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Adam Drew

had to get stitches in my face, should be a funky looking scar!

8/12/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 25, Luv 29
  • from dunfermline
  • I am Single
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
im 21, born in dunoon, raised in dunfermline. i seem to spend most of my time playing comp games, sleeping or just hanging about with my mates.
static-x, bloodsimple, celldweller, nile, hate eternal, dry kill logic, zyklon, black label society, nailbomb, cavalera conspiracy, soulfly, pig destroyer, strapping young lad, etc, etc.
the good the bad and the ugly, fistfull of dollars, unforgiven, 1408, planet terrror, brotherhood of the wolf, evil dead 2+3, evil aliens, aliens 1, 2 and 4. i like pretty much any horror/thriller. sometimes a comedy too.
phantom of the pimpin cloak, goblin, possesed dude, eye of raa, smiley face, and im workin on a new one, but its secret until its finished.
a shark on whisky is mighty risky, a shark on beer is a beer engineer!.... a bear is a funny animal. it might bite your head off... especialy if your wearing a steak on it.
Happiest When
sleeping... and being angry.

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  • stolen from tommy. again.

    Drunk Survey
    1. Have you ever been drunk? it goes against my catholic nature.

    2. How old were you the first time you got drunk? about 14-15.

    3. Have you ever gotten/given digits while intoxicated? yeah

    4. Have you ever 'drunk dialed'? im not sure actual. probably.

    5. Have you ever been drunk in front of family members? yeah

    6. Have you ever had to cover up the fact that you were drunk? yeah, when i was at college.

    7. Have you ever been arrested for any alcohol-related crime? nope

    8. Have you ever hooked-up with someone while drunk? uhhuh.

    9. Ever forgot their name? once

    10. When was the last time you were drunk? wednesday

    11. Have you ever been on a drunken binge? bike rallys

    12. Do you need alcohol to have a good time? no

    13. What kind of alcohol gets you the most intoxicated? sambuca does it for me.

    14. Favorite liquor? any decent malt

    15. Favorite beer? igness and gunn. or a ipa

    16. Have you ever woken up after a night of drinking and found out that you are STILL drunk? yeah!

    17. Have you ever swam drunk? yea

    18. What kind of a drunk are you? sometimes happy, sometimes violent.

    19. Is alcohol like "truth serum" to you? not in perticular

    20. Favorite drinking partner? max, ronnie or hober

    21. Favorite bar? commys, the crown, hole, im not fussy

    22. Have you ever completely blacked out? i dont think so

    23. Have you ever puked from drinking? yeah. only majorly on red wine though.

    24. Have you ever had the 'crying drunks'? nah

    25. Can you still do physical activity while intoxicated? i usualy get more active when im drunk.

    26. Have you ever gotten into a drunken fight? hell yeah.

    27. Who is the most annoying drunk that you know? mike, hands down.

    28. Who is the most flirtatious drunk? erm... i dont know.

    29. Do you have a drunken nickname? a few.

    30. Have you received a 'booty call'? uh... yeah. from the creature referred to as "the entity". i musta been smashed.

    31. Funniest drunken scene in a movie? pht, im not sure.

    32. Favorite song about drinking? beer by psychostick

    33. Have you ever woke up next to someone you didn't know? yeah.

    34. Have you ever been hit on by someone way older than you? jesus wept. unforunatly, yes.

    35. What's the worst 'buzz kill'? mopy wankers or drunks wantin to fight.

    36. Have you ever dated a bartender or bouncer? a lil bit? kinda? it wasnt official

    37. Do you ever say to yourself, "Dang, I need a drink'' no. as soon as i start saying dang, il probably shoot myself.

    38. Do strangers ever buy you drinks? it has happened before. someone bought me a drink cause i havce a "nice beard" the other day.

