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Laura Brohan


1/23/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 32, Luv 257
  • from Ranelagh
  • I am Down for Whatever
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  • Member since: March 2007
  • Last active: 10/26/10
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About Me

Nosce te ipsum
The Other Half Of Me
Kim Byrne

Kim Byrne

My sister from another mister!

Thunderheist; Audioslave; Pendulum; Muse; Daft Punk; The Beatles; Prodigy; The Doors; ELO; The Kinks; Faithless; Chemical Brothers; Justin Timberlake; Tiesto; Kasabian; Pink Floyd; QOTSA; NIN. If you want a better idea of my musical taste check out my flashbox favourites (all 130-odd of them! :)) .
Oldboy; Boogie Nights; Gran Torino; Frost/Nixon; The Big Lebowski; Zeitgeist/ Zeitgeist Addendum; Grindhouse; Human Traffic; The Kite Runner; Fargo; Kidulthood; The Departed; Adaptation; Teeth; Candy; Spun; Tropic Thunder; Requiem for a Dream; Pulp Fiction; The Godfather Trilogy; Kill Bill 1 & 2; Forrest Gump; Shawshank Redemption; The Matrix Trilogy; The Butterfly Effect; Beloved; Full Metal Jacket; Platoon; The Green Mile; Blade Trilogy; 300; Apocalypse Now; Transformers; Disturbia; The Bourne Trilogy; The Notebook; Hard Candy; Charlie Wilson's War; Funny Games; Seven; Fight Club; Sleepers;
X-Factor; Heroes (Season 3 rocks!); Lost; Criminal Minds; CSI; Law and Order SVU; 24; Armstrong and Miller; The Panel; Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares; Frasier; all in between obsessively and autistically flicking through the music channels!
Scared Of
Water; Flying; Little Japanese girls with long dark hair who live in wells and climb through tv screens. On a deeper level I'm afraid of not being liked by others and afraid of looking stupid in front of others.
Happiest When
Sleeping; Smoking; Downloading music from Limewire; Drunk; Having a boogie! Chatting with friends/family; Philosophising and putting the world to rights; Solving word puzzles (just don't ask me to play with numbers-I'm retarded when it comes to figures! Sudoku brings me out in a cold sweat!).
Music; those wonderful people who upload free movies and music on the internet; music; cats; music; books; music; movies; music; lie-ins on weekdays; music; my mp3 player (can't live without it); music; vodka jelly; music; Baby Guinness; music; any kind of boogying particularly belly-dancing. And music.
Sitting beside men on buses (why can't they just sit properly and not take over two thirds of the seat??) REALLY hate when Youtube disables embedding for their videos! Sob stories on reality shows-if you can't get by on pure talent then don't bother! Changing rooms where the curtain doesn't go all the way across! People who make mountains out of molehills; cheese except on pizza; insects; when I'm walking around in town and someone walks slowly or stops altogether in front of me (get the hell outta my way!); hangovers particularly when I've to travel home with one; opera; bebo applications that refuse to work properly; bad spelling-if you're not dyslexic then you've no excuse-buy a frickin' dictionary!

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  • Laura Sings The Recession Blues

    This so-called current "job recession",
    Has me in a deep depression,
    I need a job and need one fast,
    How much longer can this last?

    I haven't worked since last semester,
    So every day I sit and fester,
    And wait with bated breath for news,
    Of openings and interviews.

    Some companies just don't reply,
    Or tell me I don't qualify,
    I bought a suit in anticipation,
    Of a new-found occupation.

    But it seems to me that my next role,
    Will see me signing on the dole,
    Unless...and here is my solution,
    To end this heartbreak and confusion....

    There is a job that makes cash sense,
    Makes use of my experience,
    Fuck the dole, I'll chuck the suit!
    I'll go and be a prostitute! :L :L

    by Laura Brohan

    0 Comments 254 weeks

  • Jokes

    - A new teacher was trying to make use of her psychology courses.
    She started her class by saying, 'Everyone who thinks they're stupid, stand up!'
    After a few seconds, Little Johnny stood up. The teacher said, 'Do you think you're stupid, Little Johnny?'
    No, ma'am, but I hate to see you standing there all by yourself!'

    -A man and his bitch of a wife were on holiday in the Holy Land when the wife dies suddenly. The undertaker says, "You can either pay £50 to have her buried here or pay £5000 to have her flown back to England and buried there." The man chooses to have her flown back to England, and the undertaker asks why. The man says, "A long time ago a man was buried here and rose from the dead- I'm not fucking taking any chances."

