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The Way Of The Samurai

The Sequel can be found at: http://www.bebo.com/devineninja

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We all die...it is up to us when...
Me, Myself, and I
Rocked by constant troubles, the small island of Amahara stood only to fall. In the past the island was a peaceful place but fights between a clan, the Aoto Gang and the law, the Magistrates tore the comfortable place that many called home, apart. It was during this unrest that a wandering ronin appeared.
He looked about 40, grey hair flowing in the light wind and a patch over his right eye. He looked fearsome, wearing old samurai armour, that at one point he would have wore to go into battle. His only battle now was to survive. Finally, he had a simple black sheathed sword, nothing fancy, but looks can be deceiving, for this samurai needed no special sword to do his work.
Passing through Otemon Gate, the ronin collapses of exhaustion

Set in a time of misery in Japan a samurai wanders into a village, exhausted, alone and full of hate. Discover his past, discover his passion, discover The Way of The Samurai.

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    Finally, a big thanks to you guys, the fans. Very greatful for the comments and have a few more BIG projects on their way. Thanks again and God Bless!

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  • Shane

    hey i really love your book 5/5 if u like magic and fiction then visit my book where Ryuu Saito is just an ordinary 16 year old boy genius with magic powers! Being a capable, skilled and powerful mage with no mercy, who holds much knowledge of the arts.Ryuu has to find the sacred book of magic which only his misterious friend Horoki knows about.His ultimate goal is to find this book of black magic , in the hope of becoming the ultimate mage and to create justice amongst the world he lives in.But a few people close to him keep getting in the way of his 'true perpose'! find out Ryuu's story and how Ryuu is, how he is today! visit www.bebo.com/shadowscalling thank yu mucho

  • Wezzle'Bee

    Is this a Book? Because I really want to read it. Even Though, I'm more a ninja person.

  • Rich Clarke

    i only read up to chapter 3 so far, its weird i feel like im playing a final fantasy game when i read it, dunno why lol