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Check out http://www.girltrashonline.com to see how you can be apart of the GIRLTRASH MOVIE!

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About Me

You only wish you could be like me Daisy. YOU only wish you could have a gun to your head!!!
Me, Myself, and I
Are you a fan of South of Nowhere? How about DEBS? The L Word?
If so than you will love Girltrash!
Angela Robinson, the genius behind DEBS who has also worked on The l Word has created this awesome new web based show.
Starring Mandy Musgrave, Gabrielle Christian, Maeve Quinlan (South Of Nowhere), Rose Rollins (The L Word) Amber Benson (Buffy)and more.
This sounds awesome already, but what is it about??
Here's a lil snippet:
"Set in the criminal underworld of Los Angeles with a dark but over the top Miami Vice vibe, Girltrash! follows the story of five ass-kicking girls, getting by any way they can, even if it means double crossing your best friend or former lover.
A gang war is brewing. You'll be asked to...Pick a side."

Was on hiatus for 2 years but is back. There is a movie and comic book also in the works.

Check out the blog for updates, quotes and interviews. Photo's, behind the scenes, stills, video and more.

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  • Girltrash episode 10, movie and more update

    September 2nd 2009

    Girltrash is still alive and very much kicking.
    Episode 10 is finally getting put up this week at http://www.girltrashonline.com

    The MOVIE starts filming December 1st

    Also keep an eye out for an upcoming episode of "Brunch with Bridget" on AfterEllen.com with special guest Lisa from Killola (aka Daisy).

    So spread the word. Girltrash! is back and better than ever.

    0 Comments 203 weeks

  • Girltrash Movie!

    Hopefully you all have not forgotten about Girltrash!
    Posted today on the Killola Myspace was this.

    HI Myspace!
    We had dinner with Angela Robinson and Alex Kondracke last night.
    They broke us this glorious news: the critically acclaimed web series, 'GIRLTRASH!' will now be a MOVIE!
    Lisa will return in her role as lead bad ass and trouble maker, Daisy Robson.

    Shooting starts this October, with Alex Kondracke directing.

    Until then, Killola is busy touring ( IN MAY WITH KRISTEEN YOUNG!!), making our NEW RECORD, and now writing music for the GIRLTRASH! soundtrack.

    We can't believe how cool the story sounds.

    .....And the GIRLTRASH! graphic novel is on the way :)

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  • Want more Girltrash!??

    Well if you do then add the OFFICIAL MYSPACE. Once they reach 5000 the "LONG EDITED" All 10 episodes in 1 will be shown. So add them and SPREAD THE WORD!!!


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  • Two Girltrash! fanfics

    lovecatcadillac by lovecatcadilla­c
    I’ve written two Girltrash! fics. They’re both from Daisy’s perspective. Reviews are very much appreciated, particularly as GT is such a small fandom.

    Title: Reasons Why Not
    Rating: R (for language, implied violence, and sexual references)
    Characters/Pairings: Daisy/Tyler
    Summary: "Does your friend know that you’re in love with her?" "Um, I’m not in love with her. I don’t know what you’re talking about." "Yeah, you keep telling yourself that."
    Link: http://community.livejournal.com/pic...

    Title: Get Over It
    Rating: R (for language and sexual references)
    Characters/Pairings: Daisy/Tyler, Tyler/LouAnne
    Summary: It’s been two months since Judge Cragen called Daisy on the way she feels about Tyler. Daisy would like to think that she’s completely over it...
    Link: http://community.livejournal.com/pic...
    0 Replies 308 weeks
  • Best line so far

    lovecatcadillac by lovecatcadilla­c
    As of Episode 9, what do you guys think is the single funniest (or Top 3, 5, 10, however many you want) line in the series?
    3 Replies 311 weeks
  • Favourite Character?

    Rarti by Rarti
    Well who is it?
    5 Replies 312 weeks

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  • Shivvy Von Star
    Shivvy Von Star

    is there going to be anymore girltrash online soon? fucking loves it keep up the good work x

  • Shivvy Von Star
    Shivvy Von Star

    fucking loves it ash n spencer hot as always <33 feel free to add

  • Prince Ria Minx
    Prince Ria Minx

    hey this sounds really cool but i never heard of it before nor has it been mention here in NZ

  • Sazowallok

    hey, anyone know when girltrash is coming back? xxx

  • Carmen de la Pica Morales
    Carmen de la Pica Morales

    P L E A S E J O I N Sarah Shahi (: Carmen De La Pica Morales :) -The Question Still Lays Is She Gonna Come Back -Will There Be *Sharmen* Again? Much Love. X

  • Julie Pineda
    Julie Pineda

    Hey everyone E fisher has created a thread at gaiaonline for SOUTH OF NOWHERE. --This thread was created out of love of Spashley. (If you have no idea what Spashley is, then look here.) This be a discussion thread. We can't do much else, given that any other posts would likely fall under ";o ffsite advertising", but we sure can discuss till we're all blue in the face. So, a big hi to all of the ladies of the Spashley boards. I extend a fond welcome to you, considering I asked you to come here in the first place. So everyone who love the show can go there we could get more people there more visibility... THANKS http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/chat... We Also need people for the PRIDE FESTIVALS for mor info go to: www.savespashley.com

  • Lynette
    luv Lynette

    hey go to www.myspace.com/girltrashy and add them as a friend!! if they reach 5000 friends they will post a 12 minute episode of GIRLTRASH. its all the episodes re-edited into one! please check it out and spread the word!!! thanks SAVE SPASHLEY!!!

  • Amba-Louise

    thort da show was preety funny lolz xx

  • Annie

    Love It :) <33



  • A.J Benjamin
    A.J Benjamin


  • AZn Princess X
    AZn Princess X

    http://www.bebo.com/Pure--Perfections PURE PERFECTION [pp™] brand new band, check it out and join now!! hair styles*hair colours* make up* boys and girls* options open for pics up now!!!! REMEMBER!only the best of the pure perfectionEST can join ! are you a pure perfectionist ? http://www.bebo.com/Pure--Perfections

  • South Of Nowhere Fansite
    South Of Nowhere Fansite

    Oh WOW Jayme that is awesome!!! What was she like and what did she say about Girltrash!? Also Girltrash! is a series about 8 gangsta's/ criminals who are dealing with a lot of shit. So far Tyler and Daisy have to get $2 million, LouAnne and take both to Monique, the hitman/ right-hand man for the big time mobsters, The Shady Dragons. Monique has kidnapped Daisy's sister Colby and her ex Misty. LouAnne has the 2 million they need but has done a runner so Tyler has no choice but to visit Lana. This is as far as we have got so far but it still looks very promicing.

  • Annie

    oo i love this programe! xxxxx

  • South Of Nowhere Fansite
    South Of Nowhere Fansite

    As far as I know its available world wide cos I'm in OZ and can view it. Its a web series so the only place you can watch it is on the internet... its currently on hiatus... taking a break for some amount of time. Otherwise its normally shown at http://www.girltrash.tv and new episodes are put up at 12pm western time I think... on Sundays in America. You can also watch each episode on youtube or try http://www.spashley.com for download links... all the eps i think are on this page... so far there are 9... in total there is almost 20 minutes of footage. i hope this has helped... If not feel free to ask me more