    -Man gets home.. tells wife "Get me a beer before it starts".
    He drinks it and he says "quick get me another one before it starts".
    Again she gets it, he drinks it and says "another, before it starts"
    Wife says"listen here, you fat lazy cunt, you walk in,sit down and start barking orders.
    He says" Fuck Me it's started"

    -Happiest day of my life.Got to the church on time! The other half at the altar, i walked up the aisle, kissed him on the cheek.............................
     ...........AND THEN I CLOSED THE FUCKING LID!!!!!

    -Two little boys go into the grocery store. One is nine years old and the other one is four years old. The nine year old grabs a box of tampons from the shelf and carries it to the register for checkout. The cashier asks, "Oh, these must be for your mom, huh?"
    The nine-year-old replies "Nope, not for my mom."
    Without thinking, the cashier responded "Well, they must be for your sister then?"
    The nine year old quipped, "Nope, not for my sister either."
    The cashier had now become curious "Oh. Not for your mom and not for your sister? Who are they for?"
    The nine year old says, "They're for my four year old little brother."
    The cashier is surprised "Your four year old little brother?"
    The nine year old explains: "Well yeah, they say on TV if you wear one of these, you can swim or ride a bike and my little brother can't do either of them!"

    0 Comments 254 weeks

  • Psych Jokes

    Hello, Welcome to the Psychiatric Hotline.
    If you are obsessive-compulsive, please press 1 repeatedly.
    If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2.
    If you have multiple personalities, please press 3, 4, 5 and 6.
    If you are paranoid-delusional, we know who you are and what you want. Just stay on the line so we can trace the call.
    If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little voice will tell you which number to press.
    If you are delusional, press 7 and your call will be transferred to the mother ship.
    If you have a nervous disorder, please fidget with the # key until a representative comes on the line.
    If you are dyslexic, press 696969696969.
    If you have amnesia, press 8 and state your name, address, phone, date of birth, social security number and your mother's maiden name.
    If you have post-traumatic stress disorder, slowly and carefully press 000.
    If you have short-term memory loss, press 9. If you have short-term memory loss, press 9. If you have short-term memory loss, press 9. If you have short-term memory loss, press 9.
    If you are menopausal, hang up, turn on the fan, lie down & cry. You won't be crazy forever.
    If you have a masochistic complex, please press "0" for the operator. There are 200 calls ahead of you.
    If you are depressed, it doesn't matter which number you press. No one will answer.

    -Once I had multiple personalities, but now we are feeling well.
    -I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute.
    -I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not sure.
    -The best thing about being schizophrenic is that I'm never alone.
    -Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean people aren't out to get you!
    -Hypochondria is the only illness that I don't have.

    The following list of phrases and their definitions might help you understand the mysterious language of science (including psychology) and medicine. These special phrases are also applicable to anyone reading a PhD dissertation or academic paper.

    -"IT HAS LONG BEEN KNOWN"... I didn't look up the original reference.
    -"A DEFINITE TREND IS EVIDENT"... These data are practically meaningless.
    -"WHILE IT HAS NOT BEEN POSSIBLE TO PROVIDE DEFINITE ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS"... An unsuccessful experiment, but I still hope to get it published.
    -"THREE OF THE SAMPLES WERE CHOSEN FOR DETAILED STUDY"... The other results didn't make any sense.
    -"TYPICAL RESULTS ARE SHOWN"... This is the prettiest graph.
    -"THESE RESULTS WILL BE IN A SUBSEQUENT REPORT"... I might get around to this sometime, if pushed/funded.
    -"IN MY EXPERIENCE"... Once
    -"IN CASE AFTER CASE"... Twice
    -"IN A SERIES OF CASES"... Thrice
    -"IT IS BELIEVED THAT"... I think.
    -"IT IS GENERALLY BELIEVED THAT"... A couple of others think so, too.
    -"IT MIGHT BE ARGUED THAT" ... I have such a good answer for this objection that I now raise it.
    -"A CAREFUL ANALYSIS OF OBTAINABLE DATA"... Three pages of notes were obliterated when I knocked over a glass of beer.
    -"AFTER ADDITIONAL STUDY BY MY COLLEAGUES"... They don't understand it either.
    -"A HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT AREA FOR EXPLORATORY STUDY"... A totally useless topic selected by my committee.
    -"IT IS HOPED THAT THIS WILL STIMULATE FURTHER WORK IN THIS FIELD" ... This paper isn't very good, but neither are any others on this miserable subject. [Thanks to Brendan Keefe.]

