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Brent & Lori Enget

Loving life and living it for Christ.

9/12/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
We are Brent & Lori Enget.....living in Co. Limerick, Ireland, along with our 3 daughters and loving our life here! Most of all, we love living everyday knowing that God is interested and concerned about the everyday stuff. And we"re here to share that message and the love of Jesus with YOU! We are some really lucky people!
Delirious, Third Day, Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, Switchfoot, United Hillsong, Michael Gungor, U2, Journey, Rod Stewart(Lori's), 80s Rock
LORI - Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, Pirates of the Caribbean, Phantom of the Opera, The Wedding Singer, What About Bob, The Lake House, Life is Beautiful, Lord of the Rings trilogy ***

BRENT - Lord of the Rings trilogy, Matrix trilogy, Braveheart, Groundhog Day, The Wedding Singer, Bourne Identity & Bourne Supremacy, Over the Hedge, The Princess Bride
Munster Rugby! NBA (How I wish I could still see it here in Ireland!)
Scared Of
snakes and big furry spiders
Happiest When
LORI - drinking a Starbucks or Esquire Coffee, sitting by a nice fire watching a movie or reading a book, dancing(!), taking nature walks or hikes, loving on my beautiful daughters, beating Brent at any game! ***

BRENT - eating chips & salsa, hiking, planting vegetables & flowers, watching MASH or Deep Space Nine, playing StarCraft or any computer game really.

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  • SFC, Yes!

    What's SFC? So glad you asked. We love SFC!! SFC stands for Students For Christ. We are about building a community of students who love Jesus, desire to follow Him with all their hearts/minds/strength, and want to lead others to know and follow Christ. You know, University Students have the potential to change not only THEIR world, but to change the world, as we know it. Why not change the world's view of eternity and where they will spend it? Why not share the love of Jesus, rather than criticism? Why not? We WILL!

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  • Red and Yellow, Brown, Pink and Green....and sometimes Purple

    No, I wasn't singing a children's song....I LOVE autumn! All the colour is so beautiful. And I love the crisp, cool air that just feels so fresh as you breath in. It's just warm enough to still enjoy being outdoors in the daytime (most of the time) and just cool enough to enjoy being indoors snuggled under a blanket in the evenings. All the more reason to have a cup o' tea just before bed. Mmmmm! Sometimes, I think God made autumn just for me. He is so amazing! What do you enjoy??

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  • So glad that God is God!

    You know, I have to admit,....I don't always understand the things God does or why He does them. But I am thankful that HE is the One in control. He is so full of grace and mercy, especially when we don't deserve it. If I were God, I am certain that I would screw things up. I just don't have the patience and grace that He does. But, again, that's just one of the things that makes Him such a great God. He knows us, He sees us, He understands us (even when we don't understand ourselves). He loves us in spite of all the mess inside. Now, it's just up to us to choose Him. He's done the most difficult parts. What an amazing God!

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Brent Wrote at 08:25 am on Mar 15
See my awesome new Slideshow!

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  • Livin 4 Jesus and lovin it!
    Livin 4 Jesus and lovin it!

    There's nothin better than bein happy with who you are and where you are in life! And with God in control, your life can be just like that - full of peace and contentment. Love life! Live 4 Christ!

    Brent & Lori Enget 0 Replies
  • Shine 4 Jesus
    Shine 4 Jesus

    So...the sun may not be shining outside, but that doesn't mean that you can't shine with the love of Jesus and warm the hearts of those around you! Don't be shy....SHINE 4 JESUS!! You won't regret it!

    Brent & Lori Enget 0 Replies

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  • Xxxgracexx Xxxgrace-Xxx

    oh thnkx how is my friends those three little beautiful grlz.

  • luv Xxxgracexx Xxxgrace-Xxx

    hi lv how are u how is life i hope everythings is going fine

  • luv Christelle

    Hi! How Are You ?ItS Been A Long Tym .HowS Everything GoIng ,I JUS Wanted 2 Say Hello Nd God Bless

    6/3/08 via Mobile
  • Ash-Bob-Ash-Banana
    luv Ash-Bob-Ash-Banana

    hey! havnt written to u 4 ages. how u going?? hows life?? hope alls great! God bless u! ash xoxo

  • Emily-Kate Dunning
    Emily-Kate Dunning

    Amy Carmichael wrote, "We must look upon the world, with all its delights and all its attractions, with suspicion and reserve. We are called to a higher Kingdom, we are touched with a diviner Spirit. It is not that He forbids us this or that comfort or indulgence; it is not that He is stern, demanding us to follow a narrow path. But we who love our Lord and whose affections are set on Heavenly things voluntarily and gladly lay aside the things that charm and ravish the world, that, for our part, our hearts may be ravished with the things of Heaven that our whole being may be poured forth in constant and unreserved devotion in the service of the Lord who died to save us.” Love you guys

  • A. Rob
    A. Rob

    Next Wednesday is good for me. Sometime around 1 or 2 should be good. Lets see ya'll are 6 hours ahead? Is that too late? Just let me know. I'm not sure what % I'm at, but Im working on it :)

  • Emily-Kate Dunning
    luv Emily-Kate Dunning

    hey guys, i'm in the middle of doing my FYP.....gosh it is taking a lot out of me, but it has to be done. God has been so merciful to me, as my professor really helped me and not only that but I got my christmas exam results and I didn't fail anything:) God is so good to me, undeserved grace. I would love to visit you guys, how would tomorrow evening suit ye???

  • A. Rob
    A. Rob

    Hey guys! Things have been good. Trying to get my money...it has been so hard. I have been praying and fasting for 21 days, and I am believing that God is gonna do something awesome! I would love to chat with you guys....I have Skype or you can call my cell. Mondays and Wednesdays are better for me because I work all the others days, and I rarely have time to talk when I'm at work. Just keep me in your prayers...it's hard and I want to get there more than anything I have ever wanted, it's just taking longer than I expected and I hope you guys still need me there.

  • Teresa M

    Thanks for yesterday evening, it was really cool.

  • Teresa M

    It's in the the lists tab in the mail section, thank you very much!

  • Teresa M

    Hey I'd appreciate if you could fill out the survey I bebo mailed you guys, it's for college and I really need people to do it. Thanks :D

  • Emily-Kate Dunning
    Emily-Kate Dunning

    i love ye:D

  • Ash-Bob-Ash-Banana

    heya! im trying, really. its hard. aussies stormy lol. storm season! love it! how about u?? thanks lori :)