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  • Female, 23, Luv 435
  • from Irvine/Aberdeen
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 5,389
  • Last active: May 26
  • www.bebo.com/LemonDudette
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lifes a peach !
Me, Myself, and I
     Helej !

hello im helen,
im abit random as those of you who know me will know, and like to laugh at random stuff :L

i pure love steakie, and our drunken times :D and long train journeys with haggis !

"say it... jakers ! :-|

hello im emma :D when i think of helen i think of...
stupid happy people, loud laughing, randomness, florie :D , stupid faces, funny photos, FEET!!, alot of teeth brushing ha ha, duuumbledore (8) , dum reasley :L , confusion, "this dictionarys dead sexist" ha ha ha, and some more ha ha ha... ehh thats about it :D

byee x
good times....
Eh..........Wit??!! ACE!!!
ooo golly gosh!
"oh I luv the beatles"
A dash of salt!
Merkat---"mmm.. nyummy nyummy...!"
Wen I click my fingers I will have a cusion on my head!! taaadaaaa!
.......the washin line!!
......"excuse me? whats a jobby??"
Bug and many friends!!!
Frog me up baby!!!!
The Other Half Of Me
Iain Lowry

Iain Lowry


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  • Four Questions!

    Here is a very simple little test comprised of four questions to determine the level of your intellect. Your replies must be spontaneous and immediate, with no deliberating or wasting time.

    And NO CHEATING. On your mark, set....GO!!!

    1: You are competing in a race, and overtake the runner in second place.
    In which position are you now?


    If you answered that you're now coming first then you're completely wrong. You overtook the second runner and took their place, therefore you're coming second.

    For the next question try not to be so dumb.

    2 : If you overtake the last runner, what position are you now in?


    If you answered second-last, once again you're completely wrong. Think about it...How can you over take the person coming last? If you're behind them then they can't be last. The answer is impossible!!

    It would appear that thinking is not one of your strong points. You would make a good door-stop!!! Anyway, here's another to try, don't take any notes or use a calculator, and remember your replies must be instantaneous.

    3 : Take 1000. Add 40. Add another 1000. Add 30. 1000 again. Plus 20. Plus 1000. And plus 10. What is the total ?


    5000??? Wrong again!!!!
    The correct answer is 4100. Try again with a good calculator.
    Today is clearly not your day!! Although you should manage to get the last question right...

    4 : Marie's father has five daughters:
    1. Chacha
    2. Cheche
    3. Chichi
    4. Chocho
    5. ????

    Question: What is the fifth daughter's name?
    Think quickly...you'll find the answer below...

    Answer: Chuchu??? WRONG!!!!!
    It's obviously Marie you ding-bat!!! Read the question properly!!!!!

    1 Comment 277 weeks

  • I did the macarena with a smurf because the voices told me to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is fun! Type out the sentence you end up with in the subject line and post it on your blog!
    leave me it in a comment toooooo!!!!!!!

    Pick the month you were born:

    January------I kicked
    February-----I did the Macarena With
    March--------I karate chopped
    April--------I licked
    May----------I jumped on
    June---------I smelled
    July---------I loved
    August-------I had lunch with
    September----I danced with
    October------I sang to
    November-----I yelled at
    December-----I ran over

    Pick the day (number) you were born on:

    1-------a birdbath
    2-------a monster
    3-------a phone
    4-------a fork
    5-------a snowman
    6-------a gangster
    7-------a smurf
    8-------my dog
    9-------my best friends' boyfriend
    10------my neighbor
    11------my science teacher
    12------a banana
    13------a fireman
    14------a stuffed animal
    15------a goat
    16------a pickle
    17------your mom
    18------a spoon
    19----- my mobile
    20------a baseball bat
    21------a ninja
    22------Chuck Norris
    23------a noodle
    24------a squirrel
    25------a football player
    26------my sister
    27------my brother
    28------an ipod
    29------a surfer
    30------a llama
    31------A homeless guy

    Pick the color of shirt you are wearing:

    White--------because I'm cool like that
    Black--------because that's how I roll
    Pink---------because the voices told me to
    Red----------because I'm not crazy
    Blue---------because I'm sexy and I do what I want
    Green--------because I think I need some serious help
    Purple-------because I'm AWESOME!
    Gray---------because Big Bird said to and he's my leader
    Yellow-------because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars
    Orange ------because my family thinks I'm stupid anyway
    Brown--------because I can.
    Other--------because I'm a Ninja!
    None---------because I can 't control myself

    4 Comments 290 weeks

  • Please leave a memory!!!!!!! :)

    Here's what to do..

