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  • Female, 21, Luv 68
  • from Weagamow Lake ont
  • I am Single
  • Last active: 5/4/10
  • www.bebo.com/beautiful_bytch09
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About Me

love is hard to find
Me, Myself, and I
everybody calls me Raven
I'm known as Ray. ray-ray. babiig. sweet thang and whatever
I be stuntin 17
lets just say I miss him B.J.J..D.K dont get MAD
I like playing sports, dem greens. da drinks. boxing. having fun. chilling and whatever
I hate it when Ben aint dating me. lol. umm being mad or sad. no weed no drinks and no money hunny:P

You can contact me @
lil_hott_chikk thats the Yahoo
Favorite Movies
whatever I guess
First of all I would love to give muh babe a shout BENTLEY KAKEKAYASH miss you so much baby cya soon. and whoever I guess everybody still gets a hello from me..
Baseball Soccer Football Floorhockey Hockey Basketball lets just say all of them.. either way still fun
Scared Of
umm still cant find what im scared of to be honest.. so yeaa
Happiest When
when I WAS with Ben ... smoking up.. partying.. hanging out with muh peoples.. snorting ..
Sadest When
Ben aint mine anomore.. lol .. when I lose a loved one .. and much more I thiink

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Chips: $25,117
Rank: 222289
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Chips: $1,058,330
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Rank: 311707
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Rank: 670101

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  • Naish Keesic
    luv Naish Keesic

    3 Sup ? me just chillin n shit waitin fo 2nite yea kno just doin my part :P k P'ce ttyl

  • Naish Keesic 9/17/09
  • Naish Keesic 9/17/09
  • Syndicate Shawty
    luv Syndicate Shawty

    t r a d e ♥ ` z

  • Naish Keesic
    luv Naish Keesic

    Herez tha luv :D

  • Naish Keesic
    Naish Keesic

    Hi raven :D wuts up ?

  • .
    luv .

    hey raven!!!.. heart? heheheh enjoy *L*

  • Henry Rae
    Henry Rae

    hey what sup well just signing ur shit here well pce out

  • Kaminawash

    long time no see , lol very long time haha wella see u whenever i guess

  • Jeremy J Monias
    luv Jeremy J Monias

    hey there pretty...juss droppin off a heart...give it back

  • DeeKayy
    luv DeeKayy

    Whutz Up juss returning the heart nd i'm outta here lol so pce

  • RbN
    luv RbN

    Raven Chikane!! How You Doing??..*L*..Juss Thought I'd Leave A Heart 4 You...Take Care && Cya Soon!!.. Enjoy Chick! RbnAdrsn;24 Was Here!

  • Tristan Natewayes
    luv Tristan Natewayes

    Good to hear from ya ive been on probation 14 months got another 4 months i got left i have been ballin wit my money guess how much i got 51 grand this past winter and spring now its summer i got a truck and boat house cost lots but its all for me after im done pro...lol gotta find ya on my bebo friends list ill put cha bak on top list friends im workin dis summer 1500 hundred for 10 days not bad i dont think i kno my way bak ther to your rez life but didnt gtet to kno that much cuz u kno y ..???? gotta go holla at cha later or sumthing im thuggin it out ballin.....holla holla

  • -

    ayeeo cous, qood to hear you're doinq qood. don't be a badass. nnn, no im justkidddinq' ya kno? :D anyway, tc . hope to see you soon, it's been awhile .

  • Henry Rae
    Henry Rae

    what sup raven well just leaving you simthing to read well pce out

  • LizzJoh
    luv LizzJoh

    omfg its raven chikane !! :O hahajk , whoa long time no see ,, soo how ya been ? me .. i could be better but whatever its alll goood aha , but ttyl eh ? take it easyy !

  • Unda Preshur
    luv Unda Preshur

    aint much going on with me hahaha, just school an shit. wbu, what you been up too

  • Dope'D
    luv Dope'D

    hey whatsup jus droppin a lil sum sum for you lmao well i talk to you later pce out heres a heart :L

  • Always.LuvU

    lol ew, delete my old bebo *L*....so old..i'll add chu on this one though :) ...anyways whatsappenin? i'm just sitting here being sick...yeah well i dont got much to say...see you around...bye