    -How many Fre

    0 Comments 294 weeks

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close 63 Annoying Questions Survey

63 Annoying Questions Survey

Song that always makes you sad: Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton
Last thing you bought: Make-up wipes in Boots
Last person you argued with: Eoin!
Do you put butter before putting the jelly on: Yep! And peanut butter before chocolate spread!
One of your nicknames as a kid: Never had any (that I knew of).
Did you ever own at one time a Nsync Cd: Nope but Kim did! :P
Favorite day of the week: Friday!
Favorite Sundae topping: Eddie Rocket's Kit-Kat Dream mmmmm!
Did you take Piano lessons: Fuck no!!!
Most frequent song played: Hmm Starting Over by The Crystal Method. Hysteria by Muse.
TV show you secretly enjoy: Ghost Whisperer (the shame!)
Would you rather play basketball or hockey: Neither. I'll just sit here and watch you play!
Date someone older or younger: Younger because I'm a teeneger in my head anyway!
One place you could travel right now: My bed! Canada or Alaska.
Do you use umbrellas: Yep I have a wind-proof plastic bubble American tourist one!
Do you know all the words to your national anthem: Indeed I do!
Favorite Cheese: I HATE CHEESE!!!!
Disturbed or My Chemical Romance: MCR
Blondes or Brunettes: Brunettes! There's something sultry and mysterious about darker hair.
Best job you ever had: The one I have now. Occupational Therapy Assistant.
Did you go to your high school prom: Yeah but had to go home at midnight :(
Perfect time to wake up: Anytime that doesn't involve an alarm clock!
Perfect time to go to bed: Anytime!
Do you use your queen right away in chess: Me? Chess? Seriously?
Ever been in a car accident: No touch wood!
Closer to mom or dad...or neither: Mam.
What do you call your sweetheart lovingly: Fuzzy Poo! *blush*
What decade during the 20th century would you have chosen to be a teenager: I've often said I missed out on the 60s and 70s. So either of them.
Favorite shoes you have EVER owned: The ones I bought in Penney's recently. Fabulous and cheap!
Do you have an article of clothing from your childhood: No! I doubt they'd fit! :P
Were you in track and field: No but I should've been. I could move fast when I wanted to.
Were you ever in a school talent show: LOL no!! I'd need talent first!
Have you ever written in a library book: No but I've kept a few sshhh!
Allergic to: Most people!
Favorite fruit: Watermelon.
Have you watched sex and the city: Watched it once or twice and hated it. Haven't seen the movie.
Baseball hat or toque: A what or a what now? Baseball cap I guess!
Do you shampoo first in the shower or soap: Soap! No reason, that's just the way it is!
Wet the toothbrush or brush dry with the toothpaste: Wet it!
Pen or pencil: Depends what for. Actually I like pencils goddamnit!
Have you ever gambled at a casino: Only on slots!
Have you thrown up on a plane: Nope. I just sweat a lot and look nervous!
Have you thrown up in a car: Yeah.....
Have you thrown up at work: In the loo yeah.
Do you scream on roller coasters: Scream?? I nearly wet myself!
Who was your first prom date: Ger Doyle for his sins.
Who was your first roommate: Eoin!
What alcoholic beverage did you drink for the first time: Ritz. And got locked on it!
What was your first job: B & B housekeeping assistant.
What was your first car: Never had one. Don't drive yet.
When did you first go to a funeral: The only one I can remember is my brother's.
How old were you when you first moved away from your hometown: Temporarily-18. Permanently- 20.
Who was your first grade teacher: Can't remember!
When did you sneak out of your house for the first time: When I was about 16/17 I'd sneak out for walks late at night sometimes.
Who was your first best friend and are you still friends with them: Jesus I don't know. Not still friends with them anyway.
Where did you live the first time you moved out of your parent: Temporarily-Belfield. Permanently-Sandyford.
Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day: Anyone who'll bloody listen!
Whose wedding were you in, the first time you were a bridesmaid or a groomsman: Was never a bridesmaid!
What is the first thing you do in the morning: Pee.
What was the first concert you attended: Bon Jovi with Kim.
First tattoo or piercing: Devil holding a heart on the right hand side of my tummy.
Where did you go on your first airplane ride: Amsterdam when I was about 7. Figures! :)
First celebrity crush: Michael J Fox in Back To The Future!

