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new month, new me

2/8/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 20, Luv 93
  • from Taunton
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 11/8/09
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About Me

Nepal 2009 ! ! !
Me, Myself, and I
Hay my name is amy, i go 2 ladymead not great but it will do.

surprisingly i ave many friends lol my best m8s are emily jodie lisa noelle lene carlz al. soz if i ave missed any. my best m8 has always been the 1 nd only emily knott nd always will be.

i am a lil crazy u can ask me m8s but they may seem a lil crazy 2

If you have
ever pushed
*on a door*
*that said*
"PULL", copy
*and paste*
*this onto*
your profile
The Other Half Of Me


umm......... well just imense

i listern 2 anythin i like Fratelis, Jack Johnson and Kooks, lilly allan, amy winehouse, mika, akon, jo jo.

i love the plain white T's their songs r immense.
luv the song ' a little to late ' and the old classics such as queen....
i love any film but i love lee evans hes amens... horror umm shuan of the dead... but i would watc anything
Football well i love i can't live with out it.
Bishop lydeard rocks................. I support Arsenal FC................lovin nd missin henry FIT OR WAT.
My new love is the fabulous just as fit Fabregas.

I play hockey netball tennis well i cant say play more attempt to play in lol

i am a central defender 4 lydeard. my team mates r immense the team r very close and luv all the players, xxx
Scared Of
i aint scared of a lot but my mates can b pretty freaky at times, jo, n em they r mental nd they scare me a lot
Happiest When
wen with m8s Talking and aveing a laugh.
my family r prety cool but they wod say i could talk for england lol :)

well wat eva realli
couldnt live with out
Family, mates especially knottie, footie, any sports really, nd music, food, beer u no the essentials
my mates well i should mention a few of u..............

.......emily well been m8s 4 years had loads of laughs even now i dnt no how she puts up me or how i put up wif her.. we r the loudest pair eva.... i could tel her anything i dnt no wat i would do wif out her lv ya xxxx.........melly well shes just blonde nd is always laughing i could also tell her anything cause she is the most supportive person u could meet..............noelle shes immense she makes me giggle all the time...........carlz she is my D of E buddy we is like rock solid... she is always there wen u need some one 2 talk 2 nd she is so sweet..........nd 4 the rest of u lot well ur just wked u make school less borin xxxx lv u all 2 pieces wouldnt live wif out u xxxxxxxxxxxx
Gonna be the best year of my life
gonna be great
Me Shelbs Jo Ro Lene and Georgie, r gonna have a great time
lv u all so much

x x x x x

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  • Me Mates

    well where do i start of course it has to be

    Em ....... ummm well wat can i sat she is the best. she is the crazy one of the lot, she i my bestest mate in tyhe whole world i could not live with out her, she has lways been there for me nd has never let me down. she is like a sister, which i love. she is wel funny we ave ad some awsesome times together the best and funnest ever. best mates for ever, lover her too bits xxxxxx

    Carley Chapman ........ she is the greatest, she is my shoulder to cry on she is a rock, she is absolutly awesome throughout anything. she is a lil monkey in side she seems so innocent on the outside but OMG she is crazy. cant get rid of her now she is stuck with me for life lol. love u loads xxxxx

    Shelby Baker............. where do i begin she is mad, loves to shop but an adventurer inside. we r going to Nepal together next year and i bet i drive her crazy 20 something day stuck in a different country, sorry in advance u is such a gd mate, for eva. lov ya xxxxx

    Ro Ro ............. well aint be mates for long, but ave a feelin that i wont be able to get rid that easily, she is so supportive in every way, i hope that i will be able to return the favour. she is my Nepal buddy, we will pick up gd memories i no it i wont be able to forget, she is my ro ro not a lot more i can say, exept u r crazy, but love ya for it xxxx

    Jodie ......... just the wierdest... thing ever, always chatin, giggling alot, but always there for anyone gives amazing hugs. Nepal next year, well , she will drive me mad but i will cause her to go crazuer than already if possible. i love our lil jokes 'Wats one of these a dead one of those' still make =s me laugh after like two years, love ya xxxx

    Lisa ........... tiny lil lisa, where can i start, she is funny in her own little way, strange, but quietly weird. she si rather random in wat shes says and does, but gotta love her. ly xxx

    Kerry ........ there is not a lot i can say she says it herself, she mad, a bit retarded, crazy, but lovely, she so kind and thoughtful and is one of the best huggers in the world, she is hilarious and wont lve without ly xxx

    And the rest of you.....
    Sian Webster, Krust, Lene, Georgie, the footie bunch Holly D, Cat, Letti, lovya all x x x

    2 Comments 236 weeks

  • me

    1) i see amy marryin ________
    2) i see amy meetin (a celebrity)________
    3) i ______ amy
    4) i want amy to _______
    5) amy is my _______

    1 Comment 303 weeks

  • Em must answer all

    1.What's Your Name?
    2.Are we close?
    3.What Do U Think Of Me?
    4.Do U have A Crush On me?
    5.Would You Kiss Me?
    6.Describe me in 3 words!
    7.If u had me 4 30mins what would u do?
    8.whts ur 1'st impression of me?
    9.Do u still think the same?
    10.what reminds u of me?
    11.If u cud give me anyting what would it be?
    12.How well do u know me?
    13.Ave u ever wanted 2 tell me sumting u could'nt?
    14.Cud u eva love me?
    15.Give me a nickname And Explain Why?
    16.Are U Gonna Put This On Ur Blog 2 See What I say Bout You?
    17.Anything 2 say before u go?

