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Kim'S Jack

had a gd weekend away wish i cud do it mre often

9/29/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 23, Luv 14
  • from leeds mayte!!!
  • I am Engaged
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About Me

♥12-02-07 ♥
Me, Myself, and I
<<<<<This is us<<<<<

Jack Platt

Kim Haldenby

We both know we’ll go on from here
Cos together, we are strong
In my arms, that’s where you belong
I’ve been touched by the hands of an angel
Whenever you smile I can hardly believe that you’re mine.

┴ ┴

You belong to me, I belong to you

I'm gonna tell you now that you're always number one, You know you are
The queen of my heart we belong together.
This girl is the sex shes absolutly amazin i love her with all my heart and would lyk to live my life with her she means the world to me n ye we ave ad sum rough tyms but along with this weve had sum excellent times, tyms that will live with me forever. i dont no wat id do in this world if i was to loose kim theres nobody else in the world i want to marry !

Ich liebe Dich Kim (u no wot that means) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • mee

    Name:Jack platt
    Age: 17

    Your gender: male

    Straight/gay/bi?: Straight.
    Single?: nope

    Want to be when grow up?: machanic
    Your birthday: 7th september

    The color of your eyes: blue
    The color of your hair: blonde
    Piercings?: none
    Tattoos?: 1 n it says my gfs name

    DO YOU...

    Smoke?: ye
    Do drugs?: Nope.
    Like someone?: Yesh.
    Take walks in the rain: yesh Stand at the side of the road && get splashed by cars [love it]
    Drive?: ye
    Like to drive fast?: Why not.
    Hurt yourself?: When i fall.

    HAVE YOU...

    Been out of the country?: Yesh.
    Been in love?: Ye i am now
    Done drugs?: Nope. Caffine once.
    Gone skinny dipping? in the bath tub.
    Had surgery?: No.
    Ran away from home?: Yesh Down the drive.
    Played strip poker: no.
    Gotten suspended?: No.
    Been on stage?: no
    Slept outdoors?: Camping.
    Thought about suicide?: Nope
    Pulled an all-nighter?: Yesh.
    If yes, what is your record?: All night.
    Talked on the phone all night? No.
    Slept together with the opposite sex without actually having sex? Yesh.
    Slept all day?: yep
    Killed someone?: No.
    Made out with a stranger?:ye
    Had sex with a stranger?: No.
    Done anything sexual with the same sex?: No.
    Been betrayed?: Yesh.Not Nice.
    Broken the law?: Yesh.Thrown Rubbish out of the window.
    Met a famous person?: no
    Been on radio/TV.?: no
    Had a nervous breakdown?: Nope
    Had a dream that kept coming back?: Yesh more like nightmere.
    Judged other people by their clothing?: nope
    Favorite place to shop?:republic&& Primark.
    Favorite article of clothing?: trackies
    Believe in life on other planets?: nope
    Miracles?: ye
    God?: Hell No.He's a Butt Head.
    Santa?: nope
    Ghosts?: No.
    Luck?: Don't know.
    Love at first sight?: yep.
    Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: yes
    Do you remember your first love?:kim
    Still love her?:Yesh she gr8
    Do you consider love a mistake?: No.
    Turn-on?: Gorgus.Nice personality.
    Turn-off?: Chav's,goth's.
    Do you base your judgement on looks alone?:Someimes.
    Have you ever wished it was more "socially acceptable" for a girl to ask a guy out?: Sometimes.
    Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive?: No.
    What is best about the opposite sex? Body.eyes.


    That you laughed at?: kim
    That laughed at you? kim.
    That turned you on?: kim hehe.
    You went shopping with? kim
    To disappoint you?: no-1
    To make you cry?: kim bt only tears of laffter
    To brighten your day?: kim
    That you thought about?: kim
    You saw a movie with?: kim
    You talked to on the phone?: kim
    You talked to through IM? dunno
    You saw?: kim
    You turned down?: no-1


    0 Comments 308 weeks

  • nethin n everythin

    wuld u give me ur numba ?
    wuld u kiss me on a first date ?
    wuld u hold hands wiv me ?
    wuld u dance wiv me ?
    wuld u hug me ?
    wuld u sing 2 me ?
    wuld u give roses 2 me ?
    wuld u let me meet ur family ?
    wuld u kiss me in public ?
    wuld u hold me when im crying ?
    wuld u look after me ?

    do u have a boyfriend ?
    do u like me ?
    do u have a crush on me ?
    do u think ov me ?
    do u want me ?
    do u have ur own style ?
    do u have msn ?

    can i have ur msn ?
    what is it ?
    can u add me as a friend ?
    can you put this on ur blog n c wat i say ?
    can u say a message 4 me ?

    4 Comments 330 weeks

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  • stop knife crime
    stop knife crime

    knife crime
    please explain why????
    plenty of questions to be asked
    hardly any answers
    dont end your life just because you carried a knife

    Kim'S Jack 0 Replies

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