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schools over!

5/26/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

i dont care how long it takes .... i will still b here tryin ma hardest to find you that lost trust
Me, Myself, and I
<<---- haha wot a freak =]

im not like the other girls . . .

yes. . . i am acctually CRAZY !!
im one of them girls that u dont no wetha to run from or fall in love with :P

"six billion people in the world, and sometimes all you need is one . . . " - one tree hill

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

life is only worth the ppl you hav in it ..... so basically get rid of the shit ones n hold on to the good ones with both hands :D

believe that everything happens for a reason,
People change so that you can learn to let go,
Things go wrong so that you appreciate them when there right,
You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself
& sometimes good things fall apart so that better things fall together,,

Emily Peters 's mum says : are you drunk? we say NAY just revolusionised!


The Other Half Of Me
Jen. .

Jen. .

this girl gives me a major fit of the giggles =]

babe i dont think i could love you more... youv stuck by me through everythin n i never wana loose you xxx
ok so iv come to b pritty dam close to this girl n i love it :D she is fun ohnest n o so sexy lol babe i am so sorri i stole your boobs bt it had to b done lol jus dont throw me in that volcanoe of yours hehe love you dude :D xxxxxx
my bst old friend lol wer them two who will be racing around the nursing home in wheelchairs lol xxx

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  • Sophiee Baybee 10/1/09
  • Gareth-Lewis
    luv Gareth-Lewis

    YO HOMEYYYY !!! It Is A Late Reply :P Love Back Atcha ;) xx

  • Chilly
    luv Chilly

    Love you more :D

  • Gareth-Lewis
    luv Gareth-Lewis

    Yo HOMEY !!! :P :P Howa You Darlinn ? Exam In A Min :( Cant Be Arsed For It :( Anyways Have Love (: Love You :P x

  • Kaytiiee.

    goood, and im good thanks :) lmao oow man yeah. my clothes were still wet the day after lol! love you x

  • A'M

    haha, maybe my brolly isnt the best at keeping people dry :P dont worry i was socked when i got home :( ahaa. nooooo not happening :L we will get beaten up again lmao, and i dont really know anyone from your school :/ so there is an even bigger chance of getting beaten up lmao. loveee youu x

  • A'M
    luv A'M

    heyy babe :D you allright ? i hope i did a good job of keeping the rain away from you last night 8-| lmao i looked like adrowned dog when i got home :( ahaaa. writeee backk loveee youuu x

  • Kaytiiee.
    luv Kaytiiee.

    heyy :D you alreet ? tonight was funny :L . fort i would pop you a comment as your my new friend :D love you x

  • Chilly

    Current Location: stapenhill - newhall at the weekends Eh? Dont think so while your goin out with me. :L

  • Hol.

    well im a nice person babe :P :D arww why thank you lauren... under stars, how romantice ;) :) xxxx

  • Hol.
    luv Hol.

    laurennnnnn :D .. have random love babe :) love you lotsss, x

  • Smithy.
    luv Smithy.

    :L :L :P x x x x x

    4/23/09 via Mobile
  • Spanish Dave
    Spanish Dave

    yea spongecake lmao went bit flat tho haha n i may do sumday if u play ur cards rite lol n i aint got a clue entirely ur choice

  • Spanish Dave
    luv Spanish Dave

    i cant c ur friends :L :L they invisible haha o.j did sewin in school lol its well wank n i like cookin lol n yea i no hw u feel bou fings lyk tht :( xxxx av sum luv bk

  • 'Midnight Fantasy
    luv 'Midnight Fantasy

    naughty banton ;) havnt called you that in a while. lmao. love you sexy :D xx

  • Smithy.

    We will do it again dont you worry ;) :L x x x x

    4/16/09 via Mobile
  • Spanish Dave
    Spanish Dave

    sounds fun lol n u got m8s :O :L :L o.j lol n no not really i nly get stoned these days its well borin lol hw cme u ent wiv sharpy nomre? xxx

  • Smithy.
    luv Smithy.

    Sounds good :D We will have to arrange sumet ;) :L , :L :L our last special moment was well good :P :L :L x x x x

    4/15/09 via Mobile
  • Spanish Dave
    Spanish Dave

    yea am mint thankyou :D u been up to ote much ? xx

  • Smithy.
    luv Smithy.

    I Know Yeah :( Where Was You :( :D xxxx