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Volvo Ireland

Volvo cars have gone chinese, this can not be good!!!

6/30/10 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Volvo for life.
Me, Myself, and I
The Volvo Bebo page for all you sensible people who love the swedish sweethearts. On the 14th of April, 1927 in the city of Gothenburg the Swedish sweetheart was born. Originally as a ball bearing manufacturer (SKF) they moved on to produce some of the worlds most amazing cars. Not only do they make one of the best sold cars in the world they also produce one of the best known trucks worldwide. Leaders in their class in construction, marine, and commercial passenger vehicles there are Volvos everywhere. Safety has always been paramount with Volvo from the first vehicle rolled out of the factory the company has now split although safty has become no less important, in 1999 Ford motor corporation took over the car section of Volvo, whilst Volvo remained a paramount truck manufacturer taking over both Renault and MAC trucks.

Check out the blog section, I've added my own short road tests.

Meaning I roll or I drive in the new age english dictation.
Biggest selling Volvo ever
The biggest selling Volvo ever was the 200 series. Released in Autumn of 1974 It was initially released in 3 body variations, the 2, 4 and 5 door. The name bore the amount of cylinders and doors so for example the 4 cylinder 2 door was the 242 and the 6 cylinder 4 door was the 264. They released initially the 242, 244 and 245 (estate) and the 264 and 265. They later came to be known irrelevant of model as the 240 or 260. They have sold 2.8 million world wide.
Fastest Volvo ever
The fastest volvo ever was the S60R released in 2003 with 300bhp and 295ib ft of torque it could get to 60 from standstill in a shade over 6 seconds and go on to a top speed of an electronically limited 155mph. It also brought the super sky hook chasis.
Most expensive Volvo ever
The top of the line Volvo XC90 with a 55 grand ticket. Its a lot of kit for your money and its a V8.
Yes Volvo are well known to be the caravaners choice but did you know that back in 1957 Volvo made its own caravan namely the PV831-4
Volvo sport
Volvo have been well known for touring cars they were the first and only manufacturer to enter an estate, go on Volvo. They done quite well in touring cars but little know that in other parts of the world they were quite popular in rallying.
Gunniess world record
When ever your car covers 2.6 million miles you can be as proud as Irv gordon. He done it in his p1800, he's aiming for 3 million and you wouldn't believe this car is in excellent condition.
The best so far in my opinion
The 850 T5R to me is the best ever. Think of everything you could ever want from a car and you get it here. Performance, style, comfort and reliability. Jeremy Clarkson even owned one of these and you know how hard he is to please. Read my road test.

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Volvo 850 T5 commercial clip

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  • Volvo 850 Turbo

    When Volvo face lifted there new 850 only 18 months after its first production they added something else a little special too. To keep in line with the rest of the Volvo line up a turbo motor was required, not any turbo motor however. The 850 was to go head to head against the BMW 3 series, Audi 80 and so on, so something special was needed. And with the on going Saab, Volvo power dispute the T5 was born. 5 cylinders, a high presure turbo and 2300 cc's the new engine was popping out 225 bhp. All this power was surreal in 1993 and then breath taking was the fact that all this power was being put to the road through suspension that made the car handle like it was on rails. Ladies and gentlemen this is Volvo and things were about to change. With the new face lift making the car look bulky, stylish but still unmistakingly a Volvo. Also available as the estate which on release was the fastest production estate car on sale. On the inside all you'd expect is there, half leather interior, full electrics and an on board computer. The 850 turbo, which was renamed in 1994 as the T5, was that car just a bit more special than the german rivals. The 850 Turbo/ T5 was and in some minds, including mine, still is the most special and perfect car ever built. Well maybe only apart from the T5R.

