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. . . . . . What Too Sayy ?????

8/13/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 144
  • from no Where . . .Im homeless :/ ):
  • I am Single
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About Me

One Year And Two Days We Were Together ilu Just-Ben 27'08'08-'29'08'09 xxx
Me, Myself, and I
☆ G e o r g i i n a a - J a d e e . D a v i s . x

I;m just One Of Those Ghosts Traveling Endlastly . . .the ones we trusted the most . . .pushed us far away.

I L o v e Y o u L o l Bestie XD. x

I Will Miss you Baby Benny :'(

I Love You

☆ 15 years young

☆ Born 25th september 1994

☆ 16 in 136 days ! =1year

☆ Single

☆ Year 10

Gee ♥ Megg + Ge
☆ Ge my Twin :D

♀ + ♂ = ♥

☆Emiiliiee is my 100th luv
☆Who will be My 200th Love ?

F r i e n d s Are A l l I'll E v e r N e e d !
♥ Emiiliiee Louisee Paterson
Robert Micheal Fowkes
♥ Charley Racheal Yates: )
Charlotte Rose Morris
♥ Tiffany Rose Cairns
Scott Bedford
♥ Jake Dunton
Chelsea Lia Mary James
♥ Hannah Marie Devine
Beat In Time

my haert can not cope no more; with this silly love
can you make it stop
its swelling up inside
im gonna burst out in to tears
the pain its hurting soo much
i think it might be the pain of missing you . . .

Chorus: Make My heart beat in time with yours as if they are ment to be.
my heart cnt take this ; its too much for it too heal.

my hearts too fragile
for this common life apon us ; its hurts just wen it rains
i cnt stop it
no drug no one apart from you can help it now .
heal it with your open heart you no tht it you wnat to heal the broken pieces of the heart you once held.


i made this espahally for you its the glue for you to heal the heart that you once held in those hands.
the glue is your love for me if you dnt hurry;
i may not see love again.

Make my heart beat in time with yours. . . as. . if there ment to be. . .
my heart cnt. . ... take this... much longer
this is too much for it too heal. . . .
♥ Hacked x
Hacked Once Again Babes, Its Tifff :D Cheltenhamm Funny Timess .. HUT! Lol. Love You Babesss. x x x - 3O/O7/2OO9 - 2O:2O
☆ Paramore
New Album New Song :
Ignorance Amence Song Love It And Album Coming Out End Of This Month XD:DD

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    11.We like it rough.
    12.We have are legs spread all day long.
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  • Batman

    how come you didnt add me on twitter? http://goo.gl/dGpR2 I thought we were gonna hook up?

  • Scott B
    Scott B

    OMG... this girl is showing everything on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on HaleyRenningerygrle@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

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    Matt Stevens

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  • Mattyc

    alright lol ent been on this it time right might sound weird but what is your full name cuz i just know you as G because i was going to add you on facebook

  • Mattyc

    haha its cool hows you wubu2 do you have elliots bebo??? xxx

  • Mattyc

    hiiii G hows you wubu2 what is your msn ?? xxxx

  • Tim
    luv Tim

    ye lol im good you? ly xxx

  • Aami Luckerr.
    Aami Luckerr.

    oh right fairrr! lol xx

  • Aami Luckerr.
    Aami Luckerr.

    Oh :/ do you have anovaa horsee? Lol x x

  • Aami Luckerr.
    Aami Luckerr.

    Aww bless. hope he doesnt. Wubu2? x x

  • Xx-Charlotte-Rose-XX
    luv Xx-Charlotte-Rose-XX

    Babe has Ben gone ? xxx

  • Aami Luckerr.
    Aami Luckerr.

    heyy, Good Youu?? Ly x x x

  • BiteMebitch.

    the actual koolest (;

  • BiteMebitch.
    luv BiteMebitch.

    YAY im your toip friend i feel fucking loved xD ahhaa have lovee my baby girl XD fun! Special! lol feeling random how bee yourselff my dear.?

  • C'RY
    luv C'RY

    Mwaahhh. x x x Love You x

  • Georgia.


  • C'RY
    luv C'RY

    Lol, Good Good! :D Love you xxxxx