    39. Have you ever drank too much on a date? i dont think i ever went on a date with my second last ex when i was sober.

    40. Is there anything that you refuse to drink? dragonspit. never ever again. 2 day hangovers arnt worth it.

    41. Have you ever been drunk on a plane? no

    42. Have you ever gotten drunk during the day? yes

    43. Have you ever had to run from the cops and leave the beer behind? leave a beer behind? dont insult me!

    44. What's your favorite drinking game? aint played drinkin games before.

    45. Have you ever injured yourself while drunk? occasionally

    46. What's the most destructive thing that has happened while you were drunk? not sure

    47. Ever been drunk at a concert? most likely

    48. Is this survey getting too long? its gettin that way

    49. Are you ready for the last question? sure. indulge me.

    50. Why do you drink? it makes hanging out with hober a shit load easier.

    0 Comments 174 weeks

  • stolen quiz thingy

    First off, you're single right?

    Can you do this without deleting any questions?

    Is your last name longer than 6 letters?

    Has anyone ever called you perfect before?

    Last person you laid beside in a bed?
    errr... amber i think

    Ever liked someone who treated you like crap?

    Have you ever been called heartless?
    yeah, a few times.

    Have you ever liked someone older than you?
    yeah, but only by a year or 2

    What are you doing?
    contemplating my naval.

    Is someone on your mind right now?

    Is there someone you will never forget?

    What's on your mind?
    lookin forward to goin back to dunoon, worried about a mate

    Do you truly hate anyone?

    Do you want someone back in your life?

    What's going on between you and the last person you texted
    organisin goin back to dunoon, and club junk.

    Have you ever felt like you literally needed someone?

    Have you ever been hit on through a text message?

    What's the 10th text in your inbox say?
    good - ronnie

    Ever cried while you were on the phone with someone?
    i cant remember. maybe

    Who did you last ride in a car with?

    What are you doing for your next birthday?
    probably be hiding in dunoon

    In February were you in a relationship?

    Plans for Saturday?

    Relationships or one night stands?

    Are you currently frustrated with someone?
    yes, very

    Can you play pool?
    not as well as i used to

    Do you think you'll be married in 10 years?
    probably not

    Do you like hugs?
    kinda i guess

    Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
    depends how they fucked up their first chance.

    Is there someone who continuously lets you down?

    Is there a secret you've never told your parents?

    Who can always cheer you up?

    Have you ever worn the opposite sex's clothing?
    yeah. theres pics of me wearing my exs top at download a few years back

    What is your relationship status?

    Do you know anyone that is currently locked up?

    Do you regret anything?
    yeah, a few things

    Have you ever had a panic attack?

    What color are your eyes?

    Would you date someone right now if they asked?
    depends who asked me

    Do you believe that ex's can be "just friends"?

    Does the last person you held hands with mean something to you?
    im not sure who it was.

    Ever asked a girl for advice?

    Do you like when people play with your hair?
    no. its too short to play with anyway

    What are you listening to right now?

    Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?
    i doubt it

    Is there someone you can spend every minute with and be happy?

    Did you ever date someone who smokes weed?

    Last time you talked to someone out loud?
    bout 10 mins ago

    How late did you stay up last night?
    bout 1

    What are you looking forward to?
    goin back to dunoon. only got back in dunfermline bout a hour ago, and i wanna go back.

    Is there anybody that you really miss?

    Could you go out in public looking like you do now?
    i usualy do.

    Is there someone you'd like to fix things with?

    0 Comments 180 weeks

  • nicked!

    can YOU answer 24 questions about YOUR number 1?
    DON'T change your top friends, and answer 24 questions about the 1st. person in your top friends.

    1) what's their name?
    senor hobero

    2) What is their sexual orientation?
    gayer than christmas

    3) Where or how did you meet them?
    boys brigade...

    4) How old were you when you first met?
    ermm. young

    5) Is this person, one of your best friends?
    hes like a bro to me. a bro that nicks my beer and keeps trying to show me his arse.

    6) Say something that only makes sense to you and that person?
    crotches of steel, black mammoth

    7) Is this person older than you?
    no, hes 12

    When was the last time you saw this person?

    9) Do you miss them?
    no. im glad of the break from his ballbaggery

    10) Are you related to this person?
    no. thats just insulting.

    11) Do you have nicknames for each other?
    he calls me girl pants. i call him wankwank.

    12) Is that person bringing sexy back?
    he thinks he is

    13) Do you think that person will repost this?
    no, im not sure he can read

    14) Why is this person #1 on your top friends?
    because..... i feel sorry for him

    15) Have you seen this person cry?
    yeah once or twice

    16) Do you know this persons middle name?
    yeah, wankwank

    17) Do you tell them a lot about your life?

