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Bebo is dead :L

11/9/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Greenock yah tit
  • I am In a Relationship
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
       sarahmcknight. ♥

16, CA, 6th Year

I'm only on this for the memories.

im always happy, apart from the times when people really piss me off. i love my boyfriend and my friends so much. music is basically my 24/7 im always humming a little tune in my head (: i'm starting to get into the fashion world, but i dont tend to follow trends. i love skirts and flowery dresses. i love dancing (: i love flowers in peoples hair, i love skinny jeans, oh yeah and i love you :)
The Other Half Of Me
Arielle L

Arielle L

i love my arielle (L) xx

2 years
weird how somebody can change you. i love you. forever and ever18/01/2009
i love boyce avenue (L)

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  • Sandxx
    luv Sandxx

    Ahhh Can't believe I'm on bebo for once, can't remember the last time I was on :/ Anyway Happy Birthday :P

  • Fordy Boy
    luv Fordy Boy

    its ok sazzy :D

  • Ruthie Marshall
    luv Ruthie Marshall

    heyyaa babey x howareyou x loveeu tonss, ruthiee x.

    7/24/10 via Mobile
  • Arielle L
    luv Arielle L

    hello sarah just thought i;d give u a message - u haven't had one in a while! oh was shaun at ashton stores today? at like 1:15? i thought i saw him? xxxx

  • Arielle L
    luv Arielle L

    Hey sarahhh, sorry i cant' make it on thursday - it's rubbish ain't it? but i'll try to see you again :) xxx

  • Ruthie Marshall
    luv Ruthie Marshall

    Heyy Heyy x Howareyou? Wuup2? Have Lovee x <3

  • Arielle L
    luv Arielle L

    Heya sarah!!!!!!! how r u? wubu2 lately?? lurveeee you xxx

  • Erinn.

    ahhh i see :) x kooool :D x yeahh i knoww we'll have to , been AGES :O xx if your on msn and some point or facebook we'll get something organised :) xx lovee youuu xx

  • Erinn.
    luv Erinn.

    awwww :( i miss you tooo :( x nahh im not going away i dont think :) what about youuu ? x yeahh we'll have to go to flava or something lol , not been there in agesss:O xx love youuu :)) xx

  • Meganx
    luv Meganx

    I seen mileys house and Nick Jonas's house today and it reminded me of youu! Hehe xx took a wee picture for yaa!xx loveeee youuuu!xxx

    7/4/10 via Mobile
  • Victoria.
    luv Victoria.

    Loooooooveeeeeeessss xxx

  • Arielle L
    luv Arielle L

    I love u too saz xxx That was fun today xxx

  • Arielle L
    luv Arielle L

    Hey saz That was fun todays - wee shold do tht again xxx Have some love for today

  • Meganx
    luv Meganx

    aww koool :) ! ehm i go away on the 29th till the 15thh ;) ! so excitedddd! i shall need to find out if taylor will be in californiaa so i can stalk her! hahaa x lovee yaaaaxxxxx

  • Meganx
    luv Meganx

    hehee good good! i think im coming to see your dancing displayy x you goin away in summer?x loveee youu!xxx

  • Meganx
    luv Meganx

    i miss youu :( feel like ive not seen you in forever? come out soon k?xx i loveee youuuuuuuuu :) !

  • Meganx 6/7/10
  • Ailsa Freeman
    luv Ailsa Freeman

    i love you alot more :) xxxxx

  • luv Ella

    have a luv because i luv you

  • Victoria.
    luv Victoria.

    Hia x Yeah im excited :DD Im great thanks :) Have another luv since mines has been restocked aha xx


close About your boyfriend/girlfriend

1. Whatt is there name?
Shaun Tonner

2. How old are they?

3. How did you too meet?
School :) I think it was Calum that introduced us

4. Are they the most important person in your life?
Of course :)

5. What was the date you too started seeing each other?
18th January 2009 (L)

6. How much do you love him/her?
With all my heart :)

7. Do your  parents and friends know about them?
Sure do :)

8. If so,, what do the think of him/her?
My parents love him, and im sure my friends think hes a laugh :L

9. Can you see yourself lasting a lifetime with them?
Defo :)

10. How often do you see them?
Everyday :)

11. When was the last time you spoke to them on the phone? (00/00/00)
Last night

12. Do they say they love youu even when you dont say it 1st?

13. Have you ever been anywhere with them you didnt want to go, but when cas you wanted to spend time with them?
Haha yes :L

