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Give me luv :D

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  • Male, 22, Luv 139
  • from Keady
  • I am Single
  • Last active: 12/29/10
  • www.bebo.com/jobyloughran
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About Me

......Lets go fuckin mental.......
Me, Myself, and I
<<<<<<< dats me .............

ack well der wats happening? my names joby as you all know, im from keady a bit of a shithole but what can you do emm love just hanging round wif all da lads and making da craic dwn da street. but i am now offically finished school so im gona miss doing all the teachers heads in as i always did...

|CELTIC F.C.! | '|""";.., ___.
|_..._...______===|= _|__|..., ] |
"(@ )'(@ )""""*|(@ )(@ )*****(@)

Oglaigh Na hEierann !!!


Tiocfaidh Ar La !!!

υρ тнє fυ¢кιи яα!!
вσяи ¢αтнσℓι¢
ѕтαу ¢αтнσℓι¢
ℓινє ¢αтнσℓι¢
∂ιє ¢αтнσℓι¢
rave all da way man
Happiest When
drinking!and bein with me mates
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  • the weed song!!

    ____00_________000000________ __00
    _____0000______000000______00 000
    _____000000____0000000___0000 000
    ______000000___0000000_000000 0
    _0000_____000000_000_0000__00 0000000
    __000000000__0000_0_000_00000 0000
    _____000000000__0_0_0_0000000 0
    "Weed Song"

    [Krayzie Bone]
    Take me
    Higher, higher, baby
    Can you feel it?? (feel it, feel it, feel it)
    Do you feel the same weed high that I feel??
    Cuz I'm so high (reefer makes you feel that way)
    And I feeling so right
    Roll (roll), let's smoke, I got to get high
    I been high since the last song (off that la, la, la, la, la, la, la)
    And i just been smokin' and smokin'
    Smoke another blunt, roll another up
    You know that weed can really ease your mind
    Every time I smoke good reefer that indo high makes me fly
    If everyboby smoked a blunt, relieve the mind, the world could
    be a better place
    If everybody took a break and we all just got wasted
    Toked out (out, out out), smoked out (out, out, out),
    choked out (out, out, out), pull another O (out, out, out)
    Let's get P-O-D-ded (P-O-D-ded, P-O-D-ded)

    [Bizzy Bone]
    The weed can't get no better (no better baby)

    [Bizzy Bone]
    20 dollar hollars, all day, everyday
    Come around my way, you gone want to stay
    Weed makes me hungry, happy, and all I can say
    Sure I need some more
    Don't make we wait, stay awake, fake sleep,
    got the weed between the sheets
    Catch me, Mary J. blessed me
    Open up the dime, stimulate your mind, slide my thumb up the blunt
    Open up and what you'll find in there (you don't really want)
    I never been in High Times (I never been in High Yimes)
    I never been in High Times
    but can you tell me that I've been so high all my life
    Am I high enough (am I high enough)
    Am I high enough (am I high enough)

    [Wish Bone]
    I remeber being a little thug
    Weed, really didn't know what it was
    Then I took a puff and I realized
    I should always, stay high
    The weed (the weed), makes me feel alright (alright)
    If you feel like i feel, I got half on yo dime
    If you got weed smoke it, I'm a real weed smoker
    If it's mine then I would
    since its yours you could, you should
    If I ain't there when you blaze a blunt nigga huh, please think of me
    Cuz you know I nigga like to get high (high), high and free
    Smokin' all night, feelin' all right
    Bone Thugs get high, so high
    High, high, all night, high, high
    So high

    Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my my my my
    I know you wonder why I do it. Love the sky
    And I soar up so high
    This mornin' I was in my bed
    Bangin' and ringin' inside my head
    I wanted to make love to you baby, but last night I got P-O-Ded instead
    So please don't go away, that's all I got to say
    Is I gotta have you mary j
    Such a heavenly feelin' I get when i'm taking fat ass blunts to the brain
    Oh darlin' I'm goin insane, and I really wish we can
    Kick it at home in America, like it was on in amsterdam
    You heard enough, you heard it all, nothin' but a, a really thug nigga
    Nothin' less than a killa, I'm out in front makin' my scrilla
    I'm happy to know , the slide is the ball, and kick as strong as me
    Be rippin' the bong like me, can hit it as long as me

    [Layzie Bone]
    And when I need to free my mind
    I can find, satisfaction in a bag of weed
    Everything I need, leave it to the trees
    It can make me feel better, and every day I wake
    Niggas rollin' up blunts, and mo blunts, and mo blunts
    And I keep a case of Swisher Sweets in the trunk
    So when I'm rollin', smokin', chokin', just floatin'
    Through the city in my drop top
    Glock cocked, rollin', just rollin'
    Me and mary jane
    Its my world, its my thang
    The way she penetrates my brain
    Buddah, done blessed me with game
    Good game, you wanna chop it up,
    we can kick it, smoke a fatty to the dom

    0 Comments 246 weeks

  • bebo family...

    My mummy -
    My dad-
    My little brother- Artie
    My big sister-
    My little sister-
    My uncle -
    My aunt -
    My cousin -
    My daughter -
    My son -
    My brother-in-law -
    My sister-in-law -
    My best friend -
    My other best friend-
    My nigga-
    My Wigga-
    My sex god-
    My bit on the side-
    My niece -
    My nephew -
    My guardian-
    My sugar plum fairy - Caroline
    My personal shopper -
    My fairy god mother -
    My ofa fairy god mother
    My slave -
    My sex slave-
    My shoppoholic friend -
    My sexy legend - Laura mc donnell
    my wee tootsie -
    My lil cutie pie-
    My BLACK god mother -
    My god father -
    My valentine -
    My siamese twin -
    My chatterbox -
    My hot admirer-
    My messer upper-
    My cleaner -
    My flurty friend -
    My dancing partner- Laura mc donnell
    My sxc hunni - Yasmine
    My gangsta -
    My stalker -
    My sex bomb - Caroline
    My wana b boyfriend-
    My wana be girlfriend-
    My gay bestfrend -
    My drama queen -
    My baby- Saoirse
    My boi!!-
    my knacker-
    My Twin -

    5 Comments 305 weeks

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