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- Jayson

need numbers...

9/15/11 | me too! | Reply

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  • bestfriend♥

    J A S O N R E I L L Y ! your the bestest friend ive had through msn . I can trust you with anything & you wont tell anybody:) . The stuff you would do on webcam for love its unreal ;o ^^; ! Usually always have news for you its unreal :o . Your great person to go to for advice . Your so comfortable to talk to . We have good chats on msn about literally everything! Embarassing bodies is our favourite show ona friday ;o your going on it in the next series;) . Ahh funny times:B . You with your yoke fora better 6 pack and vibrates your belly like mad ;o . My six pack is well better & i also have bigger musckes^^; . Im off to read your mail ;o . Bye Bestfriend , iloveyou♥

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  • ,

    dear jawsunn;o ;o Jade here well your so kind givin me your password:* wel were can i start abou you jayy your GORGEOUSand sound i no yih ages :D about 3 years :o i always used to see yih at the erin isleawh jaysus remember that :L :L that was good laugh :L :L you mad funny me you on the phone to jamie skin him to shout awh he cracks me up the cheek off him to slag my ma when i see um his gunna get a dig off me;o ;o well i no yih from andy and artin i was witcha before but i fucked it um and im sorry :* but im not going to bring that upp ive a nick name fore yih and its deadly jawsun;o ;o WOPPER Namee yenoo haa i acctually dono were i got it from it just came to me head and i called cha it well your stunning and funny:D im glad i got too no yih :* yi remember yih asked me to write your name on my wall soo i did and its still der well i dono what else to write ill finish it next time babe Well m Going Bye Love Yi:* xxxxxxx

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  • - Emmas Hack

    ,hehe hello cuz:) obviosuly me+amy are zee 2 most important girls che;) cause yeno me since forever + yea love her:D hm only doin this now?^^; never crossed me lil brain te do ih before:L ' well well well, jaaaason:) ' my big cuz, or my bestfriend' yea little pox, always torturin me, ever since we was lil. used te play lil games i was yr ma nal:L not that u can member corse pfft. member we used te figh over hu got te be granda's sun on tellytubbies?:L been true wuite alot tegether cuzy:o yea've been with my bestfriend, i've been wth yr mates too:P hehe u gave me flue before by smackin me over the head:( and funderland when we was lil with mammy nal then on our own cause we gots tu grow inte big girl+boy:) i basically tell yea everything:) + like yea always make me laugh:L lee evans zee second over here;o :L 'we went te florida last yr:DD 3 weeks withche:Z ob :L yeno i love yea:) , memories over there:O first day + i pure killed che;) :L and me + u pure wreckin it on the slide in the pool:L goin head first nal cause were hardcore:L + us on all the big scary costers:o then me daddy on the roller costre in bushgardens member:o we told him it wasn scary and he pure rapped himself:L :L , and caragh happy slappin yr back so yea had sunburn with white handprints:L and alla the food we ate:o and the jacuzzi dont forget yea feckin spanner:L like we make memories on msn with chats we have like were havin one now cause we cant thinka any of our old memories:P were madt:B ' and yea slagged the shigh outta me for losin me fone ina forein country yea pest che:L i miss yea loads:o yea've gots tu come home yea lil spicer ya;o ' well like im on me hols tu so ima go talk che on msn again love ya cuz:*

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