14. How often do you to argue?
Em, we used to argue a lot, but not so much now :)

15. Do you feel like you want to cry when you miss your baby?
Yes :(

16. Would you ever like to have a family with them one day?
yes :)

17. Boys! will you ever ask them to marry youu?( if so when and where)
i'll never ask him ;D he can ask me

18. Would you like to tell them something,, but you didnt because you are worried what they might think?
Nah, i tell him everything

19. Have you ever been on holiday/ weekend away with them?
No, but hopefully we are going to see his uncle in the summer :)

20. Have you ever gave them anything?
A jacket, a watch, a jumper, a belt, a picture of us, sweets :L

21. Have you ever been out for a meal together?
Nah not yet

22. Have you too ever been to the cinema?

23. Have youu too been anywhere unusual or done something different with each other?(clarify where and what it was)?
emmm we havnt been anywhere unusual or done something weird :L

24. Do they go to your school?

25. Do you get jelious of them beinng around other people and wish that you were that person just cas you would be with them?
haha sometimes, i'm such a jelous person but :L

26. Do you hate it when your friends have there boyfriend/girlfriend with them any you cant have yours at that time?

27. Do people say you too make a perfect couple?

28. If your somewon special was ill what would you do?
If i was alowed, then stay with him and just hug him untill he was better

29. Will you be sad if they moved?
:( yes

30. Would your babee travel far just to be with you for a day?
i believe so

31. Say something they will understand?
Cupcakes and ovens ;D Wellington boots ;D

32. Have youu too got a special song?( if so what is it)
I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing - Aerosmith

33. How long can you last with out txting or talking to them?
emm a couple of hours, but i miss him after a minute

34. Do you look after/protect them?
nah, he protects me :)

35. Would you tell people who are chatting up your babeey to get lost because they are yours?
nah i dont tell them off, i just give them looks :L

36. Is your baby mental,hyper or just relli blond ?,,do you get scared ov them when they are or do you laff and fall inlove with them more?
He is very blonde sometimes :L but it makes me love him more

37. Ever wanted to shoot yourself because of something your baby donee?( in a joking way tho)
Yes :L

38. What do you realli think of your darlin?
He is incredible, need my paragraph about him ;D

39. Do they have bebo?
No he does not :L

40. If so are they your other half?
nahh Toni iss ;D

41. What do you remember the most about your babeey?
his eyes (L)

42. Where was the place you had the most fun with them? or place that reminds you of being there with them?
my house, his grans, the beach, flava, cinema, the list is kinda long :L

43. When you revisite that place do you think that, you were once there with them and now your not :(?
nah i'm usually with him so ;D

44. Do you talk alot about your babee?

45. Now put anything you want to sayy?
I love you Shaun (L) always will :)

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  • Music thingyy (;

    Step 1. Put your music list or ipod or whatever on shuffle
    Step 2. In the order they play, put them as the answers for these q's(or make up your own)
    Step 3. Give us all a laugh and don't cheat!

    Have fun...

    1. What do your friends say about you?
    Send It On - Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato.

    2. How would your coworkers describe you?
    You've Made Your Bed - You Me At Six

    3. How would you describe yourself?
    Rehab - Glee

    4. What do you like in a romantic partner?
    Thinking Of You - Katy Perry

    5. How do you feel today?
    Gone With The Wind - Vanessa Hudgens

    6. What is your life?s purpose?
    Decode - Paramore

    7. What is your motto?
    Paranoid - Jonas Brothers

    8. What do you think about the most?
    Let Go - Vanessa Hudgens

    9. What are you going to do on your next holiday?
    Dinosaur - Ke$ha

    10. What do you think of your first love/date?
    A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton

    11. What is your life story?
    If You Seek Amy - Britney Spears

    12. What did you do yesterday?
    Woah Oh! (Me Vs Everyone) - Forever The Sickest Kids ft Selena Gomez

    13. What do you think of when you see the person you like/love?
    One In A Million - Miley Cyrus (L)

    14. What describes your wedding?
    When You Look Me In The Eyes - Jonas Brothers

    15. What will your children think of you?
    The Way She Moves - Forever The Sickest Kids

    16.When you see someone you hate, what do you do?
    Dance, Dance - Fall Out Boy