    1 Is he/she doing anything tonight?
    rubbing off a chubby furiosly to loose women.

    19) If yes, What:

    20) Would you date this person?
    no. hes below me

    21) Would they date you?
    of course, he wants my body

    22) Tell us a secret about this person:

    24) What song reminds you of them most?
    alestorm - curse of captain morgan, or turisas - cursed be iron

    0 Comments 186 weeks

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Accordingly, many Malkavians find themselves pariahs, ostracized by a vampiric society fearful of their random urges and capricious whims. Wiser Kindred, however, prefer to keep the madmen close at hand: Behind the Malkavians' lunatic cackling and feverish rantings lie smatterings of insight, even wisdom.
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close 63 Annoying Questions Survey

63 Annoying Questions Survey

Song that always makes you sad: errr..... im not sure
Last thing you bought: a book.
Last person you argued with: godamn. i really cant remember. proper argument? prob my sis at christmas
Do you put butter before putting the jelly on: of course, its the natural order of things.
One of your nicknames as a kid: im not telling you that!
Did you ever own at one time a Nsync Cd: no!
Favorite day of the week: saturdays.
Favorite Sundae topping: mondae?
Did you take Piano lessons: hell yeah.
Most frequent song played: according to my mp3 player, its 1000 homo djs covering supernaut.
TV show you secretly enjoy: i dont really wtch much tv.
Would you rather play basketball or hockey: what kinda hocky? aslong as it aint field hockey.
Date someone older or younger: usualy younger, but im not fussy.
One place you could travel right now: bed.
Do you use umbrellas: nope.
Do you know all the words to your national anthem: scottish one, yeah, but not the british one.i know the canadian one too.
Favorite Cheese: wtf? edam. i dont know, im not a cheese connesuir.
Disturbed or My Chemical Romance: neither. im straight.
Blondes or Brunettes: look at me? do you think i can be fussy?
Best job you ever had: scotmid man, god mates, good laughs. it was the shizz.
Did you go to your high school prom: hell no!
Perfect time to wake up: about 5 mins before you go to sleep
Perfect time to go to bed: about 5 mins after you wake up
Do you use your queen right away in chess: no. knight. not like im a chess geek or anything. and you cant start with a queen on the first move, its boxed in.
Ever been in a car accident: yeah, a few.
Closer to mom or dad...or neither: mum, dad is mega shitey.
What do you call your sweetheart lovingly: bitchtitts. nah, i dont know, theres a few names.
What decade during the 20th century would you have chosen to be a teenager: i dont know! i can barely remember being a teeneager.
Favorite shoes you have EVER owned: the ones a had before this pair, dcs i think.
Do you have an article of clothing from your childhood: no, i doubt any kiddy clothes would fit me.
Were you in track and field: no.
Were you ever in a school talent show: i was offered, but no.
Have you ever written in a library book: nope.
Allergic to: happyness. nah, err.... nothing, i think.
Favorite fruit: oranges.
Have you watched sex and the city: not intentionaly.
Baseball hat or toque: a.. toque? whats a toque? im gonna say baseball cap.
Do you shampoo first in the shower or soap: whatever ones nearest me.
Wet the toothbrush or brush dry with the toothpaste: wet brush.
Pen or pencil: pen
Have you ever gambled at a casino: yes.
Have you thrown up on a plane: nope.
Have you thrown up in a car: once, but i had the flu, it wasnt travel sickness.
Have you thrown up at work: i dont think so.
Do you scream on roller coasters: i dont scream. i... bellow... no., i dont.
Who was your first prom date: never been to a prom.
Who was your first roommate: never had one. im a solitary creature.
What alcoholic beverage did you drink for the first time: jesus, err, probably a beer.
What was your first job: fucking acorns pet shop. shitehole.
What was your first car: aint had it yet.
When did you first go to a funeral: my gran.
How old were you when you first moved away from your hometown: im not sure. 2?
Who was your first grade teacher: first grasde? er? my p1 teacher was... i cant remember!
When did you sneak out of your house for the first time: godamn, i dont know!
Who was your first best friend and are you still friends with them: dave, and no, we didnt fall out, we just dont talk.
Where did you live the first time you moved out of your parent: a homeless hostel. in buckhaven.
Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day: no one, i either get drunk or man up!.
Whose wedding were you in, the first time you were a bridesmaid or a groomsman: dont think iv ever beens a groomsman.
What is the first thing you do in the morning: bitch and complain.
What was the first concert you attended: im not sure. jools holland i think.
First tattoo or piercing: i got my left ear peirced.
Where did you go on your first airplane ride: florida, when i was a puppy.
First celebrity crush: jesus, i cant remembr. piss off.