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  • Volvo V70 2.5 SE 10 valve classic

    Yes it's boxy and it is a bit reminding of a hearse but, and this is a big but, it is superb. The 2.5 10valve is slightly under powered for a car the wait of a V70. It is however very smooth and suprisingly frugal, under general smooth driving conditions 30mpg is not surprising and upwards is possible. As usual it has Volvo's excellent reliability and buletproof build quality. The V70 is afterall an estate and anyone who is going to purchase one will be looking to know more about its haulage capacity. True to form the Volvo excels, it has the largest boot of any of its predecessors i the late 90's. In true life form It can hold as I have proved the entire contents of a full Vaauxhall Frontera and trailer so thinking in that box it kind of 'rocks'. Driving the V70 is a nice place to be, it's as comfortable as your sitting room and glides more than drives. It can seat 5 passengers in full comfort and as expected has all your usual extras including the reliable and accurate fuel computer. The 10 valve however lacks the leather interior and roof rails evn in the SE form, for those you'll need the 20 valve which gives a little more from the engine room. I'll come back to the 20 valve another day. Overall then the V70 classic 10 valve is a superb car and can if in the mood offer a surprising level of fun on the road.

    1 Comment 234 weeks

  • Volvo S40 1.6 S

    Its basic but functional, providing superbly attractive design with a highly ergonomic cabin the new S40 definatly wins in the functional and and pretty departments. Using Fords Focus technology, another award winning car, the chasis and gearbox are precise and smooth. However show the S40 a rough road and you will feel it, not something you expect from a Volvo. On the inside all expected is there, electric windows, pas, cd player etc, it is comfortable as I expected, however anymore than 4 adults and it is cramped. The floating consol is superb and the car drives superbly. Definatly worth a punt.

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  • Graham Crosbie
    Graham Crosbie

    feck all lad alls quiet as well you still trucking away

  • Graham Crosbie
    Graham Crosbie

    well whats the craic with ya any stur ya busy

  • Graham Crosbie
    Graham Crosbie

    well hows things

  • Graham Crosbie
    Graham Crosbie

    yes really nice photos of the new e series dumpers theyre a nice truck they a lovely selection of gear from plant machinery to trucks

  • Graham Crosbie
    Graham Crosbie

    hello there saw the volvo page its good i like the vovo construction plant and the trucks espically the fh 16

  • Douglas Ryder
    Douglas Ryder

    hers a grand lorry!!

  • Heather Crombie
    luv Heather Crombie

    my fiancé is selling his volvo v70R it's a 52 plate 2.4Ti now it has been slightly tweaked...this is not the R type, it does 375bhp was 350bhp, fart out a bum so to speak its up for sale on auto trader if anyone's interested blacked out windows, full leather interior, heated seats,alloys refurbished etc, colour is titanium :D http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classifi...

  • Omar

    yeh man im already on that forum, i went to the meet/car show in june ther in ballymena. na ima leave the 850 for a while lol not enuf money to start that project, but do u knw any1 sellin?

  • luv Stevie K

    great page

  • Omar

    here mate u part of a forum? i joined one i was at a car show ther on sat in ballymena? great fun like 9 volvos turned up mine included

  • Farming UK
    Farming UK

    Join This ! ! !

  • Omar

    sweet man, i take it ur not sellin? lol, im gettin a big bore exhaust soon like, i didnt knw 850s wer rwd? cheers mate will do do ya jus turn up at em? or wat u do? lol

  • Omar
    luv Omar

    sweet a volvo site :D respect to the 440 series ;) lookin for a 850 turbo? or a 240 lol one wit rwd is ther any cruises coming up?

  • The Farmer.
    luv The Farmer.

    Hello to Volvo Ireland.

  • The Farmer.
    luv The Farmer.

    Aye, things are awright- apart from being VERY busy. All wagens are out on the road & looking for more staff. Especially in the petroleum sector. Got 6 new petrol stations and several new building projects, timber contracts etc, so its all keeping us busy.

  • The Farmer.
    luv The Farmer.

    Awright young man;-) Watched the Volvo T5 commercial- liked the horse;-) Going to see if there are any other videos;-)

  • King Kenny

    If you go onto you're Home page, Who visited then zoom in....... Can change ot from map, satellite etc.

  • King Kenny

    How I do what?

  • King Kenny

    Googled it. Should look to see where Bebo says you are on the Bebo Earth map;-)