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  • luv Roofie

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMYYYYYYYY I miss you my Four-Two friend :) I hope you are okay... WE must must must meet up soon I'm a bit over excited, hence all the words, but I've forgotten why I've commented you. Damn. oh well, how's Taunton? Bit boring, in comparison I imagine :P Umm, I'll text you soon, with something useful and relevant to say (yeah right?) miss you my lovely x x x x x x

  • Emmiillyy.
    luv Emmiillyy.

    i like love amy bond. (: im gna need ur help BIG TIME at college hehehe,..... cus i know how much u love teaching me....coff coff hahahaha xxxxxx

  • Loserr.

    One Of My Fourteen Favourite Girls!!! ♥.x.Amy.x.♥ I love u to death and it's hard for me to only pick 14 gals to send this to, so consider yourself lucky ... or is it not lucky? If I dont get this back I understand =) Im obviously not a good friend *sniffs* I have a game for you. This game has been played since 1977. Once you read this letter, you must send it to 14 females within five days. ur luvr will either ask you out, or say "I love you" Please send this to your 14 FAV0URITE Gurliez. It has worked for years. LoveYuuw<3 xx*~♥~*xx

  • Dick'Ed
    luv Dick'Ed

    AMY BOND!! man i lovee youu biatch! just read youur lil friends section man youur such a cutie! i actually love youu nearly had me crying ... not nice! :L :P anyways hows youu? btw omg! loving the stickers of JLS!!!! ahhhh PHITTTT mannn JEALOUS!! hell yeh! Lovess youu ...x btw youu looked gawguss at prom and thank youu soo much for being there for me at after prom ... lovess xx

  • Gamble
    luv Gamble

    Thanks ;) so did u!! Urm ill try but sumtimes it dont let me upload photos ill giv it a go now.... ly x

  • luv Andyroo The Kangaroo

    Happy Birtday for 2day, nearly missed it seeing as its half 11... but just in time andrew, that is what some people call me... anyhoo.. Happy Birthday ..Thanks for the Wafflle... it was nice... I think 16 suited u very well today... xxx

  • Emmiillyy.

    bondie babeeeeey ! im "revising" !!!!!!!! get me right? well i say revising, i have the bitesize page up. tho ive just realised its on KS3 hahaha sad timeeesss. i could pass this stuff actualy i take that bakk. ne wayyss howwarre u ? gd holiday so farrrs? MISSING ME MUCH !!!!! hehehe im miss u much. ! mann. hunggerrryyyy atm. just ate a banana. it was rankkk. sad timeess eh. ne wayys i leave ur page in peace (: slaterrrssss babess xxxxxxx

  • luv Roofie

    heyy, long time no chat =D how've you been?? Can't wait till next thurs, I'm gonna be shattered!! lol woo, you got all your kit? hehehe xxxxx

  • Emmiillyy.
    luv Emmiillyy.

    hi ho silverrrr. (: haha twos on spongebob a min ago. funny stuff. im sooo boreddd =/ tum tee tummm u alriiiight? xxxxx

  • Emmiillyy.
    luv Emmiillyy.

    hmmm i just gott a new tooth brushh n likee nawddd my way thru the packet only to realise u need a certain plugg to charde it. so now i cant take it bak or ne thing cus ivv slobberd open the packkeet. hahaha gutting. good game today ehh? yeahh thought so. scared thee crapp outa mee tho ! xxxxxxxxx

  • Emmiillyy.

    amy bond. thanks the lord for all the fishes in the pond. uggggg. cheer me up ? x

  • Emmiillyy.
    luv Emmiillyy.

    helooo (: dint go sledgin in the end ): reali reali dont want school ): avnt dun my english yet =/ uggg watchoo bin up to ?? xxxx

  • Emmiillyy.
    luv Emmiillyy.

    I LOVE AMY BOND. and all the fishes in the pond (: xxxx

  • Dubz

    Wow that's really good. Good luck with getting it (: 200 days?! holy shittt lol. I've had... I think it's Typhoid and one of the Hepititous ones. And i'm having...one of them in february [well it's like 2 because you need a booster] and the other one [with booster] in April. Ouchie =[ xx

  • Dick'Ed

    AMZ youu HAVE to check out my skin NOW!!!! Lovess xx

  • Emmiillyy.
    luv Emmiillyy.

    i played diabolical. full stop. yess im gna play in the skl match (: if u are. lol im gooddd tahh (: u? xxxx

  • Dick'Ed
    luv Dick'Ed

    lmao :P Lovesss xxx

  • Dubz

    Heyyy Yeah it's going really well. We worked out we only have to raise about £650 more (: What about you? Yeah the gig was really good, we raised £250! Oh ym god yeah i can't wait to go!! Experience of a lifetime and all that (: lol No i haven't bought anything, i think we're borrowing alot of it becuase my brother's friend went to Peru with outposts in 2007. So he has alot of kit i can use (: xx