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Breda Healy

Extreme sheep rock!!

3/20/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 59
  • from The Peoples Republic Of Cork
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: March 2006
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  • Peadar O'Dochartaigh

    No word back from the exams yet....should be another few months before the results come out. so you'll be keeping a low profile now until the funds pick up? I can't be arsed with the whole oot drinkin nae more. Cork tis gettin a tad borin me thinks!!

  • Peadar O'Dochartaigh

    Alright girl!! Not up tae much at all..............keeping a low profile for a while. Just getting over a dose of d flu..........oink oink. What you been at?

  • Jenifa
    luv Jenifa

    Amsterdam!! Theres a group of us heading over in April for my 21st and Nini's 20th! Heading over the 7th april until the 14th.. Theres about .. maybe ten of us heading over.. should be good crack! You up for it?? Lent will be over by the time I get over there so I'm gonna get smashed when I finally drink again AND it'll be my 21st!! *agh!!* Can't wait for the vodka!

  • Jenifa
    luv Jenifa

    Heya! I'm off all drinks for lent.. pretty boring me, although there are other things to life.. There's Dubstep on Saturday in the Infirmary, down at the Mardyke complex

  • Jenifa
    luv Jenifa

    Hey! how are you ? Must have another session !

  • X-Denise-X

    Hey toots McGee! How'r u? U still good for nx wknd??

  • Anjelina Ballerina
    Anjelina Ballerina

    hey hows it goin?? thought ud randomly pop up around xmas time but i had to amuse myself just getting drunk with michelle!! hope alls well isnt jan just a peach of a month..

  • Brendan Buckley
    Brendan Buckley

    haha look whos talking ;) insomnia please release me !!!! etc etc

  • Lorraine
    luv Lorraine

    Cheers for the comment babe...i am feckin devastated!!!!:( Ah Well.... social welfare... here i cum!! back at ya babe!

  • X-Denise-X

    Same as! Its been way too long! Im crap for organising so feel free to organise! Ive plans this wknd, wknd of 17th and free after that...

  • X-Denise-X
    luv X-Denise-X

    Good stuff good stuff! Was on to Sean over Christmas and he was on bout arranging a nite out in cork during Jan?? Loves and hugs

  • X-Denise-X
    luv X-Denise-X

    HEY HEY hey! How are you?? How did you get over the festive season or are you still celebrating? Any sca for me? Im back in Tralee, the land of boredom. That bloody drive is just about killing me aaaagh! Whats d news wit ya?

  • Brendan Buckley
    Brendan Buckley

    similar story, supposed to go to kenmare but not sure if its set in stone yet. prob jus head out at weekend for real piss up happy new yr anyway whereever u end up :)

  • Brendan Buckley
    Brendan Buckley

    i survived alrite, i was out stephens nite alright but have had the flu so didnt go wild as planned . how was ur christmas? wats ur plan for new yrs eve anyway?

  • Eibhlin Hegarty
    luv Eibhlin Hegarty

    I know, I know. They launched the night I left for Paris and all so I've had plenty of salt rubbed in my wounds don't you worry. Come on, you've made it through worse hangovers - you can do it. Take one for the team :L

  • Eibhlin Hegarty
    Eibhlin Hegarty

    Hey how the hell are you? I'm home on Thursday evening so excited. Will deffo be catching up on pints and dancing. Haven't been dancing since I got here! Goldsoundz on the 27th is for definite anyway :D

  • Brendan Buckley
    Brendan Buckley

    no bother sher im sure u wudv found a payfone and jus ended up with same result like! wat happened anyway did u meet the cab driver? il be out thurs nite this week maybe and the wkend

  • Peadar O'Dochartaigh

    Havin a quiet one. Me roof has sprung a leak so gotta attempt to fix it tomorrow. pure pish me say!!!

  • Peadar O'Dochartaigh