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3/14/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 721
  • from where the faries live (:
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: April 2007
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Jenzaa Peaa

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  • Boooredom

    1. How did you meet number 2?

    2. Have you ever danced with number 8?
    no lol

    3. Have you ever gotten drunk with number 4?

    6. Have you ever gone shopping with 2?

    7. Have you ever seen 7 in a swimsuit?
    yip lol

    8. Have you ever met number 3's family?
    Yip lol

    10. Have you ever eaten anything in front of 9?
    nope, i dont think lol

    11. Do you trust number 13?
    yeh i guess lol

    12. Have you ever fought with number 6?
    kind of, she deserved it though:o:L

    13. When was the last time you talked to 1 in person?
    about 4 hours ago lol

    14. Are any of your top 4 family?
    steph might aswell be:D lol

    15. Which makes you laugh the most?
    all of them <3

    16.Have you ever done anything dangerous with number 19?
    he nearly broke my nose by jumping on me:(

    17. Do you think 8 and 10 would make a good couple?
    no lol

    18. Would 4 do anything for you?
    so he says <3:)

    19. Has 15 ever helped you out?
    not that i know of lol

    20. Which have you known the longest?
    3, steph :)

    21. Who have you known the shortest?
    4, callum lol

    22. Has anyone in your top 4 seen you cry?
    3 has once lol

    23. Have you ever had feelings for someone in your top friends?
    no eww lol

    24. Have you done anything illegal with number 1?
    uh drank? lol

    25.who are you closest to ?
    first 4 <3

    26. has number 7 seen you naked ?
    dont think so lol

    27. have you partyed with any of them?
    i guess lol

    0 Comments 195 weeks

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  • Kirsty

    Why u got to wait till ur mums bk aw my heartburns sore what u up to tmorrw x

    8/6/10 via Mobile
  • Kirsty
    luv Kirsty

    C bet u wont get to sleep cos u slept earlier wee yin aw i have sore throat xxx

    8/6/10 via Mobile
  • Kirsty
    luv Kirsty

    What u up ti wee yin xx

    8/6/10 via Mobile
  • Kirsty
    luv Kirsty

    Who with? Thot u didnt want 2go wi just they two am comin if use r ha just kidn aye av already said 2my dad but the dogs lol! x x

    7/31/10 via Mobile
  • Kirsty
    luv Kirsty

    U naughty sausage wat were u drnkn! Where were u am getn hair dun at 3 x

    7/28/10 via Mobile
  • Kirsty
    luv Kirsty

    Aw petal bettr no b u no wat ha! Wat u doin 2day did u stay at my dads x

    7/28/10 via Mobile
  • Kirsty
    luv Kirsty

    Hey hows u ur up very early 4 u meh x

    7/28/10 via Mobile
  • Callum
    luv Callum

    love returned, a day late as usual :D <3

  • -Beducated

    dum dum dum dum CHARLIMON AND TRAYNINE!!! xx

  • -Beducated
    luv -Beducated

    punched alot? understatement shes such a bully to us, remember we planned that we'd both fall out with her then told her because it was always one of us that was fallen out with aha xx

  • -Beducated

    damn right it is :L xx

  • -Beducated
    luv -Beducated


  • luv StephanieSwailes

    Hi its still on his bebo lol :D X

    6/24/10 via Mobile
  • luv StephanieSwailes

    yh al phn you at 7:45 is tht ok?x

  • luv Joshua Morrison

    I'll let it slide the one's you got wrong on my quiz :L But come on Katie!... GLEE!!!<33333 :L xXx

  • luv Joshua Morrison

    Okay I've deleted the close up picture of you :L xx

  • Callum
    luv Callum

    hey, yeh, im on msn though just shitty phone msn though :/ i,ll be back on sunday btw :) and yes this is why i brb,d :L

    5/21/10 via Mobile
  • Jenzaa Peaa
    luv Jenzaa Peaa

    heeey:) not spoke to yaa in agessss! how've you been? how are your exams going:D ?xxxxx

  • Beverley
    luv Beverley

    How are you? :]] <3 xx

  • Beverley
    luv Beverley

    Hey hey hey :) xx