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love my gurl

7/23/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 24, Luv 348
  • from United States
  • I am Single
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  • www.bebo.com/LoDaDeuceman
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  • Lil' Wayne : Demolition Freestyle

    And I don't wanna talk about it
    Gangsta shit right in front you nigga walk around it
    Nigga let me do me
    They know I kick it like Jet Lee Bruce lee
    And Ive done what they cant do me ill put my gun up to your Aunt Suzie
    And blow out a dubie paint her rubie I am a looney you niggas puny
    I puke on the beat I juke and never fumble
    Man I spit that dope like I swallowed a bundle
    Gotta spit that dope up cause the old heads said if you don't it'll bust
    Heard if I sell it hard it'll rush but if them people come if its soft it'll flush
    Certainly don't get caught in the blind and keep yo curtain straight
    No I don't drink wine but I smoke purple grape sometimes see purple stars
    And I ain't talking about purple bapes
    I gets paid early cause I be workin late too many pain for memories shit hurt to say
    Crack flow no bake just stir and shake shootin' when we pull up like erkle waste
    Sip syrup got me movin' at a turtle pace but quick draw pop out like a turtle face
    Paid in full you cant murk the ace I kill the beat and beat the murder case
    That's right I'ma kill this shit and if the glove don't fit I'ma need a catchers mitt
    Cause I'm high like a pitch yeah I'm high like a pitch like Mariah and shit
    I guess I'm higher than a bitch
    keep it dirty like I'm lion in the ditch
    Like Eli I'm from new Orleans I'm a giant in this bitch move the G and add an S and put the I before the N and put the A in front of that and that is what I am to the end
    That's a Saint muthafucka simplify it for them where your funeral comes with a 2nd line at the end yeah
    But you wont be second linin' with them cause you be in the hearse that's behind all of them
    I see your homies dressed in black like they finna ride but that fashion statement is tellin' a lie
    I'm pelican fly Mac 11 inside my bullets come with wings and your cerebellum can fly fuckin' right oh yeah
    Young Money we are sick as Gonorrhea like nausea heart burn indigestion upset stomach and diarrhea get some Pepto Bismol hoe!

    0 Comments 172 weeks

  • Roger Dat Freestyle

    You know im here to kill rappers thats what i do
    you proably see me in the zoo chillen with my crew
    we are animals yea you cant stop us
    was born sick with no cure from a docter
    so now we stuck with this cold for our whole life
    global warming flow i just melt all the ice
    you little fruits couldnt pass my bar exam
    so now you selling out trynna do the jerk dance ?
    lookin gay ass hell in ya little tight pants
    yall need to come out N'Sync like Lance
    we wont judge, the news wont even faze
    it would help us understand all ya bitch ways
    Im like Luda cuz im battling a bunch of bitches
    my lyrics WIlly Wonka and my flow the winning ticket
    I keep some Axe spray and the girls love my smell
    you spit game they give ugly faces Hell Rell
    my girl the first lady Hip Hop's Michelle
    a hustler making money in a bake sale
    on top of making money thru some other different ways
    im stackin up chips, pringles or a bag of lays
    i gotta get money need it in the worse way
    never been broke no it aint my fortay
    my niggas proud of me they say imma killa man
    im epic beard man i think yall need an ambalamps
    cuz imma body yall you cant stop me
    yeah im going hard just call a nigga rocky
    ya girl call me papi, you hate me liek you Nazi
    but you dont do shit cuz ya flow sloppy
    and the only money you touch is monoploy
    call me sidney crosby
    how these bars be
    skating pass yall
    yall win as much as the nets do in basketball
    im on a losing drought, im on a winning streak
    and when its hot as hell, i just turn up the heat
    yeah ima lunatic word to nelly
    I need a rapper everyfay in my belly
    I told yall I would kill it and i did that
    I aint perfect but im the MVP check the stats
    compare me to Lil Wayne but with no tats
    im bout to killa you niggas go ROGER DAT !

    0 Comments 174 weeks

  • Deuce Ft. T-Money- Yo Gurl

    1,2,3 Ima Fuck Gurl
    Deuceman Verse 1
    123 Ima Bust Her In Front
    After Dat Smoke A Blunt
    Pussy Just Dah Poppin
    Plus My Swagg Kummin Though
    Den I Got Her Numba But
    I Just Remebered 2
    But Anyway I Fucked Yo
    Gurl In Yo Bedroom
    T-Money Watchin Dah Door
    He A Real Goon
    She All In Her Stands
    Den She Took Off Her Pants
    I Said A Shawty is You A Dancer
    She Just Danced To Dah Beat
    And Didnt Say A Answear
    Yeah Yo Gurl Got Me Feelin
    Like SuperMan
    Yeah I Am Tha Man
    Yeah She Drop It To Dah Flow
    And She Poppin it To Dah Beat
    Im catchin Dem Z's
    Kuz Yo Boi Need His Sleep
    So Im countin Dem Sheep
    Like 123
    Im Runnin Dis Shit
    Like 123
    Im Runnin Dis Lap
    Like 123
    And Yo Gurl In My Lap
    Like 123
    And Ima Fuck Yo Gurl
    Do U Understand Me
    cHillin Wit My Nigga
    yeah Wassup T
    Sawggin wit my niggaz
    Ay Next To B
    And We All Halla Paper Boi Ent

    1,2,3 Ima Fuck Gurl
    T-Money Verse 2
    I Forgot His

    0 Comments 210 weeks

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