n da heat, both da kids r on antibiotics koz all their bites got infected and i hav 2 kp remindin maself not to scratch... oh yea and mums being a bitch like alwaez lmbo. gutted dat i missed ya wile u wer in aux!! hope u all good... txt me if u nd ne thang kk take care xox

  • Sam
    luv Sam

    Hay how are you? Long time no hear!! Hows bubs and Carol? What you been up to? Take care x

  • Amba Bamba
    luv Amba Bamba

    hay munkey... good to finally hear from u. sorry i cant text u bak koz im in Aitutaki atm 4 mah mumz wedding! coming back on the 22nd of May so if you have any 'spare' time after that would be good to catch up properly! hope army life's treatin u well and your not missin baby too much. text or bebo me weneva kk. take care! xox