    Leave one or more memory/s (or more if they're equally good) of you and me together as a comment. It doesn't matter if i know you a little or a lot, anything you remember. Next, repost this bullentinin your own blog and see how many people leave a memory about you hee hee!!

    8 Comments 325 weeks

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  • Caz Kerr
    luv Caz Kerr

    Hi Helen & Emma .... sorry I not been online for a while ... soz .... nice to hear from you ..... hope you are ALL well .... tc Luv Auntie Carol & Family xox

  • Kimberley Pyper
    luv Kimberley Pyper

    Helen!!! Im good thanks! How are you? Halloween was sooo good! Staff party was super!! :D Not much love, ucasing and flat hunting! :D Hows uni? And your crazy golf hut? :L xxx

  • Emma Kerr

    oh! and you dont have my new msn :( dunno if you even use msn, but if you do can you add my new one :D its on my page xD

  • luv Emma Kerr

    heleeeeeeeeeen!!! :D not spoke to you in a wee while :)) i'm feeling much better now, what about you after the minging curry? and i don't use facebook much, its dead slow on our computer |-) bebo browser tehe :L have my last love :D oh btw my strange friend says shes gonna eat you o_O

  • Emma Kerr

    hello there helen :DD not sure if you actually use this anymore but awk well i'm leaving you a comment anyways :P our house in the middle of our street our hous smells of rotten ( lots of :) ) cheesy feeeeeet!!

  • luv Lorenzo

    Hey lovely how r u? Missin ur wee face :( Wot u bn up2 x.x.x

  • luv Emma Kerr

    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy glad you nejpyed your hols nejpyed? that was meant to say enjoyed :L LMAO and im sure mum did say it on purpose *shakes fist* byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • X-Dirty-Pretty-Things-X

    Hey:) how are you? yeah facebook :O not that impressed with it tbh lol been up to much im a bit better thanks:) xx

  • luv Emma Kerr

    helennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :D good good bebo *pats bebo's head* you like probably won't get this now for ages :L i'm really enjoying being back at school actually :DD enjoy your holiday :) love you more byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xxxxxx

  • luv Jane MCclure

    thanx. oh i try lol.how r u doin xx

  • Emma Kerr

    hello :DD

  • Too Pure To Be Pink
    luv Too Pure To Be Pink

    hey hows u? wat u bn up 2? wb xxxxx

  • luv Alice

    Ribbet! x

  • Chloe

    All better? Or still usin a zimmer??? :P Ready to party it up down ma way?? xxxxxx

  • X-Dirty-Pretty-Things-X
    luv X-Dirty-Pretty-Things-X

    Hey!!! just thought i'd comment since it's been ages!! how are you? what you up to? miss you!! lol Summmer good? wb soon.............. xxx

  • Caz Kerr
    Caz Kerr

    hey hey hey ... hope you re doing well( i know you ARE!!!) lol just popped online to catch up wi emails n stuff ........ and saw Bebo n you lol .... take care of YOU!! luv Aunty xox

  • Emma Kerr

    okay two people then xD and yeah, puddy's good at her aerobics :D ohh do you know alisons mum emailed the ticket people and the muse tickets are coming soon :D eep, im soo excited!!

  • Kimberley Pyper
    luv Kimberley Pyper

    Hiii Helen! Well. I hope it is! :D Just tell your work that your coming to Irvine :D Its been raining rather a lot this week. Im not enjoying it lol! Lol! Sounds like your having fun with your volcano! Im been good, youu? Been working lots. Had a HUGE drama. Its dramatic. Tula is fab. At this moment in time she is sitting beside me looking at the carpet. lol! Hows Haggis and Neeps? (Thats right. aye?) xxxx

  • Kimberley Pyper
    luv Kimberley Pyper

    Helen! Hiii!! :D How are you? You coming back to sunny Irvine at all this summer? Missing youuu! xxxx

  • Emma Kerr

    haha nobody likes you :) im the only one that comments you :D :D :D :D :D :P :L