    17. What do your teachers think of you?
    Time Of Our Lives - Miley Cyrus

    18. What do you wanna do for the rest of your life?
    Love Me - Justin Beiber

    19.your next bf will be...
    Quiet - Demi Lovato

    20.Everyone thinks of you as...
    Hungover - Ke$ha (;

    0 Comments 180 weeks

  • Random (;

    ten hows;

    how did u get one of ur scars: hit my head off the bath
    how are u feeling at this moment: haha annoyed :L
    how did ur night go last night: emm i didnt do much tbh, just tv
    how did u do in highschool: i'm still in it (;
    how did u get the shirt ur wearing: Arielle bought me it
    how often do u see ur best friends: everyday at school (:
    how much money did u spend last month: A bit, xmas pressies and spent my money on me (;
    how old do u want to be when u get married: Maybe 23 ish
    how old will u be on ur next birthday: 16 :))

    nine whats;

    what did u do at the weekend: dancing and flute on saturday, megan j's party on saturday night, then I wasn't well on sunday
    what is the most important part of ur life: my friends, my family, education and my baby :))
    what would u rather be doing: emm dunno, sitting in shauns grans drinking a cuppa tea ;)
    what did u last cry over: Em... :L
    what is your favourite drink: I love orange Oasis, and J20 (;
    what makes u feel better when ur upset: Shaunie and my friends and fam :))
    whats the most important thing u look for in a guy: Personallity (:
    what are u worried about: exams
    what did u have for breakfast: nothing today, usually have toast with nutella and a cuppa tea

    eight have u;

    have u ever liked someone who had a girlfriend/boyfriend: yes defo
    have u ever had ur heart broken: Yeah
    have u ever been out of the country: Yup
    have u ever done something outragously dumb: Probobly :L
    have u ever been back stabbed by a friend: Yes
    have u ever had sex on the beach: emm no
    have u ever dated someone younger than u: Eh.. i dunno actully :L
    have u ever read an entire book in one day: Yup ;)

    seven whos;

    who was the last person u saw: Mum, Dad, Helen and Shaun
    who was the last person u texted: Dunno, phones dead :L
    who was the last person u hung out with: Shaun
    who was the last person to call u : Shaun
    who did u last hug: Shaun :L
    who was the last person who texted u: Dunno, phones still dead :L
    who was the last person u said 'i love u' to: Shaun :))

    six where;

    where do ur best friends live: All over the place, mostly gourock.
    where did u last go: school :L
    where did u last hang out: Emm school? :L
    where did u go to school: GHS ;)
    where is ur favourite place to be: In my bed :L
    where did u sleep last night: My bedd :))

    five do's/does;

    do u like someone right now: Yess
    do u think anyone likes u: waha? yess :))
    do u ever wish u were someone else: Nahh
    do u know the muffin man: Who doesn't ;)
    does the future scare u: The thoguht of dying does.

    four whys;

    why are u friends with ur best friends: 'Cause they are amazing people :))
    why do you like the person u like: 'cause he is amazing :)) he's my best friend
    why did u get myspace: 'cause my sister had it, so i thought it was cool :L
    why are u doing this survey: Nothing else to do ;)

    three ifs;

    if u could have one super power what would it be: Flying :))
    if u could back in time and change one thing, would u: Nah, everything happens for a reason
    if u were stranded on a deserted island & could bring one thing what would it be: emm i dunno, all my friends in a trunk ;)

    two would u ever;

    would u ever get back with any of ur ex's if they asked u: Nah :))
    would u ever shave ur head for someone u love: Depends ;)

    one last question;

    are u happy with ur life right now: Couldn't be happier :))

    0 Comments 183 weeks

  • 2010

    Things to do

    -Get Sandras mum and dad to say yes to her coming to florida with us
    -If that goes well, start planing the BEST holiday ever :D
    -Do well in standard grades
    -Convince Mr McGoldrick to let us go to New York in 2011
    -Gut my room out
    -Get new furniture
    -Do well in the triathalon
    -Do something involving singing alone.
    -Go to more concerts/gigs/events
    -Meet Boyce Avenue again
    -Meet someone famous
    -Listen to different genres of music
    -Not care what people think about me
    -Do better on pointe

    0 Comments 184 weeks