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Ian Doyle

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  • Male, 29, Luv 361
  • from D village
  • I am Down for Whatever
  • Profile views: 6,830
  • Last active: 6/23/12
  • www.bebo.com/ginganinjafox
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About Me

The Other Half Of Me
John Cleary

John Cleary

Best gamblin partner a lad cud ask 4:)

Red Hot Chilly Peppers, REM, U2, Bon Jovi and dance, all music really
Roadtrip, Borat, Braveheart all kinds of films especially funny and action 1s
Snooker, pool, drinkin, and the most important 1 POKER.Like to watch hurlin and football
Happiest When
Out wit the lads on the piss, playin Texus hold"em and gettin my hole :L

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Chips: $15,650
Rank: 352293
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Chips: $231,129
Rank: 9517
Chips: $74,654
Rank: 87691
Chips: $23,200
Rank: 347063
Chips: $19,560
Rank: 157841
Chips: $19,200
Rank: 71515

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  • 'Pad Joe'
    'Pad Joe'

    hows the kid, are ya ready for san fran this year, you and nigger better be gettin over ere!

  • Adrian Kelly
    Adrian Kelly

    get your rat out is released

  • 'Pad Joe'
    'Pad Joe'

    fuck all flower, just chillin all over san fran dude, if its shite there then get your fanny over ere rapid, settlin in grand now man just gettin the school work out of the way first then gonna hit the college partying hard. ya still workin and pumpin the guns?

  • Jacqueline Byrne
    Jacqueline Byrne

    by jesus easy known u'v sumthin else 2 contend urself wit, NO BEBO OMG. we knw nw who wear's t trouser :L :L

  • luv Lydia Murray

    have sm lv :D >>>>>

  • Adrian Kelly
    Adrian Kelly

    stay away from my lady ya woman snatcher

  • luv Cathy Coen

    am we just up hada long ngt last ngt a drnkin nw no kinky stuff!!:) :) fuck u u cheeky monkey wateve abou adrian ud b LUKY ta associate ur self with me ya carlow scumbag!!!!!:) gettn reasy nw 2go drnkn again it great bein off on mons!!! i luv u by d way!!(im still drunk)MWAH!!

  • luv Cathy Coen

    dares nothin wrong wit bein n luv doyler!!its a great thing reali!!!:) :) yup wer def goen electric pic.wil ya cum??go on!nd we do it proper dis time no VIP campin shit!!:) :) ammmm u cant get anuf a campin??why are ya bringn elaine off 4romantic campin trips ya?? soft cock!

  • luv Cathy Coen

    excuse me but i havent got muni from daddy n ages!!!mammy gives it me nw!!!!ahh we hav meet up 4summr sess b4 ova!!!u stil n luv ya ludar u?(with elaine nw not me!!)xx

  • Elaine Foley
    luv Elaine Foley

    Awh tanx ur so kind :L

  • 'Pad Joe'
    'Pad Joe'

    wel flower wats goin down in doylers town, wat was oxyegn like kid, was the vip good

  • Cathy Coen

    haha funni!!!im laughn at u 'Im a master at foreplay...work 4m d toes up!!!!'''oh such poo talk!!!den tryn ta teach u ta teach phonics!!!put up pics ur beautiful posen is n dem!!!! u goen marlay park??xx ur def goen electric pic!!!xx

  • Adrian Kelly
    Adrian Kelly

    roll on electric pinic

  • Dawn Bolger
    Dawn Bolger

    doyler you slut how the hell are you...didnt see you out the wekkend

  • Eleanor Sherlock
    Eleanor Sherlock

    ive no phone number for you anymore!!!!!!! my phone n purse got robbed the other day, i was crying n all. hows knockanana or however you spell it. have you taken a little venture to kilmuck yet? i miss you. . . . carol was sittin at the bar the other day and yawned n showed me her big cow tounge n i thought how nice it would be for you to lick it! noodles is in for another 4 months n then his sentence is fin. send me your num. i love you babe x x x x

  • Cathy Coen

    i hear uv got me a VIP ticket 4oxegen!!!!

  • Steph

    I know yeah, we'll go mental altogether:L I'd share the love but i haven't got any:(