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6/17/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from doncaster finiiinglyyyyyy
  • I am Single
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About Me

open your eyes baby the world they brought yew into isant a nice place
Me, Myself, and I
----------meh i really dont care!-----------

Im ♥Claire♥ if yew didnt already know...
Loves: all my mates! alcohol! the smoky stuff! and alot more things but im not gonna tell you every thing.
Hates: mainly being confussed i would really like things to be simple.
Well thats about it really if you wanna know more just ask i promise i wont bite.
The Other Half Of Me


<<<such a sexy bitch! x

every thing in general lolage and i mean every thing lolage!
some of the people who i love so much
ginger louis(lew lew)----- i love lew to peices he has been there for me for the past 10 years i couldent knock him in any way possible-----amy-jo----- i reali duno wot to say about amy appart from she is fucking gr8 she is a reali good person to sit down and talk to on the school feild while having a fag.
------steven------ i couldent leave steven out he was there for me when i needed a friend the most.
-----jess------ aaawwww jess is loverly i can reali talk to her and she sticks by me no matter wot. she has been there for me alot through out 2008 and now its 2009 and she still is there for me.
---------becy booo------- same as jess just ive known becy for alot longer and no matter wot people say about me she doesnt believe them and she is so preetty. -----stonner dan-----dan is a rite good person to go to coz he will sit there and listen to any thing yew say.-----andi panda!------ well now then where do i start appart from he asked to put put here so i thought well why not lolage
Happiest When
having a laugh with my m8s evan if it meens we r all cold and sat in the rain all night
things i hate
guys who take advantage of girls!... guys who fook around with girls feelings and make them feel like dirt wen they have finished with them!...people who buy there friends!... two faced bitchs!... liers!!... microphone mouths.... bullshitters....... i think yew get the picture.
how do i feel rite now.............???
is happy but scared about being happy

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  • Coco
    luv Coco

    fun fun fun for the summer x

  • Coco
    luv Coco

    its summmer = ) = ) = ) = ) = ) = ) = ) Emma x

  • Coco
    luv Coco

    YO CLAIRE you cummin mine tomoro morning ill make you some cake = ) you like cake ? Chuck Norris will never have a heart attack. His heart isn't nearly foolish enough to attack him HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH BYE ly u xx

  • Dan Fisher
    Dan Fisher

    urm... when did ur mum see my bum!?!? :S :L xxx

  • Monsieur Anokosa
    Monsieur Anokosa

    Mint, I'm adorable! Tha's beaut :L =]

  • Toaster
    luv Toaster

    lol i wo jw coz iv got am interview sataday mornin at 10 at peacocks so ill be in town every nite after the weeks holidays so ill probs see you in town lol luv yhoo xxxx

  • Toaster

    heya claire bbe u okii aint seen u in like foreva u okii missin u lodes u in twn sataday wuu2 love yhoo xxx wb'ssss

  • Monsieur Anokosa
    Monsieur Anokosa

    Men suck ass, to be fair. Just have fun. I do :D Pain killers?? xxx

  • Nya
    luv Nya

    oh lol am thick lol

  • Nya


  • Ryann
    luv Ryann

    You Smell

  • Monsieur Anokosa
    luv Monsieur Anokosa

    I feel for you.. Murkowski's added you XD Haven't seen Ash in ages... Wonder if he's still a womaniser.. And! I love you too =] <3

  • RhysE
    luv RhysE

    ok ermm it wednesday naw so will u b dwn here on thurs or friday here is some love

  • RhysE

    tar it just dat i need a new dp dont i so uno wen u next down here like

  • RhysE
    luv RhysE

    and heres some lv>>>

  • RhysE

    hi haws u next time ur down here with emma can we take some pics together coz i need a new dp

  • Totally-Unique-Beauty

    Heeyy Tahh For The Love Clairee I Uploaded A Pic Of You, Hope That's Okayy Tell Me If You Want It Changing Or Owt (Y) Totally-Unique-Beauty