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Thatcherite Thinking

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Me, Myself, and I
Ever Wondered what Thatcherism was all about??? Ever thought why so many people love (and in some cases hate) the Rt. Hon. Baroness Thatcher??? Well what can I say to hating her. Nothing Really, I believe her lessons and thoughts are the REAL way to take the UK onto a path of Futher Glory...

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Margaret Thatcher talking about sinking the Belgrano

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  • What Is Conservatism???

    "A Nation State Is Not a state in which only One Nation lives. It is, rather, a state in which the common ties of blood and history of a great majority of the population provide a special unity and cohesion. But that does not mean the minorities are deprived of rights they enjoy by virtue of being citizens, The State is Not, after all, merely a Tribe. It is a Legal Entity. Concern for Human rights... Thus complements the sense of nationhood, so as to ensure a nation State that is Both Strong and Democratic"

    *The Words of Baroness Thatcher made at a Lecture in Zagreb, Croatia in 1998, and Incidentally, this philosophy is more commonly known as Conservatism!!!

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  • Jimmie Oliver
    Jimmie Oliver

    Hey fellow-author, If you are a self-respecting bookworm, you could do a lot worse than have a read through some extracts of my new book, due out at the beginning of March. It can be ordered from Amazon.ca or Waterstones. Check out www.bebo.com/JadedGoodie Best wishes

  • Edin-Yah.

    Atlees governement intoduced the NHS. It was the creation of Nye Bevin probably one of the best (and most underated) politicians of our time. Thatcher was not a good Prime Minister. In fact she is probably one of the worst we have ever had. yes she was a conviction based Pm, which has to be admired. Not many MPs or PMs are these days. But her reforms descriminated against the poor, created unemployemnt, descrminated against gay people, and brought about economic disaster in the country. Want to know why everything is so expensive now? Because what once could have been funded by the governemnt is now owned by private companies. Well done Maggie. Well done.

  • Clive

    Clement Attlee introduced NHS. DLG introduced pensions and national insurance :/

  • The Right Honourable Ben Clayton
    The Right Honourable Ben Clayton

    I'm definitely behind the Tories, but I'm afraid that there are some corrections needed: Neville Chamberlain was a Tory, and although he had good intentions with appeasement, he relied too much on Hitler keeping promises... Also, the NHS was introduced by David Lloyd George and Winston Churchill (who was a liberal at the time). But I agree, Margaret Thatcher was a damn good Prime Minister.

  • Clive
    luv Clive

    May I correct you in saying, that Chamberlain was also a Tory. Now Clement Attlee, a Labour, introduced the NHS.

  • Will Peat
    Will Peat

    where wud the uk be wiv out her she may of done some bad things but she made the mordern great britain not like these dick hds now how let in imergrant and all shit EU law we have to follow wb