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  • Darla Whitis

    How can the do this for free? http://alturl.com/fgjvi

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Vicki
    luv Vicki

    hey x

  • Vicki

    hurry up n get on maaan!!!:L x

  • Vicki

    sorrry lol was in school , next time your on facebook we will chat (: x

  • Vicki

    im alright you? x

    9/8/10 via Mobile
  • Vicki
    luv Vicki

    hey ..... x

  • Amber Letham
    Amber Letham

    Awww, you douche, I demand love! GIVE ME SOME NOW!! or prepare to be castrated!

  • Amber Letham
    luv Amber Letham

    The law states... You're a queerdo! It's gunna say in big writing "ADAM DREW IS A QUEERDO" Thats what it's gunna say, you'll see! HA! :D I'm going to leave you love now, however I demand it back, if I don't recieve it back I'm going to shave off the last wee strip of hair you have left on your head, and you'll be bald! and y'know I'll like throw stuff at you I guess... I dunno. I seem to be rambling here, GIVE ME BACK MY LOVE DAMNIT!!

  • Amber Letham
    Amber Letham

    My phones away to get fixed currently, so Im using a different number, sad times D: 07544579427 On a lighter more glorious note... I'M FUCKING FREEEEEE!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! *freezeframe jump for joy*

  • Mrs Rhiannon Meredith-Brown
    Mrs Rhiannon Meredith-Brown

    Lol, thank you! :) Sounds like fun, if ya' into that sort of thing, :P xxx

  • Ross Thomson
    Ross Thomson

    you used to work for Scotmid? I work for Scotmid

  • Mrs Rhiannon Meredith-Brown
    Mrs Rhiannon Meredith-Brown

    Yeah, I saw you going into the Kingsgate, lol. I'm great, went out last night for our engagement celebration, was steaming!! :D Had an awesome time, lol. Quality, what you doing in Dunoon? xxx

  • Mrs Rhiannon Meredith-Brown
    Mrs Rhiannon Meredith-Brown

    Hey, how's you? I saw you up the town yesterday, but I decided not to inflict another flyer on you! Lol, xxx

  • Mrs Rhiannon Meredith-Brown
    luv Mrs Rhiannon Meredith-Brown

    Ooooft, that's impressive, haha. Yeah, like down in Hawick and stuff, the snows up to peoples waists, lol. I'm sick of the snow now like, I can't wait for the summer!! xxx

  • Mrs Rhiannon Meredith-Brown
    Mrs Rhiannon Meredith-Brown

    Yeah, I'm good. Just went on a trek to find somewhere to eat, lol. And nowhere is f*cking open, not even McDonalds!! Honestly, it's a disgrace like! Lol, so ended up at the Co-op, the Missus is just cooking me a fry-up! And we rented a couple of movies from Blockbusters, so just gonna' curl up on the couch. :) You have a good New Year? xxx

  • Mrs Rhiannon Meredith-Brown
    Mrs Rhiannon Meredith-Brown

    "Can I interest you in 15% off all food at the Brasshouse at all? Valid all through January!" ... Next time you see me, you have to take a flyer! :P Even if you throw it in the bin afterwards, at least indulge me, :L xxx

  • JasonNunn

    yo dog am home today fancy getin a pint or coffie this week :)

  • Amber Letham
    luv Amber Letham

    Ran out of cred last night, sorry, I'll text you after I've topped up today though! :)

    12/20/09 via Mobile
  • JasonNunn


  • JasonNunn

    u learn to use this /thenn ll teach u to learn this love ya always have haa haa the problem with scotland is ..is theres too many scots haa haa haa haa