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  • Male, 20, Luv 13
  • from taupo
  • I am Engaged
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
hae guys im dan im 16 live in toups an yea
my heavn inyolves a bar and aloooooooooooootttttttttttttt
 t.... of achole and god will be my wingman an weal get drunk and use midgets as bolling balls and santa and his elfs wil fyt 4 ow amusment and then weal take a drunkin bromace moment an piss on tha earth

im an nt an acholic i just try to wash tha taste of air out ov my mouth

im in lov wit da hotest girl on this earth shes AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

um yea drugs are bad and stae in skwl

I hate white people

lata skat fags bmx 4 lyf

____________ _______________ _____ ____ ____
|_____ _____| | ___ ___ | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | | | |__| |_| |
|__| |___| |___| |__| |________________|
mcr him slip korn sum 41 and u2
soccor and water sport that r towed by a boats
Scared Of
Happiest When
wit my mates
mi sis
27th of MAy will be a day imprinted into our hearts forever. Around 4.15pm Amber Carroll Jones Wood was in a car accident, and died at the scene.
At the time she was in the vechicle with her bf Michael and good friend Luke (Luke was also tragically taken).

she was a great sister even though we had our ups and downs she was quite bossy and loved her coke; but we all loved her and all her qualities/faults. She was a very special person that lived life to the full. She was the life off the party and loved to hang out in the pubs with her mates, even when she was only 17 (she scord her self a fake I.D ). She loved her job at the pet shop which fuelled her love for animals .She also had the best night of her life at the comadors ball on the 26 of May were she wore the most beautiful dress ever.we will always love an miss u ba

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  • true dat

    Below, you'll find useful tips for telling if you're too drunk at a party!

    Signs That You're Too Drunk ...

    24. You lose arguments with objects.

    23. You have to hold onto the lawn to keep from falling off the earth.

    22. Your Job is interfering with your drinking.

    21. Your doctor finds traces of blood in your alcohol stream.

    20. Your career won't progress beyond Senator from Massachusetts.

    19. You sincerely believe alcohol to be the 5th food group.

    18. 24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case - coincidence? - I think not!

    17. Two hands and just one mouth... - now that's a drinking problem!

    16. You can focus better with one eye closed.

    15. The parking lot seems to have moved while you were in the bar.

    14. Senators Kennedy and Packwood shake their heads when they walk past you.

    13. You fall off the floor...

    12. Hey, five beers has just as many calories as a burger, forget dinner!

    11. Mosquitoes catch a buzz after attacking you

    10. At AA meetings you begin: "Hi, my name is... uh..."

    9.Your idea of cutting back is less salt.

    8.The whole bar says 'Hi' when you come in...

    7.You think Three Basic Food Groups are Caffeine, Nicotine, and Alcohol.

    6.Roseanne looks good.

    5.Don't recognize wife unless seen through bottom of glass.

    4.That pink elephant followed you home again.

    3.You're as jober as a sudge.

    2.You wake up screaming "TORO TORO TORO!" in the middle of the night.

    and last but not least...

    1.Your twin sons are named Barley and Hops!

    1 Comment 240 weeks

  • sup


    0 Comments 326 weeks

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  • Rebecca Penberthy
    Rebecca Penberthy

    I racked in $628 in 3 days doing stuff on the computer! It's all because of - http://x.co/KTGM friends help friends!

  • Andre

    wat u up to u black cunt wen u coming dwn 2 weli

  • Sammy
    luv Sammy

    chur g im bak 8th july havn few drinks maybe keen haha wat u been up to bro hav to giz u a call been shit havnt been fuked putting cred on ma ph been talking to every one ova skyp an bebo haha sweet bro catch u up wen im bak in tpo haha

  • Mike Carr
    Mike Carr

    0277671479 bro im livin in papz atm man

    2/1/10 via Mobile
  • Rock Goddess
    luv Rock Goddess

    hey love, i had no way of contacting you except on bebo because your too young to have a facebook! I lost my phone new years so i'm not a total snob k. should be getting a new phone tommorow bust me a text next week love ya stay out of trouble or i'll deal to you xxx

  • Kat
    luv Kat

    nm ae danni boy.. haha heard u luv me callin u that!

  • Moneek

    so weas my comment boy who made me fail my science exam??? Oh nd i feel tha need 2 say, U R WHITE, in fact yr even whiter than me, which isnt hard but still. OH nd u r crazy

  • Mike Carr
    Mike Carr

    ow up2 cock im watching the grudge 3

  • Moneek

    Nt bad nt bad. I was loner all weekend but hey, all gud. :P Wbu?

  • Moneek
    luv Moneek

    Oh yea, i dnt even no if im cummin now. Haha.

  • Moneek

    Its Dani actually. :P Not much, haha. R u goin 2 jimmys 4 easter?

  • Peroy

    sweet. pretty boring ae!!! hows taupo?

  • Peroy

    same here man! bout 2 weeks!!! sweet!!!

  • Peroy

    hey dick nothing ae!!! wbu

  • Kat
    luv Kat

    hae im gud wbu

  • Moneek

    I am not a bullie Ur da bullie daniboy

  • Rock Goddess
    luv Rock Goddess

    u mean bought and tell tell whats it like what does it look like... your mum must be pissed man lol

  • Rock Goddess
    luv Rock Goddess

    sup nube whats new with you??

  • Kat
    luv Kat

    lol na

  • Kat

    hae danni boy