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  • Stacia Flannagan

    You have to check this out http://alturl.com/devd7

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Sinead Brohan
    luv Sinead Brohan

    hello!!! :D

  • luv Derek The Archmage

    I found it randomly boredom helps you find the most wonderful of things ha ha.. oh and now you have mail ha ha

  • Derek The Archmage

    Hey laura hows things? Not talked to you in ages hope your well and happy belated new year to you...

  • Sinead Brohan
    luv Sinead Brohan

    Howdy doody!!! Howz u??? :D

  • Arleene
    luv Arleene

    Not moanin at all I is startin in trinners Monday yeppiee wha boy u xxx

    9/30/09 via Mobile
  • Sal
    luv Sal

    Hi nooooodles :)

  • luv Derek The Archmage

    Hi Laura all is quiet with me not alot of excitement but given where i am are you surprised ha ha hope your well and all thanks for messaging me...

  • Sinead Brohan
    luv Sinead Brohan

    Oh you biatch!!!!! :L

  • Sinead Brohan
    luv Sinead Brohan

    Hey pisshead! :P

  • Sal

    :L :L I got ravenclaw in dat sortin hat thing too. :L U got a crazy drunk??quite accurate :P I got a wild drunk :L

  • Sal

    Yeah but i still won't be hme til half 3 thurs nd friday-wouldn't really be my kind of half day :L :L :L :L Yeah u really do need to quit wen ur ahead :L U sooooo funny!!!!! :O YOU are seriously mad so ya are! I duno how ya do it......i would still be recoverin dis friday! Any craic in work??xxxxxxxxxx

  • Sal
    luv Sal

    Awh thanks ;) Any craic wit u? My timetable still has nt been changed :( soo annoyed bout not havin a day off anymre. Ash nd I sent an email to the head of the department complaining about how many hours we have between lectures and the whole "no day off" thing :L We do hav a half day thursday n friday. Well did ya recover after the wkend eh??:D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sinead Brohan
    luv Sinead Brohan

    for gods sake woman! Write yourself an interesting introduction to your page!!!! :P nd mention how much ya love me in it! :D :L

  • Sal
    luv Sal

    Heya!! How are ya eh?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:)

  • Dermot C
    luv Dermot C

    The internet is a learning experience, for instance I was able to learn all about the fact that our planet is in fact flat (Google: Charles K Johnson) and Ryan Seacrest is the strongest form of chemical bond available (Wikipedia). Yeah but one emotion shines brighter than them all : it's final year. FINAL YEAR Woooooo!!! Oh wait, Do I want this to end? Do I actually want to end up working and possibly doing the same thing over and over again? No em ... .... maybe.... Learning is so much fun, it's enlightening to learn stuff about well stuff. Although to be honest for that all you need is the internet and a library! And then there's the fact learning is so darnned expensive - me liking saving money and spending it on 24 (Complete Boxset BooYeah!) and stuff.

  • Dermot C
    Dermot C

    OT Cool, reckon it pretty tough, but rewarding? Ahh who knows maybe you can get the Hospital to sponser you, although with this recession as the folks call it, you may have to cross you're fingers bone crunchingly hard! Counsellings sounds nice too, and PHd sounds extremely tough but it sounds like a good solid roadmap's been laid out; wish ya the best of luck with it. As for my Road Map, well let's just say it's a little better than former PUSA Bush's one of the Middle East. Basic idea at the moment is : Complete 4th Year with a real effort. Graduate. Find Work (that's enjoyable). Conptemplate the next move. Further Details Pending .. . . Either way it's going to be one hell of a rollercoaster, cannot wait! Whatever bridge there is to build I'll do my very best to build it ,and if needs be, destroy it again. Dermot

  • Billy Elliot
    luv Billy Elliot

    Aw bored are we ... I'm just chilling in bed after a hectic weekend of partying ... wedding friday, out in arklow saturday ... It's a bitch being soooooo popular ;-)

  • Arleene
    luv Arleene

    Hey beautiful send me u no i have nun got a ne phone! num stil same. wha u at sat?

    7/1/09 via Mobile
  • Sal
    luv Sal

    :( soooooo unbelievably bored!! Nead went shoppin in Arkla 2day :L Wat u up ta?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx