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Amélie Sophie Belmont

Sorry guys for the lack of activity. This weeks work load is CRAZY

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Amélie Sophie Belmont

No..No..it is pronounced:
... do..you understand this ?

"you can't start a fire without a spark
This gun's for hire even if we're just dancing in the dark

Under construction
originalº §
RPing since about 2005-06

Amélie Sophie Belmont is now my most recently created character, Logan Marie Sparks being the runner up.

I hope you enjoy RPing with me and with this character of mine
Please dont
take any photos please, i did a lot to find them
you add me- you start

I add you..I start

more than 5 lines.

PLEASE word check: I'm not going to continuously try and Decipher your replies if i can't make any sense of them

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  • Amélie Sophie Belmont UnderCo.

    French| Female | 20 | Bisexual |

    status: single
    job: Pastries Chef + tutoring French
    Hobbies: traveling, reading, playing the clarinet, singing, laying under the stars, nature walks, Lacrosse
    Power(s): Manipulation of the states of water. [ ONLY APPLICABLE TO SUPERNATURAL RPs]

    Bkgd: Growing up Amelie could not remember much of her biological mother or father. When she was an infant her Ma died due to a tragic accident and her Pa could not handle the pressures of raising a child alone; at the age of 7 Amelie was placed up for adoption. Over the years Amelie received letters from her father and on occasions he would visit her at her assigned foster home. At one point, as the years pasted on and her father withdrew himself from her life. While Amelie was a soft spoken child before the death of her mother and the slow painful abandonment of her father, she became silenced and much more non-social during the few months that she stayed in the orphanage(s) and Foster home(s) in France.

    Proven to be one of the lucky parentless children, Amelie was adopted by an American Woman. Amelia’s adopted mother was infertile, and wanted nothing more than a child to raise and call her own, she promised to give Amelie nothing but the perfect life. While Amelie was provided with everything she interested and was able to write letters home to France to her dearly missed friends new life in America did not turn out to be the easiest. Upon being unhealthily quiet, even around her adopted mother, learning English from a private tutor and speaking trying to communicate with her peers had proven to be an obstacle in itself.

    Due to the abandonment of her father Amelie grew up having a hard time communicating with her male peers.

    Adopted Mother: Margaret Ann levara
    Biological Mother: Zara Mae Belmont
    Biological Father: Léon Alexander Belmont

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  • Storylines

    OOC: This set up I not over lap RP time-zones: Meaning If someone wants to be Amelie's permit/long term lover...it can be arranged. These are to give her life a fuller background. While I might have several RPs going on, she will not be cheating UNLESS its in a fixed RP. etc.

    1) Love&Friendship
    you sung a song, painful and piercing
    ~ Oh starry Eyed love of mine
    Available. Female. 19+

    This would be a LONG RP...because it needs grounds for growth. Meeting in either France Or in the States, the girls meet somehow and become good friends, perhaps lovers OR are attracted to the other. I would like this to be long and full because of how Amelie is at her maturity level. She fluctuates emotionally at times, is brilliant and stubborn. She NOW has a good relationship with her mother. Age can be modified/ increased for your preference.

    ( we could create a history for the girls maybe they could have grown up together after Amelie's move to the states...were enemies while in the USA...and now are beginning to get to know each other etc. after Amelia's stubborn exterior is weakened maybe) •Read up on my character to understand her better.

    2) Helping Hand
    Pronounce it like you really mean it Available. F or M 15+

    This can take place the summer before Amelie goes off for her first year in Uni in France or during one of her summers visiting home/ a holiday break. Because she rather indepenent of her adoptive mother she chooses to post flyers for people who needed Tutoring in French at the library, in Highschools etc.. A Parent ( who wants her to tutor their kid) OR a teenager who desires to learn, contacts Amelie etc. We can discuss any further information. ( whether their relationship leads to a brotherly OR sisterly love type thing or just friends etc)

    3)Books & Values
    Catch my eye. Hold My hand. This is going to be one hell of a ride Available. F or M 19+

    Amelie meets someone at her school/coffee shop/park(etc) one day and they are able to hold a steady conversation ( which is important b/c Amelie doesn't talk much to strangers). Maybe they can have reoccurring meetings Over time & they become closer. Amelie goes to school in France & comes home for the holidays♥

    4) And then the world crumbled
    Shhh No one can know our little secret

    Amelie is a mutant, and since her 20th birthday had been having to deal with her powers on her own. ~ We can build from that point on.

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    1).[1] At age 19 Amélie Sophie had only just started to feel comfortable in her skin and around others within the 7 plus years that she resided in America, she now tried to build and mend old relationships that she created. The young, dark haired female would have been just fine not having to worry about any friend contact in America, or so she thought…because to her, all she needed was her two friends in France and the company of the woman who took her in, the woman she called her mother. The past few years deemed themselves the most demanding; while Amélie overcame the struggle to communicate with her adopted mother a few years prior; she had to focus on entering high school and maintaining her grades as she dealt with a language barrier. <br/><br/>Amelie and her adoptive mother, Margret-Ann could both say that they were proud of their mother daughter relationship that was mended together with years of effor.

    [2]The pair now in Sydney for a vacation from work and school, currently walked the streets of a popular city, shopping and bonding. Walking into a nearby store with summer bottoms, Amelie and her mother slip for a few moments both going into separate stores.

    Oliva B.)) BEEP....BEEP...<BEE--*Yet another day, and still she couldn't seem to get enough sleep. With out realizing her instant reflex, a hand flung upwards and over only to hit the alarm clock perfectly on the Snooze button. Silence is Bliss she mumbled under her breath as her face was still embedded into the fluffy pillow her head was resting on. Although it wasn't the amount of sleep she needed to make up for the week that just pasted, it was the best sleep she'd gotten in nearly a month or so. She had to be thankful, normally she got calls from Stabler or her boss to come in earlier to start a case, review a case, or end it, there was normally no end, but now...NOW she was getting a break...at least a morning one. Lifting her head and turning on her side facing the clock, she blinked once or twice before her vision cleared from the morning haze. “ 6:30?” she whispered softly before pushing the sheets away from her body with a mild groan.[1.3]

    There wasn't much to a good morning if it was wasted, at least thats what she thought. Pushing her hands in through her hair like a rake her messy mound of Bronzy-Brown slowly began to show some obedient behaver by rested closer to her head.

    Not to long, and the Detective was fully geared. Her boot cut bottoms-black and pressed only held by a un-need belt, covered her hips and below. Her blouse was pink, silk like, but not too fancy for the job if she were called in, and her hair, no longer looked a wreck. Like strains of silk sown into place, Olivia's hair fell to the knack of her neck no longer resting on her shoulders like it had the year before. Her badge on her belt hook and her gun in the hostler, Olivia didn't hesitate to hurry herself forwards grabbed her jacket and keys.[2.3]

    [3.3] Coffee was all that rang in her head now, she needed to fill awake, not just know that she was, closing the door to her apartment the middle aged Detective walked through the lobby, pushed passed the front door and turned left heading for the Cafe.

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